Thursday, 4 September 2008

My first HNT

I have very little idea what the etiquette for this is but here goes. I find her back to be one of her sexiest features (I can kiss it all day), if you can draw your eyes away from her bottom that is...

Hope you enjoy.


Wednesday, 3 September 2008

A bit of holiday love

Well as you may have guessed from the tidied posts we are back, so I thought that I would tease you all with a couple of pictures. One of the pretty one, and one of me. Comments are encouraged, especially naughty ones :)


The pretty one!!!

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Spanking fun

A couple of weeks ago my wife and I talked about me getting a spanking at a fetish club and i suggested that once I have had too much that I have to ask her to stop, that she be entitled to carry on for a few more spanks before she does. Kind of like a delayed safeword. I find the idea of being pushed beyond my limit very hot, and this way I have a safeword it just takes a while to kick in. Well she agreed but I wasnt sure what she thought of the idea.

I just had a conversation with her, having woken this morning and had a lovely sleepy cuddle and a quick mutual tease before I went to work. I asked her if I could have a spanking soon, am craving the sensation and especially the post spanking endorphin rush. I also asked that I be tied so that I couldnt avoid it. She agreed but a moment later, shyly but with a bit of a shine in her eyes, asked if it was ok for her to carry on a little after I beg for her to stop. I hadnt realised that my idea had appealed, let alone appealed enough for her to bring it up. I normally suggest these things, it must have appealed a lot for her to ask for it! I asked her about that and she admitted that she really liked the idea.


In the end we agreed that once I ask her to stop she decides how long to continue before complying, that could be 1 spank or 100. Of course I know and trust her and know that I am in safe hands. I cant wait!


Monday, 1 September 2008

And then there were two

One bit of background before I launch into the main story. One post is missing from a few days ago. In it I talked about an idea I had heard whereby denial is signified by the wearing of a ring. In our case we decided that if my wife was wearing her eternity ring on her wedding ring finger I was allowed to cum. If it was on the other hand I was not. This way I don't have to ask and possibly spoil the moment mid play. Regardless of how long since I had last cum asking for the ring to be moved would mean no orgasm that day. That limits the number of times I 'bother' her with requests.

On to the main post.

I came last night. In our 15 day holiday that's the dizzy height of two, count em two orgasms. Aren't I a lucky fool. What was I thinking when I introduced my lover to orgasm denial. We have had sex 6 times and each time she has had 2 or 3 orgasms. The odds aren't in my favour :)

Last night we made love. She was in the mood for that rather than anything too naughty, I was in a similar mood though I could have been persuaded otherwise. Its our last night here, its been a lovely holiday and lovemaking completed it. Nothing penetrative, that's not easy in a tent with kids on the other side of a bit of canvas. We fooled around and hugged, got each other hot. I teased my wife who was very needy, a few minutes of my fingers teasing her inner lips and round her clit and she was writhing on the bed, running her hands over her own breasts. I leaned down and started kissing and nipping the skin of her breasts, near but avoiding her nipples, and already she was ready to cum. Leaning over her, spread her lips with one hand and slipped two fingers into her, curling them toward her G spot. As I did this I alternated massaging her clit and caressing her breasts with my other hand. One minute she was horny, next she was sodden as she thrust her hips toward me and mewled (quietly) in ecstacy. By the time she came she was a very wet beauty.
After her shaking subsided (which took a lot of time and very gentle hugging) she pushed my hand down for another. Just a simple manual orgasm but was as strong as the first.

After another period of chilling it was my turn. Again it was all hands, she had her body pressed tight against me. Those curves I had been admiring in a bikini all day, now tight against me, breasts pale and nipples begging for attention as my pleasure built. She drew the pleasure out until, unable to stand it any more, I let myself go and she increased the tempo. No joke, biu a couple of minutes later she was still playing and I was still having strong aftershocks. yum.
After another period of snuggling and as we were dropping off she grinned cheekily at me and took her eternity ring off her left hand and back onto her right. Damn!

This morning I asked if I could have one more quick cum before the next round of denial, but with obvious heartfelt relish she said no she didn't think I should. So here I am, already horny again.