Thursday, 31 December 2009

I love a man on his knees

I am kneeling making a fire. She walks passed and says those words.

I asked her later if she was joking. Mostly she says, then thinks a bit and says 'well actually I do'. How hot is that!

Not the woman I met, the one without a domme bone in her body. I realise more these days that this is her game now, and she likes it as much or maybe even more than me. Certainly she is very happy to be back in that role and doesn't want to stop yet.

Snowy new year

Its snowy on the mountains in Wales, beautiful. Lucky people to live in such a beautiful place.

Last night neither sandy our I were in the mood to make love, we were feeling very naughty. I had her gagged, having her ass filled with her dildo, fantasizing that she was being fucked and abused by a sexy couple, a dildo gag pressed in her mouth and the other womans pussy, the guy fucking her ass, me gagged, kneeling and watching, waiting to clean up. She came on my tongue with the dildo fucking her hard and deep.

After she came she made me clean her toys and gagged me, made me kneel in the cold room while she read for a while. I was so horny after playing with her that I was hard the whole time. I wasn't allowed to touch her or me. After about 5 minutes she let me in the bed. To cut a long story short I was given an intense orgasm with her finger coated in deep heat in my ass, my ass burning, and her other hand masturbating me while she whispered filth in my ear.

Not exactly vanilla, I guess making love can wait a while.

Sunday, 27 December 2009


a couple of little playtime posts. the morning of Christmas eve we knew that we werent going to have much time to make love in the next couple of days, so I suggested we fool around. I had also just bought a ball gag with a gift voucher, Sandys gift voucher and therefore her gift.

Net result, she decided that fooling around meant I would be gagged and naked, kneeling by the side of the bed, not allowed to cum, watching her masturbate. She had a lovely strong orgasm, and admitted that she enjoyed seeing me desperate and hearing my moans through the gag. After she came I lay in her arms for a while, still gagged, but snuggling. It was surprisingly intimate and loving.

Boxing day we were due to make love, but after 2 weeks without cumming I wouldn't be able to hold back. I asked if I could come once or twice before making love. She agreed, but with her own dominant twist... So I got to masturbate over her pert lovely bottom, and was made to lick it up from her centre. I had to do that before pleasuring her, so as to make the orgasm less pleasurable. Of course being pushed into submission like that made it delicious anyway! She came with my thumb in her ass and her fingers rubbing her clit hard, with the remains of my cum lubricating her pleasure.

Fun! Next, making love and a bit of vanilla interlude. I think.

Saturday, 26 December 2009

Newly submissive

Over the last two weeks sandy and I have been playing ds games again. It started off very gently, after we last made love we joked about me not coming till Christmas day, and decided to go for it. But that was all, lighthearted playing. Over the course of the two weeks we have gone deeper into it though, I think we had both missed it, though the break did us good. Still not taking it too seriously, but she is happy demanding tea and pampering in front of my in laws, and is also enjoyed her orgasms leaving me denied. The break at christmas is on us and we will probably make love. But we have both made it clear that after we will go back to ds. I feel like I am home again, protected and protector in her arms.

I look forward to a good long fuck, I am waxed, she is also bare. I love the feeling of sinking deep into her until my bare skin rests hot against her pubis. Yum!

So baby steps but less baby than we thought they would be.

One final thing, we chatted about a humiliation game this morning, her leadig me naked through a club, gagged, blindfold and on a lead. Leaving me tied to something while she goes to the bar. She got rather turned on by the thought. He hasn't ever really got turned on by being dominant before. She loves doing it but it doesn't usually mAke her horny. So clearly she is getting more and more into the role.

Friday, 25 December 2009

Happy Christmas

Happy Christmas, best wishes, and a fun, prosperous, and very naughty new year to you all.
May your orgasms come think and fast, or not (sorry bd, you know how it is).

Mykey xxx

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Unexpected arousal

So I have just been completely waxed. Totally bare. And it's made me so horny! I've had a full blown submissive mindset descend on me. Like my man mojo has been taken from me and I want to be a toy. Yummy abused horny husband to a sexy dominate wife.

Mmm make me lick your clit while your boyfriend fucks you from behind. Fucks the pussy I have been denied and crave so badly. Subby husbands don't get to fuck when they want, they get teased and toyed, they aren't even allowed to keep their pubic hair.

Monday, 14 December 2009

Playful reentry

Sandy and I took a few tentative steps back into kink.

Last might we made love, well not really. She was feeling subby, or slutty to be more accurate. After a long tease she ended up having her clit spanked and being double penetrated until she and I came, hard. She does love ass play.

Coming together always makes me feel intimate.

She has also decided that I won't cum now until Christmas day. Just because it's fun. This isn't me being a full on sub. She did say and I agree that we take it slow and ligthearted, and stop if it doesn't feel right. Feels odd losing control of my cock again, but yes it's hot.

Apparently I might be allowed to cum but only at work (which I hate, heheh).

Saturday, 12 December 2009

The last samurai

I watched it for the second time last night. It never fails to make me cry. Such a powerful film, and very sensitively done.

I have to ration myself from listening to the music, has too strong an effect on me, and sandy.

Thursday, 10 December 2009

The pleasure of caring

Wanting to look after Sandy has not changed. I Miss it. That's changed in me perhaps permanently, that I want to do more for her and that I derive more pleasure from it.

So there will be more of that than there was before I subbed. Not as much as when I sub, that's inevitable I think, but more than before we did the ds thing.

I spoke to sandy about it today. She had an interesting take on it. She said that she thought there was a big element of having done lots of kink and that I'm probably a bit bored of it, or at least not interested if bored is too strong a word. She reminded me also, that although she has only been my domme properly for a year, that we haven't been vanilla for many many years. So we have both rediscovered the pleasure in that (and my god it is fun, and heartwarming). It seems she doesn't want the ds dynamic for now any more than I do. She thinks that she will again, she is pretty sure of that. It's fun she says. Her typical answer to what she gets out of it. But right now she is enjoying a change.

So my analytical self is starting to relax, my inner world can be explained again.

Saturday, 5 December 2009

Strange feelings

Post submissive feelings

There are those feelings when you have cum, sometimes you feel silly, embarassed or foolish. Why do I do this you ask? That's all I feel these days, but not it a bad way. Not feeling foolish, just asking why. I have no real interest in being a sub, giving control feels silly and numb to me. I don't want to be denied orgasm, or my wifes body. Reading stories that used to turn me on still do, just about, but in a very detached analytical way. My Id is looking down at the rest saying why? What's the point? So I don't crave it at all.

My sex drive probably isn't low, I cum every day or two. But it's not 'there' ever present. No gnawing craving butterflies. I used to miss it when they weren't there, now it's a relief.

So I am beginning to wonder, have I had It burned out of me? I always knew I was more of a switch, not totally a sub, but when I sub I go deep. I wonder if I went so deep and long this time that the curiosity has been slaked, which is one of my big drivers. I'm happy I've been there, very happy, I would always have wanted to try it if I hadn't. But now? I don't know. It's dangerous saying stuff when you are at a low point (sexually that is) just as what you say when horny isn't necessarily to be trusted. But right now I can believe that I will not sub again.

Play is different. I may not be missing it much now but it's fun, I like tickling, teasing, spanking. These games will happen sometimes. But that's not the same thing as being a sub.

That's all I have to say this morning. But if any readers have experienced this or similar for any length of time (a month for me now) I would love to hear your opinions.


Friday, 4 December 2009

What's up doc?

Well not much.

We are growing together again, sandy and I. Trust is coming back. We are in love, very much so. But no kink, at least not much. I wonder if we will ever go back to domme sub. To be honest I'm not missing it. I don't know why. My sex drive is very low at the moment, of course I'm coming most days so that helps suppress it, lol! Masturbation of course, the love that dare not speak it's name in these parts. sandy isn't missing it either, still feeling a little unsure of herself. I also rather like having some of my freedom back, and being able to cum when I want. It's also very relaxing for me not to have the denial hunger gnawing at me constantly. It's more relaxing for sandy too. Even though we both loved it at the time.

Our 11 month ds period has had a few permanent changes. I still look for ways to look after her more than I used to, not that I was ever neglectful but it's upped the level some. She does for me too.

We did have a little kinky play last night. The first since the bustup. I had a long whipping that was great, got the endorphins flying high, felt like lighthearted fun. Sandy enjoyed it too. Afterwards we made love, good old fashioned fucking. She came once by my hand, then we came together wih me inside. Afterwards I lay in her arms feeling at peace with my wife. Later still we watched flashforward and i rubbed her feet. Quite nice having a but of kink and ending in a loving way.

So who knows, I suspect we will be 10% kinky 90% nilla for some time yet. But after 11 months that's probably no surprise. It's a change, one we probably needed. Someday we may explore 24/7 ds again, probably will in fact. But how soon is unclear.

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Short update

Well its been a while since I have been on, to be honest I havent been in the mood to write or do very much of anything else...

Up to early october things were ok. In fact the week before my birthday we had a very fun week. I was locked up for about 5 days straight in my neosteel (a first for that length of time). Sandy had a lot of fun at my expense, and even on my birthday I wasnt unlocked. My birthday present was to pleasure her. I might write more about that sometime.

Unfortunately within a few days of that things went pretty sour between us. So much so that I am no longer subbing to her. We have taken a step back from kink for a while. Its a bit of a relapse of our old problems.

Sandy naturally does not show her emotions, is not very demonstrative with her love. Thats not to say she doesnt love me, but her language of showing it isnt at all like mine. She also has a habit of becoming very insular, in her own world. At times like that I feel like I am just a breadwinner and aide round the house. If she is busy, stressed or ill, almost any stress in fact makes her react that way. Since about July one thing or another has led to her progressively withdrawing from the relationship. By the time of our week holiday (which I wrote about a while ago) she effectively spent pretty much the entire holiday in her own world, from which I was excluded. We probably had only a handful of quality exchanges during the entire week. she read, slept, ate, but wasnt 'present'. Since then it continued to get worse.

