Wednesday, 17 February 2010

The Day

47 years old, mother, wife. It's all she had been for as long as she could remember. Content but lonely, loved but undefined. Never quite in touch with herself. She had long suspected why, but she just couldn't admit it to herself. Not to herself, and certainly not to her husband. Only in her dreams did she face her demons and wake up wet with the proof of her perversion. 47 years is a long time to hide from yourself.

She knelt naked, cloaked in uncertainty, shimmering with arousal. Fear drove her heartbeat, she forced herself to face it. A drop of arousal crept between her thighs, unable to go anywhere, with her legs spread wide they provided no easy path to follow and the drop hung there. She felt that appropriate, her own path had been no easier, the ending equally uncertain. Yet she felt it hanging, reminding her of her own disgust, forcing her to admit her arousal, and admitting perhaps a just little anticipation at what was to come.

Her breasts hung low, full but not firm, she hated seeing them. They had never filled her with pleasure, so little had. Now they were damaged, sagging with the task they had twice performed. Her stomach too, never too firm now folded at her waist. She didn't look down. Her lips hung low, loosened by childbirth one hung lower than the other. She held back a tear, but her arousal rose higher.

Today was the day that she finally faced her fear, she knew she had to try. She had let life pass her by, had hidden from her desires, and finally had found the courage to take a bite at the apple.

So she knelt, naked, cloaked in uncertainty, shimmering with arousal. She had no choice. Her husband had not seen her naked and lit for years, very rarely. Yet the lights stayed on, her blindfold on, the door unlocked and the man she had messaged for months now was about to enter. The drop fell.

The light reflected from her skin, the tremor in her body evident. His heart filled with gratitude at the trust she gave, and pride at her bravery. Her body looked incredible, her submission was woven in her every line and move. And her face, so much prettier than her pictures. There for a moment, just for a moment, he felt it was he who should be kneeling at her feet, letting her beauty and fragile trust wash his soul clean.

A huge thanks to Kimberly for organising this months posting of 'May I seduce you'. Don't forget to check out these other fabulous bloggers for their take on this months theme.

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opsimath said...

That story is quite, quite lovely - one of the most beautiful examinations of the human soul I have ever read.

Forget the past, forget the opportunities not taken, forget all those sad and inconsequential things - and give thanks that now you are doing what you have always longed to do.

Thank you for this wonderful and elating story,

Another Suburban Mom said...

That was a lovely story. It was something that many of us could relate to.

MzTrySexual said...

That was beautifully written! It was such an amazing insight at how we see ourselves in such a self-loathing way which others see as immaculate!

Gray said...

This is so beautiful and sweet. *sighs happily*

Petal said...

Incredibly well written and I love your insight! well done wasabi!

Ms Scarlett said...

Beautifully written, very moving.

Aurore said...

This is an amazing post - I think most woman can relate to wrestling with their bodies. The last paragraph was pure poetry.

Margaret said...

Such a beautiful post.


The Duchess said...

This was a spectacularly beautiful post- really well-written. Thanks so much for this.

Topaz said...

This story had the most courage of any in the group post. So well told - I admire your characters.

Elle said...

Very moving! I have chills...

MyKey said...

Thank you to you all for you lovely comments. They mean a lot!


heelsnstocking said...
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MyKey said...

Hi Heels

Thanks for the comment! I removed it so the spam robots don't get your email address. But will certainly message soon, maybe even naked! Xx