A couple of years back when we were at out lowest and close to divorce we both realised that the only way to recover was for each of us to take the others needs and prioritise them over our own. Only if we both did that would we both feel loved and looked after. It worked extremely well, until now. As she progressively gave less and less I continued to be supportive, probably even more so. We did talk about the change in her a few times, she agreed it was a problem and needed to turn it around. Problem is she didnt, she kept putting it off, saying she was trying but not actually changing anything. I got the distinct impression that she was waiting for a reduction in stress to hand it to her on a plate. But life's little stresses dont always go away when you need them to. Eventually, very soon after my birthday I cracked. We had a couple of very horrible weeks of arguments.

In short I dont feel good about being her sub anymore. I feel distant and unappreciated, and lacking in trust that she will care for me as much as I care for her.

We have gone beyond that point now, are starting to rebuild the love and trust for each other. Its difficult in a way, knowing she can do it now makes me wonder why she couldnt do it before it hurt me so badly. But it is changing. She is much more present and caring, and I am starting to want to care for her again. Its a hiccup, I am sure it will pass. But it is a nasty reminder of how bad things were between us a few years back. It is also showing that our relationship is more fragile than I thought it was. I hope we learn from this a little in order to make it less fragile.

She has made it clear that she would like me to be her sub again, that she liked it. I also feel like there is something missing, I liked putting her first. I am sure we will go back to those roles, but first we need to reconnect a bit more. We both feel it is a little too soon, but hope that it wont be too much longer. In the meantime we are making love a bit more, good old fashioned vanilla love. It is helping rebuild our closeness.

Anyway you havent heard the last from us.

Hope you are all well.


Sunday, 11 October 2009

Architect of your own downfall

ptathuk posted a wonderful captioned image (do check it out!).

It got me thinking how much life between my wife and I has changed. When we met she was very penetration centric. We fucked like rabbits. In fact she used to call foreplay a waste of time, tell me to hurry up and stop messing around and put it in her. Now we probably fuck a handful of times a year, if that. What changed?

I introduced her to tease and denial. I taught her to fantasise. I got so good at giving her orgasms with my hands while whispering naughty thoughts into her ear that she came to prefer that. During her first pregnancy we stopped fucking much as it was uncomfortable for her, by the end of that 9 months she was a lot naughtier, and we just never got back into it. Certainly the pregnancy and post pregnancy is part of why our style of sex changed, but I have no doubt that had I NOT introduced her to kink we would still be fucking...

Architect of my own demise!

Do I regret it though? The answer isnt obvious, what do you think?


Wednesday, 30 September 2009

O marker

Three lovely orgasms for sandy. Surprisingly she decided to give me one too. Absolutely mind blowing it was, aftershocks for ages.

A surprise as she had been demanding all night. Cups of tea, sat on the floor at her feet massaging them as she watched tv, etc.

Take what I can get though, and it was wonderful!

Sunday, 27 September 2009

Morning love

Yesterday morning we made love. It started out as sex, sandy teasing my cock inside her with every intention of stopping. She did in fact for w while while I pleasures her. Once she was close however, we made love, ending in a simultaneous orgasm. A wonderful way to start the day. Vanilla lovemaking, I do actually miss it.

Seperatrly I had an accident a couple of days before as well, so she has added to my punishment for that. I am still not sated though, not after months of her control.


Tuesday, 22 September 2009

More dominant traits appear

Tonight sandy played domme again. Aftera short cuddle in bed she stated that she was about to brush her teeth, then she was going to read while I massage her feet. Bear in mind I still gave a cold, so this level of being demanding isn't like her. After brushing I was made to crawl on all fours to the bedroom and wait for her like that at the end of the bed. When she walked in she made me beg, not ask but beg, to be allowed to kiss her feet. I was very embarrassed, it took a couple of minutes to get so i could do it to her satisfaction. She pointed her feet at me and then a very hard cock and horny subby knelt arse in air and face down kissing and worshipping her feet. I felt I was in my place, at the feet of the women i love and submit to.

Then she flounced away, shimmied out of her panties, and made me get started on her feet. It was all I could do not to jump that delectable arse as she uncovered it!

She told me that the power trip when I knelt and kissed made her tingly, turned her on. Of course her saying that turned me on even more.

Monday, 21 September 2009

One nill (almost)

Last night after two weeks without any sex (illness can be a bitch) I gave Sandy a wonderful orgasm. She came hard with a big lifelike dildo in her pussy and her clit pressed rasping against it. In her imagination her face was pulled into the imaginary fuckers girlfriends pussy.

After she came I cheekily slipped in. Only for a minute or so, but it felt heavenly. Her hot wet pussy engulfing me, her sexy cool ass pressing against my groin. Absolute bliss.

After I pulled out she teased me for a while, and by accident she tipped me over the edge. Just barely. I confess I wasn't too quick to warn her, I couldn't bear the thought of her stopping. The ensuing dribble was so small, so pathetic that all it did was make my balls ache. Naturally she stopped touching me when she realised what was about to happen.

Nonethless those two infractions have earned me a punishment. 15 stripes once I get better. Ouch! But I am glad she took the mistake seriously.

One for her, almost nill for me.

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Well i am now one horny bunny! Sandy is feeling dominant again, and I've just been pleasuring her. Three orgasms and a very naughty fantasy about denying me permission to be inside her pussy completely while letting another guy fuck her regularly. She is becoming a naughty girl! Sadly I wasn't allowed to cum. Just finished giving her a foot massage till she fell asleep.

This is pretty regularly her mood now. I don't remember the last time we were vanilla!

I hope I get to cum this holiday. So far all she gas allowed me is one orgasm at my own hand with her watching. She knows it's not as pleasurable when I do it. Even then she pulled my hand away at the climax and spoilt it.

Be careful what you wish for!

Years ago soon after we met we talked about my enjoyment of kink. She said she liked it but not often. That she would only want to do it once a month, at most twice. For me that was a bare minimum but was a compromise. I never expected that she would get so into being naughty and so enjoy being in control that basically we don't even do vanilla once a month. Twice a year more like! Even then I crave it more than she does.

How things change!

Friday, 4 September 2009

Service heaven

Sorry there have been no posts recently, nor comments on your blogs. So many ideas but I've been tired and busy.

On holiday now and I've spent a while rubbing sun cream into this body while it's owner read her book. Service for the woman I love. And I couldn't be more in love right now.


Wednesday, 19 August 2009

A short exchange before work

Do you love me?
Maybe, just a little (smiling)

Do you fancy me? (said while wearing my cycling shorts)

Do you like being in control?


That exchange made me happy on so many levels. She loves me, she finds me attractive, she is happy.

And she likes to be in control, it's not my game that she indulges, she likes it herself. That makes me a happy bunny too!

Thursday, 13 August 2009

15 orgasms a year

That might be the future i have look forward to.

My wife and I were talking about my orgasms, shortly after a bout of begging to cum added 5 days onto my unknown sentence. I was asking about signing a contract that provided me a minimum number of orgasms, given that the way she is going I find myself more and more limited for longer and longer. Her response... No to one a week, or one every two, or three... Maybe to one a month, but actually on balance, no! She refused to have any limits or rules imposed on her. She likes to be free to do it as long or short as she wants. Only these days its almost never short.

Then we talked about my fantasy, I want one day to experience one year where I have one cum a month, no more, for a year. Just to see what it like. What she said was are you sure you want to risk it? 'you know its very likely I will get used to it and won't stop. Think how much further I go just in last nine months!'

She is right. She does go a lot further these days, and as she gets used to one level she ratchets it up a bit, subconsciously. She then went on to say that surely I am not far of that now. Again she is right, I average three weeks between orgasms, although sometimes I get a couple in between denial periods. She thought it likely that the 15 orgasm year will happen one day, probably soon. This wasn't a reference to a single year but a habit. A lifestyle.

Even if the number never drops that low it will be low enough. She is becoming a truly naughty girl who likes having her own way, and I helped create her. I may yet live to regret this. I can easily envisage this going much further than I ever guessed.

Monday, 10 August 2009

Ten to one

On Saturday night, exactly three weeks and one day since my last orgasm, after Exactly10 orgasms for sandy, I got to cum. Finally! One very needy guy.

Even after being away for almost two weeks and having a lovely weekend break with me, her Domme side was not replaced by lovey vanilla side. I was told to kneel at the end of the bed between her legs and watch, not touch, as she gave herself two orgasms. Periodically she would reach over and put her finger in my mouth, but pointing up so I couldn't taste her properly! She knows I like, no love, to make her cum, she does this because its fun to be so mean sometimes, and get away with it, lol! I couldn't resists touching, every now and then she had to remind me to pull away or there would be consequences.

Afterwards she knelt over me and lowered her tasty wet womanhood over my mouth she gave me an exquisite hand job, she is very good at those. Not stopping when I came and ringing every last ounce of pleasure from my body. I was wrung out afterwards! And in love!

Only here's the rub, she just isn't the lovey sort, at least not in bed. So as I lay there basking in after glow, hugging her warm body close and staring into her eyes lovingly, she was itching to tickle me, then asked me, no told me, to give her a foot massage as she fell asleep.

It was lovely, she did hug me enough to make me feel loved, but her cheeky manner just made me smile and be happy to give up more of what i wanted for her pleasure. So I got tickled and massaged her and we fell asleep.

Sometimes I think I am the woman and she the man, I am the one who lies there after sex needing love and intimacy, and she has always been the one who wants to roll over and go to sleep, or get up and do something else. Luckily we have worked out our compromise positions.

She does need to feel loved as much as I, but she gets it in a different way. She gets hers by being looked after, treated gently, having me notice what she needs physically and emotionally and doing it without her asking. But not by being hugged or making love.

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Foolish subby feelings

I don't know why but I was feeling uncomfortable with my sexuality this morning. Sandy and I had a lovely night last night, went to the cinema, came home late. She asked for a long back massage I had promised a day or so before. I still haven't been slowed to cum since she got back, although I am unlocked, so massaging her was both a pleasure and a tease.

After I finished I asked her for a little tease, she agreed on condition I massage her back again, so she did and I did, it was fun, close, pleasurable and rather exciting for me.

This morning had a nice cuddle, I woke up to her leaning over me, her delicious breasts in my face. We hugged, she lay on her front as I massaged her feet a little while she woke, I then lay on top of her to feel her against me. When she realised I was hard she began to flex her bottom against my cock until I was about to cum.

So far so good...

But now on my way in to work I suddenly feel a little stupid, foolish for being so horny, for having a different sexuality...

I hate that feeling!

Friday, 31 July 2009

The needy Domme. (story)

This story was inspired by and for petal, (secret life of a yummy mummy) who turns out to be even more naughty than I realised. If you haven't already go read her blog!


We had been teasing each other all week. Well, she had been teasing me, she had kept me locked all week, but locked doesn’t mean forgotten. Most nights she had teased me, swanning around the house in skimpy underwear, going out to dinner without underwear. Passionate kisses and full body hugs, squirming against me as she breathed in my ear. Running her fingernails over my balls until I grew hard and the ache in my groin intensified, hurt.

Does this seem like it’s all about me? Hardly. It was quite obvious what having me locked was doing to her, she hadn’t been this wanton, this seductive and lustful since the first few months when we met. It seems that sex, intimacy, fun was on her mind almost every time she saw me, and as my lust grew, as her teasing intensified, the desperation etched on my face brought more and more excitement out of her.

Ok for her! During that week three times she got so excited that she had me pleasure her, unable or unwilling to wait until my unlocking at the weekend. Twice she simply pushed my head down after a long tease, words were not required, and she came quickly and hard. She didn’t seem to care that her extreme wetness, her taste had left me burning, had she known she probably would not have cared. The third time however was different. She lay back and enjoyed as I used all my knowledge of her body, of her mind, to tease her, drive her to higher peaks of pleasure, draw out of her every drop of lust and insanity I knew how. When finally she had had enough and wanted to cum she said nothing, simply pushed me onto my back, settled herself on to my face, and ground, drove her lips against mine, squeezed my head in her thighs, even scooting forward occasionally so no part of her was left out. As my face got wetter and occasionally her thighs parted I heard snatches of what she was saying.

“This weekend you…”
“Something special, oh GOOoooood”
“You have no idea how far I am going to go, I’m going to c…”
“…ucked so hard, Oh god yeeeessss”
“No choice, no way to stop me, I’m cumming dont you dare stop licking!”

As if I could, with her weight bearing down on me. As if I wanted to!

Is it any surprise that by the next weekend I was a bit of a wreck. Couldn’t think of anything apart from my release. I don’t think she was much better, she may have cum but her mind and body were almost as unsatisfied as mine, nothing I had done had doused her fire. I was to find out why later. On Saturday evening after a long day of loving, teasing, kissing, flirting, it was playtime. She tied me to the foot of the bed, kneeling with hands behind my back, tied so that I had to stay on my knees. It started innocently enough, she dressed up slowly, tan stay-ups, a sheer white thong sliding up her soft legs until it cupped her womanhood. No bra, but she slipped over her head her loveliest cotton summer dress. Slightly see through, especially when the sun caught it. You could faintly see the outline of her panties and easily see her hardened nipples. She teased as she dressed, never letting me touch her. I didn’t really care why she was dressing, assuming she wanted to go out for food before we settled in for the night. I was unlocked finally, teased for a while, but then locked back up again ‘just for dinner my love’.

That’s when it all changed. She blindfolded me, why? She pulled her panties to one side and pressed her pussy against my mouth, Oh Lord she must have just recently shaved, she was totally smooth. When had she done that? My mouth pressed harder wanting to feel her smooth mons on my face, tongue flicked out accompanied by a deep sigh from her. She was very wet, really wet, much more than I expected. What was going on? But before I could make her cum she pulled away. Then my world exploded.

“Darling we haven’t fucked for two weeks, I really need a hard cock in me. You know that right?”
I nodded.
“Your mouth and hands have been wonderful all week, my love, but I need more. I need to be fucked. Don’t you think I deserve a good long hard fuck?”
I nodded again, moaning. Christ yes, I would drill her till she screamed.
“Honey I love you. But you aren’t going to be able to satisfy me tonight are you, you have cum for over a week. You haven’t fucked me for two. You won’t be able to hold back babe, and I do so need a long fuck. You do love me and want me satisfied don’t you, I know you do. And anyway I like seeing you desperate for me, I like it more than I ever thought I would. It’s made me so hot all week, so you see it’s your fault I need this.”

I was shaking my head, not sure what she meant. No I probably wouldn’t be able to hold back long, not after the last week. “I will do anything babe, whatever you want” I said. Thinking dirty thoughts I imagined that she was going to make me fuck her with a strap-on, something we had discussed. I could get into that.

“Thanks honey. I love you so much. Charlie (a friend of hers who she found attractive), will be here in a few minutes. I’ll be back by 11. I promise to tell you all about it when I get home babe, you know what he is going to do don’t you. To your own lovely wife. Poor baby, why do you think I have been so horny all week. You thought you were going to fuck me tonight, but this pussy isn’t yours tonight, I’ve been saving it for him. Yes babe, I planned it that way and now you can’t stop me.”
We had discussed playing with him before, even agreed we would one day. But I thought it would be a threesome! My cock ached.
“Honey You know you want this, your cock is hard, its dripping. I want it, see how wet I am. It’s going to happen tonight, think of me, what I am up to, spreading my legs for him or kneeling and sucking him deep. He is dominant you know, he will probably make me do so many naughty things. Poor baby bound and kneeling, so horny, while I get dressed up and go out with another guy. Its going to turn me on so much thinking of you tormented here while Charlie gets what you so desire. If you are a good boy then I will make it worth your while, trust me I have so many ideas!”

The blindfold was pulled off, she turned and flounced out of the bedroom door. The last thing I saw was her swaying hip and her cute backside, the white thong clearly visible under the cotton. Only when she left the house did I suddenly click, she hadn’t even untied me! All I could think about was what she was about to do. Was I ready for this? Could I cope? My mind was in agony but my body was ringing with desire. It knew what it wanted, like she knew it would. It was crying out for this, my aching cock was enjoying my torment.

A beep next to me, a text message.

“Honey this is serious, you need to be ok with it. I wont be at Charlie’s for half an hour, if this is too much call and I will stop immediately. Just say the word. If I don’t hear from you then his cock will be filling your cute wife tonight. Remember you are the one I love always. Petal xx”

She had left the phone within reach of my bound hands. My heart eased somewhat, but now what?

Now what indeed. My emotions were in turmoil, but my body ached with desire for this to happen. I knew that she had engineered this desire, I knew that was playing unfair. But I also knew she didn’t want to hurt me, at least not deeply. As my ardour cooled slightly I thought about her. I loved her, I trusted her, I knew my place in her heart. Whats more, each time I dwelled on the thought of her with her friend a jolt of adrenalin flowed through me, my heart palpitating, blood pumping, butterflies in my stomach and buzzing in my groin. There was only one question now, do I try and call her to tell her its ok, or would it turn her on more for me to say nothing and let her imagine my erotic dilemma? ‘Madman’, I thought to myself. ‘Your wife, the woman you love is about to fuck someone else, and instead of trying to stop it with all your might you are wondering how to tell her yes in a way that makes her enjoy it more!’

As she got closer to Charlie’s home her own heart was beating hard. She wanted this badly, her panties were already damp with her arousal even before Charlie started teasing her inner thigh with his fingers. Her body ached, and she wondered if she could stop herself if the call came in. Leaning in to Charlie she whispered him to stop the car and play a little. If she was going to have to stop she wanted a little foreplay at least. He just laughed, his fingers now between her thighs pressed her panties deep between her lips. No stopping, he said, but you can suck me the rest of the journey.

Her pussy spasmed at the idea. ‘Here, in a car, in public?’ ‘Of course’, his smooth voice was calm but the order was obvious. She realized for the first time that she was truly about to be dominated. Everything she had done with her husband was games, this man would push her beyond her comfort zone. Briefly she wondered if this was a good idea but his fingers made it hard for her to think straight, he was rubbing the lace of her knickers against her inner lips, occasionally rasping against her clit.. Already she could feel herself needing to cum, without making a conscious decision she leant down to unzip him. The lines were drawn, this was not a game between equals any longer, he was in charge and she loved it that way. She pulled his cock out, not an easy task, it was large, already as large as her husband and he was still growing. Tight jeans didn’t help. She had suspected this but it made her heart skip to see it. She touched her tongue to the tip, tasting the tangy of his bare skin and wondered how deep she could get him.

The clock ticked, 28 minutes had passed, her mouth was full with half of Charlie’s manhood, her skirt was pulled up and her panties pulled in deep, swallowed up in her arousal. She knew that a passing car might see her, knew that Charlie wouldn’t let her cover herself up. She also knew that she couldn’t stop now. 28 minutes, if he wanted her to stop he should have said by now, surely. Charlie’s hand on her head roused her from her thoughts. Pulling her hair and lifting her head, gently but firmly, he pointed to the clock. You are mine he said, 30 minutes. No going back now, you are going to do as I say and your husband is about to become a cuckold, isn’t that right? In answer she leant over to him, breathed in his ear, my pussy hasn’t been fucked in two weeks, I’ve been saving it for you. If you like it’ll be yours even longer. Her tongue flicked out and teased his ear. She needed this badly, but still she wondered if her husband had actually agreed to this, though his chance had come and gone she worried some.

She walked up the path to his front door with her hand in his. This felt intimate and somehow calmed her nerves. As they stepped through the door he held her face in his hands and kissed her, passionately, longingly. ‘I’ve wanted that for a long time’ he said, ‘now I want you to strip. I want you naked except for stockings and shoes, do it slowly’. The door was still wide open, with wanton abandon she lifted the dress over her head, ‘let them see’ she thought, if they are lucky enough to be passing. Her breasts hung free (she imagined rather than heard his intake of breath) she teased herself with her finger over her panties momentarily before slipping them slowly down her legs, feeling their wetness again. Keeping her legs straight, her back arched she rose up, two can play at this teasing game. As she straightened she kept her hands at her sides, fighting the urge to cover herself, letting the slight shyness feed her inner desires. She was as naked as a woman can be, emotionally exposed, physically naked, even her pussy shaved and her deepest secrets exposed, no real or imagined place to hide. Just how she wanted it.

Really the next few minutes were a blur. He kicked the door shut, she was melded to him, his arms around her, grabbing her waist and butt. His lips against hers kissing her, nipping at her kips, teasing her with his tongue. She felt his cock through his jeans, she ground herself against it hoping for stimulation. Fleetingly she thought how good it felt to be naked while he was dressed, how submissive it made her feel. But really she wanted him, and quickly. Somehow they were in the main room, she was on her back, her legs spread wide, inviting. He was over her, jeans off, shirt off, standing proud and large enough to make her involuntarily lick her lips and spread her legs even more, letting out a slight moan. ‘Fuck me please, oh God I need you, fuck me now’ she begged. Fast and furious, his hand entwined in her hair, his cock spread her wide, relishing, needing her wetness. Splitting her and driving in deep as she clung on to him, her few thoughts were of how good he felt, how large, how he smelt. And of her husband horny and plugged, in torment waiting for her. Screaming she came hard, panting and hyperventilating, her body jerking hard, her back arching as he pulled her hair and her head back, kissing her neck as she came, marking her. His own climax was right behind hers, pulse after pulse inside her, renewing her own orgasm, starting a second wave of pleasure. He buried his face in her chest as he drove one last thrust deep into her then relaxed, easing himself down onto his arms, onto her.

There is afterglow after good sex, that druglike state where reality and dreams combine. For a moment they enjoyed the feeling, just for a moment, then it was shattered by the call of the phone. Startled he jumped, she jerked and his cock slipped out before they realized what the noise was. She caught his eye and suddenly the incongruity of it hit home. It doesn’t really matter who laughed first but once it started neither could stop, barely able to breath each moment of calm would be followed by a meeting of their eyes, an upturned lip, another bout of sheer giggles. She struggled over to her phone, calming herself enough to try and answer it. It was her husband.

..... She struggled over to her phone, calming herself enough to try and answer it. It was her husband.

“Honey are you…?” He began. Her heart skipped a beat, was he ok with this? Still she decided to play with him, after all he was at least 15 minutes too late. “Oh babe he is fantastic” she said. “His cock is so big, I almost came just looking at it..” She teased. His only response was a deep groan. She smiled, it was going to be just fine. “See you later lover”, she breathed, and hung up.

At almost 11, more than two hours after she left, he heard the front door open and close. She obviously hadn’t considered this before, but over the last half an hour an unexpected problem had arisen, he needed to pee. At first it wasn’t too bad but by now he was desperate. His full bladder pressed on his full prostate, his butt plug pressed from the other side. The combined effect was making him feel very full, and very uncomfortable, but also teasing his prostate and making his cock try and grow in its prison. His ass was clenching around the plug, his knees shuffling as he moved around at the limit of his bonds. Not far then, since his hands were still tied to the bed. That’s the position she found him in as she walked in slowly, cock swollen and red, head down and body squirming with his two big needs. He wanted to pee, he needed to cum! Petal immediately realized what was going on, she had considered it and had secretly hoped that it might happen. Now a feeling of power washed over her, a desire to be cruel.


He looked up. She looked stunning, her hair was disheveled, her dress clung to her curves, ‘still wearing her panties then’, he noted. Her face was glowing and a strange expression passed over her face. A mixture of love, amusement and something else, arrogance? It didn’t take long to find out. She walked over to him, kissing him hard on the mouth, her tongue violating him. I sucked him before I left you know, she whispered before kissing him again. Her hand pulled his head to her by his hair, he couldn’t resist, he kissed her back feeling a mixture of love, lust and humility and utter powerlessness. He was kissing her after she had sucked her boyfriend, had he cum? He really hoped not! “I need to pee” he begged, “please?”.

She didn’t answer but began to untie his hands from the bed. His hoped soared momentarily, she would let him pee then he was going to fuck her, make her his again. His body yearned for it, his soul cried out. Just for a moment, then she took a step back and pushed him onto his back with her heel on his chest. “No time for that” she snapped, you have a job to do. He lay helpless, he watched as she slipped off her panties, he knew what was coming and he was horrified. She wouldn’t would she? His cock ached even more, even though he rebelled at the thought. As she stood with one leg either side of his head he looked up at her lovely long legs and her very swollen pussy. He didn’t have long to think, as she squatted he saw how truly wet she was before her lips were planted expertly on his mouth. Her thighs squeezed his head, her skirt fell over, cutting out some air and trapping him in his own little pussy and sperm filled microcosm. “I wore my panties tight, quickly after he fucked me the last time. I wanted to save some for you” she laughed. “You better clean well, eat his cum from me, make me yours again baby” she demanded, “get rid of that nasty man from your sweet wife” she taunted, “Do you realize how turned on I am, how nasty it is making you eat my cum filled pussy, you know you don’t get to pee until you make me cum babe”. Her pussy ground against his mouth, large globs of cum filled him, tasting metallic. Occasionally she moved forward so his tongue would tease her ass. Their juices smeared his face as he licked her out, his tongue swirling inside her hot body, teasing and cleaning, the taste of cum giving way to the musk of her arousal which he loved so much. Her hands fondled his cock as he groaned deep into her pussy. A delicious humiliation washed over him as she teased his cock, knowing that another man had fucked her, knowing he had allowed her to do it, to tie him and plug him and fuck someone else. But at the same time a feeling of pride swelled within him, she was happy, she had had fun, and he had made that possible. His job now was to clean her and give her another orgasm, one she so richly deserved. Finally clean he concentrated on making her cum, wrapping his mouth around her clit and sucking gently, flicking it with his tongue. She clamped down hard, her back arched, her weight fully on him and she shook violently, the full nastiness of it all in her thoughts, her pussy blocking his air, she ground onto him harder and came harder, one last drop of cum squeezed from her onto him and she screamed her orgasms and fell limp on to his body. She ground gently onto him savoring the aftershocks, in no hurry to lift and give him air.

She rolled off him deliciously slowly, enjoying the feel of his hard body against hers and the sound of gasping breaths he took. Full of love for him she turned, snuggled up to him hugging him tight. Thanking him with her body and soul, but still taunting him with her words. ‘you are lucky he didn’t fuck me in the ass’ she said, ‘maybe I still would have made you clean me, maybe I will next time’….

She finally untied him and let him go for a pee. As the weight came off his body relaxed, a peaceful feeling, freed from the nagging of his bladder. Now just his balls left to deal with.

She lay him back, unlocked him and slowly mounted him, dropping her pussy onto his cock so slowly, so maddeningly slowly. Did she feel different? Her heat overwhelmed him and he reached up to grab her hips and drive himself in harder but she pushed him back down. ‘I’m sore’, she said, ‘he fucked me so hard and he was bigger than I’m used to babe’. The feeling of her husband being where her lover had been so recently warmed her up again, she knew had one last orgasm left in her. She settled back gently and began to touch herself. Her legs were spread lewdly, he watched her fingers blur between her legs, her hips pump gently, arousing herself on his cock, touching herself. As she got closer to her orgasm her innermost thoughts finally spilled out…

Did you enjoy yourself?
Do you want to do this again? I do, so much…
Babe I want to save myself for him, what if I gave him my pussy and didn’t let you fuck me for a while, would you like that? You could still lick me of course; in fact I would demand it (he nearly came at this!)
I don’t want you to cum inside me, not tonight. I love teasing you babe, it gets me so hot.
Lets fuck tomorrow, can you wait till then, please? (said in a sweet girlfriend voice, dripping with honey)
Her head thrown back she came, soft and gentle, still grinding so slowly he was unable to reach his own orgasm. His body screamed out in need but he knew he could wait one more night for her, if that’s what she wanted. It was only one more night.

He put his arms around her and held her tight, kissing her lovingly. ‘I love you baby’ she said, as certain as she had ever been. She rolled onto her side, snuggling her soft ass back against his sensitive cock. He wrapped his arms around her, the softness of her skin, her warmth, the buzz in his groin, the feelings warmed him and he smiled. Feeling loved and protected, Petal also fell into a deep sleep. Her last thought …. ‘I didn’t say who was fucking whom tomorrow, poor baby’.

Monday, 27 July 2009

Thoughts on sexual orientation

I was walkabouts at lunch when I remembered a comment made by a lovely blogger that she and I 'click' and it got me thinking. How much sexual attraction is based on compatibility and mind, and how much on looks. We may click sexually but what if I was 5'2 balding and somewhat rotund? Or if she was actually a very attractive pre-op transgender?

Its a semi-serious question. I need to do a post on it, its gonna burn a hole in my mind if I dont!

I remember some years back in a forum magazine (Britains best loved intro into the fetish lifestyle, an excellent pocket sized magazine that taught me what a perve I really was and gave me lots of ideas too. But I digress...). So I remember a woman who wrote in stating that her sexual orietentation was sub. In her mind her self identification as a sub was far stronger than her identification as homosexual or heterosexual. Although nominally a lesbian she stated very clearly that she was a sub, she would be attracted to the right dominant, gender did not matter in the least.

I have often, very often, pondered the same. Especially when going through periods where neither my top or bottom needs were being met and my fantasy life was in overdrive, I often wondered if I had the capacity to fulfill that need with a man instead of a woman. Not any man of course, but the right kind of like minded personality. For that matter I sometimes wondered if I would explode if I didnt have a proper outlet, mrs palm and her five lovely daughters just didnt work for me anymore. I came to the conclusion that yes, in that much need I would flex my gender preference, but that for me, even though I have played and enjoyed with men once or twice, it wouldnt meet the need fully. It would be a last resort. Still I understood her mindset.

Somehow it became a bit of a turn on for me, imagining her flexing any which way because she was soooo submissive.

What do you lot think? Where do you stand on this question?


back to forum magazine and thats also where I first learnt about chastity. A woman who kept her husband in a leather cock cage for a week and then let him cum usually once a week. She relished his desperation and enjoyed the strength of her control. She commented about how she could tell if she had made him wait an extra week because of the strength of his orgasm. She sometimes made him have a spoilt orgasm before locking him away, and mentioned how he hated it when she did that. This is almost 20 years ago long before it became commonplace.

I guess the story got into my subconcious!

Friday, 24 July 2009

Liberty adorned

The final tear shed
Liberty fails me
Wreathed, enveloped
Love's bittersweet embrace

A few thoughts on waxing...

Tom asked about the waxing, and others seem surprised so I thought I would write a few words on it. This salon specialises in proper body waxing, not just tidying the edges (London has it all!). Clients are about half men half women. I have been going there about two years, although this year I have only been once or twice, its been a busy year.

It started after my wife had a full wax. She said it hurt so in sympathy i suggested I do it too. That first time I had it all off, like now. Thats groin, stomach, cock, balls, anus, perineum! We both found that we like having my cock and balls smooth, sensitive and feels very very nice to touch. She will often fondle my balls as she drops of to sleep just because the skin feels so nice (and cos it teases :) Usually I have it all apart from the front which I trim, as Sandy prefers that bit with hair. Sometimes, however, its nice to have it all off.

When we fuck (very rare these days) and we are both completely bare, its mind blowing for me. As you bottom out the skin of your groin presses against the skin of her pussy, and the sensation is soul shattering. You have never felt that part of your body have proper skin to skin contact, but for it to happen during sex, and for the skin its against to be a shaven pussy (mental alert), it drives me insane. I just bottom out and grind my pelvis against hers to maximise the sensation.

As for the 'crack' as they say, well once you have experienced having no hair there you wont ever want to go back! Lets just say it feels a lot cleaner and easier to keep that way.

Yes it hurts, but most of us in the scene have experienced enough sensual pain to be less 'scared' of a bit of pain (no its not a turn on, get your minds out of the gutter). Secondly its for a good cause so it feels ok, and finally the endorphins kick in after which is nice. Its not unbearable pain, and if you go regularly (every 2 months) little enough hair has grown back that the pain is 5 times less.

Good god Tom, its way better than shaving especially if you have thick sharp hair like mine. I couldnt ever get so smooth and i get shaving rash if I try to even go for slightly smooth. This is utterly smooth and sensitive and stays that way for quite a while. Be careful of ingrown hairs though, some parts of me are prone to them and its not pleasant. Make sure you keep a watch for them if you are prone.

I usually do my armpits as well but thats purely for practical reasons. I am allergic to most antipersperant deodourants, having no hair makes it possible to stay smelling fresh and professional when you cant use those products.

Hope that answers a few questions.

Thursday, 23 July 2009

Spiritual perfection

Before Sandy left for her holiday we played. Its been a while since we played. In the interim we had a very nasty argument about sex, one in which the old fears and emotional communication patterns reared their ugly heads. I had been looking after her for quite a while, the last two weeks in fact, as she was feeling slightly ill, or tired, and stressed. We only had sex once in that time (the tickling night). I knew Sandy was going away for a week and a half and she and I wanted to have lots of sex and intimacy before she left. Our illnesses, her stress etc didn't allow that. Having been very supportive and leaving my needs and trust in her hands I was disappointed when on our last two nights she didn't appear to be making any effort to spend quality time with me. In a nice little rehash of our past our argument consisted of my harsh uncaring complaints and her stubborn uncaring intransigence.

Luckily we had sorted it out by the next day, but it was a close run thing. I hate the idea she may have gone away with us having that distance between us!

Anyway on to happier things. The night before she left. I am not in an erotic writing mood right now, I may extend this later. But in short we started out with a bit of a cuddle but very quickly she decided that it was time to administer my punishment of 40 strikes with a riding crop (something I earned a week or two previously for I cant remember what).

Now these are punishment swats, no warm up, and they hurt! Since there were so many she was nice to me and most weren't too hard, but overall it HURT. After we stopped she and I played for a minute or two, and it suddenly occurred to me that she wanted more. She was being too nice to ask but she wanted to torment me. I asked if she wanted to whip me more, she smiled and agreed wholeheartedly. I asked if she wanted the belt or the crop. She laughed her evil laugh and said 'what do you think'. O bugger!

So began a good 20-30 minutes of almost non stop riding crop on my arse. Some hard, some soft. Many of them very hard strikes, even a few on my perineum, many many on my anus. Several times she made me lie on my chest with my arse in the air, spreading my own butt cheeks so she could whip the sensitive parts in between. My arse was burning, on fire, the only thing hotter was my steel rod of a cock. Traitor! To be fair this was for fun, she had started off more slowly so my body was in the groove, endorphins flowing, and she often reached around and held on to my cock as she whipped. This had a double effect, of keeping me in place unable to escape the swipes because of my own sensitive member, but also as I wriggled her hand effectively masturbated me, sometimes to the point of orgasm. Naturally she knew and intended both effects. For a while I lay across her as she cropped me, my entire sensitised body one huge erogenous zone singing out to me of her as she beat me over and over. God I was so so enjoying myself, the pain was high but the endorphins and teasing kept it mostly in the hot submissive territory, deep in endorphin sub-space. Sometimes she went much further and the pain became almost unbearable. Also fucking hot, to have to lie there and take it, to be so swallowed up in submission that her pleasure in hurting me made me stay down and offer myself up for more, for her. After these heavy periods a greater endorphin rush and an even deeper place in subspace was my reward for my submission.

On second thoughts now I am in the mood to write this in a hot way, remembering has got my 'juices' flowing.

After we stopped she rolled onto her back and said 'my turn', clearly in need of an orgasm. I started to pleasure her but she asked if I wanted some more teasing before she came (usually her cumming is the end of things). I know she asked because of my need for intimacy and longer playtime, what we had hoped for in the preceding two weeks. I appreciated the consideration! She had me kneel above her with my hands bound behind my back. I could feel her body against my thighs but couldn't touch it, both physically restrained and also banned, ordered not to. Of course she lay there naked, newly shaved, her pert breast jutting up as she arched her back, her skin soft against me, and her waist achingly slim. She writhed as she masturbated me, never letting me cum. She arched, she jutted, she made as if to kiss me but backed away. Twice I couldn't resist and tried to lean down and kiss her, her lips or her breasts anything would do! Once she let me fall useless on my face as I had no hands to support me, I fleetingly felt her breast on my lips as I fell. The second time she grabbed my neck, squeezing and holding my weight up by it, preventing me from getting near her, staring me deep in my eyes with as forceful a look as I have ever seen in her. She told me off, whipped me a few more times to teach me a lesson. I was brought to the edge a lot, lord knows how often. I was truly begging to cum through most of it, and she was relishing, really relishing her refusal. I asked her why and she said that she could see I really wanted to cum, this wasn't play begging, this was real, voice cracking, past caring 'I NEED TO CUM', past secretly wanting the tease to continue, and because of that she was especially enjoying refusing me. What monster have I spawned?

I asked her in passing to push her finger in my ass. She hesitated for a moment then got out from under me, rummaged in our toy box and pulled out the dildo from her pink strap-on. She squirted lube lovingly over the tip like it was a mans cum, then I was pushed face down on the bed. The head of the cock slipped in quickly, but it probably took 5 minutes for the pain to ease and become more fully pleasure. I was soft at this point. She thrust with her hands the cock, in and out, a little deeper each time, sometimes almost pulling out. I got slowly hard again. I have no idea how long but after a while she taunted me that it was almost fully in my arse. She got more rough, faster, harder, 'you are sucking it in you slut' she said, practically making me cum just from her words! Next thing I knew she had leant over me, her cunt pressed against the edge of the dildo, and she fucked me, fucked me roughly, fucked me like she was crazy with lust and barely repressed violence. She fucked me until the dildo was deep in my arse, until my body had been pushed up the bed and my head hung off the edge, and she kept on fucking. I have no idea how long this lasted, i never wanted it to end. My cock rasped on the bed like it was honey velvet. Then she reached around....

It must have taken only a minute to get me to the edge again, and there I stayed for a few more minutes as she ground her cunt on the dildo, he hips on my arse, her breasts on my back, and her hand on my cock. Then finally she let me go.

I wont try to describe my orgasm. No words can suffice. It was stronger than anything I have yet experience, coming from inside me, outside me, from my dirty mind and hers, from her control and my loss of it. From the snapping of the spring of lust she had been winding up with an hour of lust and loving violence. It was only now I even noticed my head hanging off the bed.

I wound down only for a short while before she cheerfully and cheekily lay back, spread her legs and demanded her own. I don't recall much of it clearly except for this. She was soaked, sodden, as wet as I have EVER found her. Clearly this had not just been for me, her body had loved it too. I know her pleasure was similarly intense, I remember using a rabbit in her arse and very large dildo in her pussy as i pleasured her. I know that she almost came from penetration alone (would have done but I stopped to draw it out for her. This has never happened before. When she came she was as full, as horny and slutty as ever, pussy and arse filled and who knows what dirty thoughts in her head (two men probably). I don't, because I was so out of it from my experience that while I was able to pleasure her and focus on exactly what she needed, I cannot remember any details at all. A couple of minutes after her first orgasm i gave her her second, with one single slide of my finger across her clit. One, just one. This I do remember.

I have nothing more to say. It was wonderful, sublime. We snuggled in for the night and our warmth and our love flowed around us like a perfume as we fell asleep.


later edit ...
One thing I forgot to say, she had no intention of letting me cum during most of the evening. She wanted to go away with me unsatisfied knowing I am not allowed to play while she was gone. She was in an extreme teasing mood. I think she let me cum in the end because the fucking was so hot she enjoyed that more.

Waxed HNT


As promised in my last post, one waxed man coming up, bit explicit though, hope you dont mind.


Advice required (not serious)

So Sandy is away for a week. She has taken the key to my cb6000 with her, in case she feels like ordering me into it, or I feel like putting it on. I have mixed feelings. Its hot being unable to cum or touch even though I have the time to do it. On the other hand I value my sleep, and the device doesnt aid sleep at all.

Note that I am not allowed to cum anyway, but the idea is that if I get too tempted then I lock up.

I do have my neosteel and its key. This is easier to sleep in but only good for 2-3 days before it cuts into my hips.

So I need advice...

1 - do nothing. Sleep well, be honourable and dont cum.
2 - put on the cb6000 and have a hot time, but sleep less well.
3 - leave the key at work and wear the neosteel all weekend, till monday morning.

I would appreciate knowing your preferences, kind of a little game between you and me. I promise to carry out the winning option (if indeed anyone votes), cos I am honourable like that :)


On a separate note I need to do two things. I need to post what happened before Sandy left. We played very hot the night before, lots of fun! I also need to post a pic of me as I have just been fully waxed, not a hair left down below. Feels pretty good to the touch, and rather kinky.


Monday, 20 July 2009

Friday, 17 July 2009


My family are away for almost 2 weeks. I have lots of time to do stuff, but my God its been a long time since I have had that much time to myself!!!! Being a parent makes 2 hours off feel like a long holiday.

One thing I would like to do is gather together a bunch of the bloggers I read and go out for a few drinks. Shame you lot are mostly in the new world.


Thursday, 16 July 2009

Meta blogging

blogging about blogging

I thought long and hard about wether to post this. Somehow it seems a little too head up own arse to write a blog post about blogging, but then after at least 5 seconds of navel contemplation I thought, go for it, live a little.

The question is this, why do some posts get comments and not others. I have noticed this on many blogs including my own. Sometimes a truly dull post gets someone's attention. Other times what you think is interesting gets no comments. I have seen on occasion some pretty stunning posts with no comments at all (not my own).

This thought was triggered this time by my post about tickling. Its not something I see much written about at all. As such I thought it would get a comment or two, probably of the love it or hate it variety.

Some of Roo-Roo's posts, such as this had no comments! In fact I often see posts of his that I think should have had a full blown conversation on the back of them, but natch, or almost.

Then it all turns on its head and a long thread starts up discussing the relative merits of pink or black leather in the bdsm scene. Actually on second thought that could be quite interesting :)

So there we have it, no sex in this post, sorry people.

On a different note my family are away for almost two weeks. Anyone wanna go clubbing?

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Tickle frenzy

I have not mentioned this on my blog before, but the first real dominant act sandy ever got into was tickling. Although we played tease and denial games before she treated them more like a game than a power exchange. She had been tickled mercilessly as a child and when she had the chance to do it to someone else she enjoyed the revenge and the sadistic pleasure of it. I must confess I love it too, giving and receiving.

Last night when we got to bed I was feeling loving, my beautiful wife was lying on her front nude, her body lithe and uncovered. Without asking I got the massage oil and gave her a long massage from neck to the base of her spine. This of course ended up turning me on, but also relaxed her. One thing led to another and she, feeling playful, began to tickle me. I was in a very ticklish mood, her touch driving me frantic almost as soon as she started. This if course brought out her sadistic dominant side.

Half an hour of solid tickling ensued, almost non stop. If you have ever endured a minute of truly full on, dig right into those spots, no mercy no let up tickling, well imagine a full half hour! The first half I was untied, but being stronger I could defend myself somewhat. But I was worried about hurting her, you have little control when frantic, so I asked her to tie my hands behind my back.

She was not sure at first, said she liked me being free to wriggle like a mad thing. Once I was tied she realised her mistake. Now I couldn't protect myself at all she truly got stuck in, digging her fingers in nooks and folds, sitting on me, her body weight pinning me for
minutes at a time as her fingers danced their sadistic dance. I was frantic, trying to escape with all my might but unable, screaming out my laughter with no ability to restrain the noise. Writhing like a bag of angry snakes, but hard as steel. The more I
screamed the more I wriggled, the more desperate I became, the more she loved it and dug in deeper. She found some ultra sensitive spots that she kept going back to, my balls and perineum for example, and when they became desensitized she would tickle another spot to get me off balance before returning to the refreshed sweet spots! The only let up was maybe three times to allow us to get or breath back. Even then I was subject to little tickles.

Its turning me on just writing this.

For a very short while she was sat on my face, her wet folds on my mouth as I screamed my torture into her wet pussy. It was wet and very very tasty.. She didn't feel turned on but her body told a different story. I was of course
super desperate after that.

Finally it was over. Without untying me or saying a word she lay back, started playing with herself. A few minutes I begged to do it for her but to no avail, she looked satisfied refusing. I jumped her but she ordered me off to kneel at
the foot of the bed, kneel not sit, in between her spread legs, watching her play, finger deep between her wet lips. I wasn't allowed to touch any part of her except the odd kiss of her foot. In this position she had two strong slow, body clenching orgasms. I was a bag of submissive man flesh by then!

Once she recovered she untied me and I was allowed a nice naked cuddle before she rolled over to go to sleep. My cum was never in question. I did have to kneel back down and massage her feet while she drifted off though.

I think she enjoyed herself, don't you?

Monday, 13 July 2009

Fever and bondage

When I have a fever I have funny symptoms. My skin gets so sensitive that sitting on a cold loo seat overwhelms my nerves with so much sensation, such an overload, it actually hurts. Then when the shudder passes through my body, eases, and I start to pee, same again! Funny thing is I kind of like it, its like the pain of a spanking, you don't enjoy it at the moment, but crave it before and enjoy the aftermath.

I also get funny legs syndrome. My leg muscles hurt, they get extremely restless, I can't get them comfy in any position and I keep moving them around. Unless... I really stretch the muscles hard, then they get comfy and I can rest and sleep. When I was younger I had been known to tie my legs spreadeagle, really wide open. Only then could I relax and get little sleep. Bonus, it feels sexy!

How weird is that, to find sexual pleasure even in a fever...

Sometimes I love my sexually, kinky though it may be:)

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Spirit of the blitz

Times like these i admire the British spirit. No exaggeration or panic, the docs are like, 'yeah whatever, its just a flu, you will be fine'.

No prescription drugs (young kids excepted), no swabs or tests. Just a quick chat, and a recommendation to rest, drink lots and take paracetomol or Ibuprofen for the fever.

Chin up chaps, we'll show them what for!


Well i can confirm that old piggy flu is a truly miserable experience! I want a new body! Yes I am being a whiny man, helps to share :)

Besides it's proven that men feel more I'll than woman, that's what I'm telling myself anyway.

m ( note the tail between legs use of lowercase :) )

Saturday, 4 July 2009

Summer drinking

A beer in the sunshine outside a pub. What better way to end the week!


Saturday, 27 June 2009

Why outside vanilla?

You would be forgiven for wondering why I gave the blog it's title. Most of the posts are certainly not vanilla. If you look back you will find fewer posts, but still naughty. But you will also notice how amazed I am at our recent adventures.

For years I have been pushing kink in our relationship, while sandy has resisted, or joined in but very slowly and cautiously. I always knew she had it in her, but she was so very repressed it just would not come out easily. I never expected or even hoped for what we have now! Its much more than I believed was in her. A couple of years back I actually decided to find more kink elsewhere, It was putting too much pressure on our relationship. Hence the online Domme.

So when this blog was started it was about a wife and a relationship that were working and struggling to put a solid permanent foot outside of what I considered to be a vanilla foundation. But not so long after i started the blog the change began, after almost 13 years together!

Unexpected to say the least. Very welcome. But a very misleading blog name now... I hope it lasts, i think it will!

Dying blogs

My gosh there are a lot of blogs stopping these days. Alison, ms inconspicuous, hotwife and more... I miss reading them!

Good luck y'all


Monday, 22 June 2009


I was at a party at the weekend where a somewhat famous American musician was for a while talking about cancer.

'Its a terrible, but such a deep and wonderful thing...' her exact words.

Honestly what a load of new age
claptrap! I hate when people try to
glamourise human frailty. Its not deep or wonderful if you or your loved one was dying from it.


Friday, 19 June 2009

The grand finale

Just spent the night in one of central london's very cool bars. On top the barmaids uniform consists of a corset, just that. Needless to say I enjoyed the place :)

On Sunday night the bad deed took place. Sandy and I were both in the mood, sandy especially since she had not had sex for a week (during my week of orgasms she had a bit of a cold so hadn't wanted to be pleasured). Within scant moments of teasing she was moaning and wet and ready to go. Nasty girl was threatening not let me fuck her after all, but just to cum and go to sleep, she loves the shocked look on my face, that 'ooh god is she serious' face. What she actually wanted was a nice strong orgasm and then a good fuck.

So she had her orgasm, and boy did she look like she needed it! After a few minutes to cool off and get less sensitive I rolled onto her and slid my steely member into her, and what an incredible sensation it was too. I gave her a long, damn hard rogering. Its been a long time since I have been able to go on so long. Having had plenty of sex in the preceeding week I was easily in control of my trigger. Its also been a very long time since Sandy has enoyed being fucked in a particular position we used to enjoy, me sitting up on my haunches with her hips pulled up my thighs and my cock deep inside her, holding on to her hips and using them to thrust into her very hard and very very fast. Since having kids its a position she usually finds uncomfortable.

Now I mean very fast. I am a pretty fit guy but a few minutes of thrusting leaves me out of breath (and Sandy very wet), then I need to slow down and cool off a bit, then another fast bout, etc. By the time she was ready to cum I was out of breath and cooling off so unable to cum myself. Believe me, I had really enjoyed fucking her so hard. I had been close to the edge, but there is something special about holding on to a woman like a piece of (very sexy) meat, using her hips to hold on to as you slam in and out hard and fast, to claim her and ravage her. She was getting very wet, making wet sucking sounds as I fucked her. I could look down and see her lips spread around my cock, her lovely pert breasts bouncing to my thrusts under her very thin cotton vest. She was looking hot, just seeing her breasts bouncing almost sent me over the edge at times!

When she came I couldn't, but there was no way I was stopping. As soon as my breath came back her hands found their way to my balls and fondled me as I started one last round of hardcore fucking. She groaned out, her orgasm extending and my own swelled up, my growing cock head hitting her G spot and sending a few last waves of pleasure through her as I came.

Aaaaahhhhh, fuck yeah.

After such a good old fashioned fuck, imagine my surprise when she remembered her decision to sit on my face. I wasnt expecting this at all, and having just cum didnt want it! She wasnt taking that though, she picked up her book, slid back and sat on my face, her wet and still sensitive pussy right on my mouth, leant forward and started to read. Like a good lad I cupped her ass, kissed her pussy and pushed my tongue in as far as I could, swirling it around. A large amount of cum slipped into my mouth very quickly, but my God it tasted good! She was so wet, had been so horny, that the taste was overwhelmingly of her sensational pussy, her delicious essence, with just an added tang of cum. What a flavour! Within seconds I was horny again and loving every inch of her pussy. I kissed and ate with abandon until she felt she was clean enough. I only wish I hadnt been so out of breath so I could have savoured it more. If you havent tried this please do so, pronto!

And so ended our week. What is next? I suspect a little break from d/s but these days, I really dont know.


Sunday, 14 June 2009

the end of the week

Seven days have gone by, seven orgasms and seven tasty (not) deserts. It has got harder and harder to do as the week goes by, my sex drive is sated, im not allowed to touch her much and not being touched. This makes it very hard to get revved up. A couple of nights ago she gave me one minute to do it, if i failed she threatened 7 weeks of denial (instead of 7 days of cumming). Shes loving this game :)

Ok she has helped a tiny bit, but not much!

Last night it took the threat of 7 weeks of denial to get me to eat, haha. What a good way to get those subby feelings flowing again, a good hard threat.

So its over, or so I thought, but this morning she suggested that as a grande finale she should let me fuck her, but then sit on my face after and make me eat it all up. I may have been shocked, but my treacherous cock gave the game away (fool!). So perhaps tonight I will be having some very kinky fun.


Thursday, 11 June 2009

A week of forced orgasm

I'm not sure where this idea came from or why, but sandy decided that a break from denial should be replaced by a week of forced orgasm. Nasty woman that's she is none of these will be by her hand, she barely lets me touch her while I have to touch myself. I must have one a night for seven nights in a row, while she watches.

I don't know why, since we often watch each other while having sex, but having to do it to order when she isn't having sex with me, when she is just watching, its very embarrassing. Even more so as she decided that I must eat my cum afterwards. As most guys know the idea is hot until you cum, then it isn't, its just embarrassing. Naturally she loves that, finds it very amusing.

Last night was day four, so far she hasn't once let me off eating it.

You would imagine after weeks of denial seven orgasms would be easy. They would be if they were with her, but it takes an effort to get yourself revved up by your own hand while being watched. I have Thumper's belle fille to thank for this. She once made him fuck her while her body was covered and she was concentrating on something else (reading?). My wife found that hilarious and this is her twist on it. She loves the idea that's the orgasms are the least satisfying...

Night one was especially special... I had to cum over her ass, her cute button mind, not just on her butt cheeks, then lick it up. While I was wanking she was watching tv! Talk about dominant, it really pressed my sub buttons! I wouldn't want that often, I need my cuddles to feel in love, but now and then its fun! I enjoyed it even of it was very messy, but my god it was hard to do after I came, I really wanted to be let off, but i loved it that she stuck to her demands... How humiliating!!!

Funnily enough this week of play is bringing us closer, even if my writing just comes across as mean. 'its fun' as she says, and that makes her happy and in love.

Sunday, 7 June 2009

What happened next?

I had interesting feedback after my last big post, to be honest I hadn't realised how d/s our relationship is these days, especially how it would appear to an outsider.

Since my last post I have cum several times. A couple of nights later we had sex, and during her second orgasm sandy wanted me inside, or at least she allowed me inside when asked. So I got to cum inside her! My good that felt good, its been ages since I have felt her silky heat envelop me, it was wow!

a few nights after that she was feeling submissive so she lay back and i pleasured her and abused her to my hearts content, cumming all over her stomach and breast as she came. Afterward I had a second one, again a very rare occurrence for us. She later admitted that even while feeling subby she seriously considered refusing my orgasms but decided not too...

a few days later the same again. We had been fooling around and I was again allowed to cum. In a sense we are taking a step back from the previous dominance high, but her control is still there which is interesting to me. I have mentioned before that in the past after a long period of dominance she usually switches off, but again she has confounded me by continuing, albeit at a lower level.

Meantime its nice to have a few orgasms in a row, I can relax from the incessant need and have a well earned break. I doubt very much it will last long.

Thursday, 4 June 2009

Ooh god yes!

Ooh god yes, she begged. I want it, I want him to cum over my ass, I want his cum all over me dripping down my crack, making me wet. And I want his friend to fuck my ass afterwards, push his friends cum into my ass and use it as lube to fuck me with his big cock, make me burn. Stretch me and fuck me while you watch...

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Interesting comment made by Sandy

Sandy and I went to a play club a week ago. We used to go with her as the sub years ago, but these days I'm the one that gets toyed and tormented. While there we saw a lovely girl in a pony girl outfit, blindfold and having her nipples tortured with a horse tail plug in her arse. Sandy loved this and later at home while pleasuring her i convinced her to let me try it sometime soon. On her. She made an interesting comment...

She agreed (she likes to play sub sometimes, on her terms), but not at our usual club. She preferred to be known only in her Domme role there. I don't know why but that spoke to me strongly of how much more seriously she takes her dominance. Yes its a game we play, we don't take it too seriously, but if it was just play she wouldn't mind being seen to swap on occasion. She likes her new role!

I appreciate that!

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Be careful what you wish for

I always wanted to know what it was like to be dominated. Truly dominated, not slight pretend domination. The kind of domination that required me to control myself, exaggerate the control I was under, submit to a greater extent than the level of domination warranted. I always wondered, as do many subs I imagine, what it is like to be controlled beyond the point I was able to deal with, past the point I would ask for a break. Well past and to breaking point.

The chastity fantasist, and I have been one, wants to know what it is like to live in a relationship in which I was unable to cum, unable to ask and get, to be locked and unable to cheat. Given an orgasm a month if i was lucky and be screaming desperate even right after it. Absolute control, no cracks to take advantage of. Living my fantasy but gone so far beyond it I wanted out.

Well now I know, I finally know why it is some people say be careful what you wish for. It's really hard to live with, really hard. I love it, truly I do, I have craved such control as a sub for so long that having it meets a need so deep as to be utterly fulfilling. But the layers of me above that deep level, they scream for freedom, freedom to cum, to be sated. Freedom to take my wife like I used to. To feel her heat and wetness envelop me, and pound her and my sex drive into each other until they explode, a synergy of passions that crescendo and die away slowly.

Sandy kept me without for 6 weeks, much longer than my fantasies which were as a rule once a week. Then i had one orgasm, only one. She always liked to deny me for long periods but in the last few years at this point she would have had enough. I would have had a long period of not being in any way submissive. I would be sated. I would masturbate, fuck, be dominant at times. No longer. For example this time after I came she said she might stop, might have had enough. But since then every time we have had sex she has been adamant she doesn't want me to cum. It's just too much fun she says, and she has been completely unyielding in her decision. What's more she has taken to teasing me to the edge more, enjoying the look of sheer hunger and desperation. Enjoying not stopping when I beg her to stop, just edging that little bit more. This morning well after getting me close to cumming she sat on me, putting her hot, shaved pussy right on my cock and grinding herself on me till I almost came a few more times. I don't even remember the last time I was inside her, she doesn't crave it so I don't get it, simple as that. She doesn't feel at all guilty. But though I am gagging to feel my cock buried in her I know it may be months more before she wants that from me. Needless to say she gets to cum a lot though.

So I am still being denied, still controlled. not just my orgasm but other things as well. Massages, tea, doing the dishwasher, she asks but it's a strong request, and she likes the timescale to be on her terms. Again no guilt, rather an uninhibited enjoyment of her power to get what she wants, secure in the knowledge that I get off on it too.

Against all that I really want to cum, lots. I want to fuck her. Really really truly. This denial is way past my limit and I want it to end. But she doesn't, and her control means so much to me and she is so firm in her desire to deny that I will continue to suffer, to push my limits further, until she wants it otherwise. I can't do otherwise, that deep inner need ensures that. Too bad for the consious me.

True control feels different to the play that came before. It's a mental rollercoaster. I want and crave more, but I yearn for release. I can't even ask, I have 40 strikes with a riding crop already due me just for asking to cum (they hurt!). My mental chains and hers are driving me insane with need, a need that has no outlet. Mental bondage. I am emotionally needy, yet I must be strong and not abuse her by being overly demanding. I can't even scream out my frustration except when she allows it, when she is actively teasing. Even that outlet is dictated by her, denied to me.

All this may seem like we have a major sub Dom relationship. If you were to see us day to day you would see a normal couple. The control is a subtle undercurrent, a steel fist in a velvet glove. Hidden, not obvious, but very strong. Much of it seems vanilla from the outside, but it's not really, between us there is a power imbalance that we both know is there.

Be careful what you wish for!

Ps. Months ago Vixen commented that she didn't know how sandy could deny me my orgasms for so long, she really enjoys her own husband cumming. I know the answer now. I already knew that sandy isn't usually into penetrative sex, and that she has fun denying me. But I found out a few days ago that though she takes pleasure in me cumming, she takes more pleasure in seeing me hard. A lot more. When denied I am always hard for her, at the slightest provocation and even sometimes without that; proud and upstanding, iron hard. She loves that apparently, and it's another big factor in her enjoyment of my denial.


Monday, 18 May 2009

quick vignette

Late on sunday night
Its been a long weekend, and we are very tired. Our guests have left.

Sandy comes to me, gives me a big hug and says thanks for helping, for tidying without being asked, for putting the kids to bed, and all the other little things I helped her with over the weekend. Her appreciation meant a lot to me.

Then as she is walking out she turns back with a cheeky sexy look on her face and a tilt in her hips, saying, 'but you still arent going to cum...'

Saturday, 16 May 2009

Eurovision song contest

Bloody hell, it was a bit spicy. I don't remember such raunch when I
was a kid. A parade of scantily clad birds vaguely syncing to almost

I'm going to move to Romania now!

Pretty cool having Dita von tease on eurovision though, kink is going


Friday, 15 May 2009

Coming out unexpectedly.

Yesterday I was listening to a kink related podcast on the tube, Masocast. Very interesting, sometimes gets a little too cerebral for my liking, but a very interesting mix of people and ideas.

Anyway I got in to work having paused the sound. Sat down, unplugged my headphones, which triggered the podcast to start playing again, only this time through the internal speaker of my handheld. Loud.

Never seen someone reach for a volume control so fast! Luckily it was on one of the few innocent bits. Phew!


Thursday, 14 May 2009


Last night I got to pleasure my sandy. But apart from making me hot and horny I got nothing. She was adamant I wasn't allowed to cum.

She said those magic words. "It's delicious having my orgasm and being mean not letting you."

Delicious. I like that. Needless to say it brought my inner horndog out even more. I do love her!


Wednesday, 13 May 2009

I finally came

On Sunday night sandy and I were shattered. We hadn't slept well Saturday, done lots of gardening. Been for a long cycle with the kids and had the kids friends round for hours playing in the garden.

By the time we got to bed neither of us wanted to play. Sandy asked for a back massage to ease her aches. I agreed, she deserves it. Anyway tired as I was, doing something for her despite that tiredness made me feel good. More caring, more submissive...

After a fairly long massage she rolled over and cuddle up to me. Then she started playing with me, making me hard. Pretty soon she was on her knees with my cock in her mouth, slurping away like it was a tasty ice-cream. She doesn't often want to give blow jobs, but she is damn good at them. I told her she didn't have to do this, but apparently I had been so nice to her massaging her despite my obvious tiredness that she wanted to do something for me.

And she did... She sucked, licked and slurped with obvious enjoyment untili was about to cum. Kept me on the edge for a while as I warned her I was close. I thought that would be it, but after my last warning she indicated for me to relax and enjoy, and she pushed me over the edge with my cock deep in her mouth!

She never let's me cum in her mouth! This is the second time, ever.

I'm never very loud, but I was LOUD!

And after I came she pushed me back, rose up and kissed me hard, snowballing all my cum to me to swallow. Fuck me I enjoyed that!

Afterwards I also made her cum, by her wetness she was obviously aroused by what she had done. Yesterday she told me she had been thinking about the bj and getting tingly over it.

So we had a ball ;)

Moving on. Usually she likes to tease and deny me for very long periods. It's about 6 weeks since I last came. Then she likes to stop the game and let me cum lots for a while. She hasn't yet decided whether to continue or not so in the meantime, till she decides, I'm not allowed to cum. Usually the longer I go without the more I crave it, until eventually, after a long while, I really do want to cum. I was at that stage well over a week ago but she couldn't care less. Then when the game ends I like to cum a few times, but for now that is denied me. Part of me is finding it harder not to jack off now I have tasted an orgasm, but another part is loving the continuation of her control. What is a man to do?

Answers on a postcard please. But remember it dont matter what you or I suggest, she will without a doubt do whatever pleases her. As it should be :)


Friday, 8 May 2009

Interesting insight

Sandy, my wife, left this comment on my last post. I must confess I found it interesting, an insight I dont often get to see. She doesnt talk about her feelings much, she isnt usually the introspective sort. I love that its an 'explosion of intimacy' for her, it sure is for me. Having introduced her to this I need the reasurrance that this is good for her not just for me. I also love that she would find it hard to go back to an equal footing. Yes its hawt!!! But its also reassuring. As she said, we have had enough bad years to really appreciate those things that build up our confidence in each other.

On a horny note I came this morning. Last night we had sex. She came 3 times, and kept me so close to the edge for almost all of that time. I was begging her to stop, practically cracking up. I really wanted her to back off it was so hard to cope with. She had an evil and fun glint in her eye and was relishing my obvious struggles, she refused point blank, telling me she liked keeping me so near to tipping but not allowing it. I found it very hard, but afterwards we felt very close for it.

This morning after a month without, she was sat on me, just sat and chatting. A sudden movement of her hips and pussy against the root of my cock was the trigger I needed and a small cum popped out, moments after she told me that she wanted my next orgasm to be spoilt as she was feeling mean. It was spoilt, nowhere near enough sensation. She found it hilarious that I was so near trigger point after all this, that a mere involuntary movement would set me off, and that she got her wish, a very spoilt orgasm...

For myself I can only say that after her being sat on me, her wonderful naked body on show, a naughty conversation, and the sight and feel of her lips spread over my cock, that I had ample stimulation in my state, I was actually having to hold back even before that involuntary movement. Trigger happy she called me, and indeed I was. I am still very horny, I hope she doesnt count this my orgasm for the month!

Also a thank you to you thumper for the link to my last post. His relationship with his belle fille seems so similar to mine with Sandy, I can really feel the force of what he says.

Sunday, 3 May 2009

She really doesnt care

We have played tease and denial games for years, but in the past she has always given me the strong impression that she would want me to cum soon. She thought I got too edgy after a while, or just didnt want to be so mean. Sometimes she just wanted a change. I am beginning to really believe that is no longer the case.

Its been a month since I last came. Ive been a raging bag of hormones for at least 2 weeks now. She has had about 25 orgasms since my last one. We were chatting last night and she admitted that she doesnt feel at all bad about it, in fact she cant help but be mean. During the day quite often in passing she will grab and twist a nipple, or swat my ass hard. When we are naked and in bed she just cant help but tickle, dig her nails into my cocks or balls etc. She cant stop herself, doesnt want to. She likes using the riding crop on me because she knows it really hurts, not like the belt that builds up into a pleasurable pain, she likes this because its instantly almost unbearable. And she admitted that while she enjoys making me cum, she enjoys not making me cum much much more. Truly her newfound dominance is of be careful what you wish for!

Lest I give the impression that she doesnt care about me thats far from true. Part of her enjoyment comes from seeing how much I love being abused, part of it from the enjoyment of her power and control (which can only come with the willing gift of my submission). If I didnt *really* enjoy it on some level she would not be doing it this way. But she knows full well that its a love hate thing, I do want to cum, I do hate the riding crop, and yet she will push these things further than I would go, for her own enjoyment. And that makes it so much hotter for me, her kink feeds my kink, her dominance feeds my submission...

While talking last night she also admitted that if I wanted to stop and go back to the way things were, she would find it almost impossible. I created a monster!

In conclusion, I should probably accept a life at least for the next few years, with fewer orgasms than before. And I love it, the more skewed it gets in her favour, the more fun it becomes.

Sunday, 26 April 2009

Where to begin?

Well I dont know where to begin!

In the last month I havent been able to post because I havent had much time to write. But I have had plenty of inspiration. Unfortunately this will have to be a short post, more of an aide memoir to help me remember the events if I dont get to write more about them in the coming days.

I havent cum in almost a month. Sandy is in a full blown playful but mean domme mood. I have been close many many times but not even a milking or spoilt orgasm. Not a drop of cum has passed from me. In the meantime she has been coming probably 8-9 times a week, usually 2-3 per session.

She spent on evening toward the start of the month going down on me, after I had asked her for a little oral attention. She spent probably 20 minutes lovingly licking me, sucking me, and nibbling, biting, nipping. I was close to the edge for most of it. I was in fact screaming for an orgasm. But suddenly she stopped, mischievously miled and lay back with a satisfied look on her face, an i'm about to cum and you arent look, but you are going to do it for me..

And I did, twice, and she then went to sleep leaving my mind as submissive as its ever been and my body screaming for attention.

Some other noteworthy points I need to write about.

New rule, Im not allowed to ask for orgasm or for her to trim.

My use of a strap-on on Sandy, a big one in her ass.

Our new play with watersports.

My public whipping, clamping, spiking and edging at a club (intense)!!!

A champagne enema, heavy sphincter spanking, and DP on Sandy until she came, hard.

As you can see a lot has happened. I hope to find time to write up more of it!


Tuesday, 31 March 2009

I Hate High School Musical

I cant begin to describe how much. Or why.
It espouses some of the worst, most superficial aspects of American culture, holding them up as the be all and end all of aspiration.

Troy - the rugged individualist, heart in the right place, macho, fighting the odds by himself.
Whats wrong with this picture? He isnt all man, he isnt getting there all by himself, he isnt doing it against all odds. He is about as lucky as a human being on this planet in 2009 can be. Comfortably off, talented in everything he turns his hand to, popular, oh and good looking as well.

Gabrielle - the simpering idiot. Supposedly smart but all she ever does is act pretty and simper at Troy. Whats wrong here? Woman, defined by man, defined by looks, must hide intelligence and act like a fluffy bunny rabbit to be accepted in society. Feh.

Kelsi - Smart, Geeky. In Jellyfish's own words as I cant say it better... Kelsi's acceptance by the group takes the form of some jock taking away her hat and getting her to shoot the basketball, followed by a prettifying makeover avec stupid one-strap Supre top and sequinned belt.

Not to mention the overwhelming obsession with teen relationships without even a hint of physical intimacy (cos that would be wrong)! Yes I remember Britney gyrating around sexually in a schoolgirl uniform or catsuit, while it was claimed in all seriousness that she was a good christian 'virgin'. Talk about double standards!

I must have watched the first two a hundred times (yes I have young kids), and I just cant describe the trivial horror of it. As you can see when I try I sound pompous and too serious, but I know someone who can do a much better job. I nearly peed myself reading this :) Eloquently said!