Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Slightly nervous

A conversation with sandy tonight while playing. Seems she wants me to get my chastity belt sorted soon. And she doesn't seem like she's going to be generous with the orgasms.


Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Domination, that's what we need ...

I keep meaning to write an update on my time with my delicious sub. I haven't found enough time to do it justice but a few quick words are in order.

She gives a mean blow job. I certainly enjoyed lying back and relaxing as she worshipped my cock, slow and lazy. I could really get used to that,and to the delicious happy noises she made doing it.

Rope harness. I've done quite a few but never before combined one with a spanking. What a great way to control a person. She wasn't tied, all limbs free. But I could grab a handful of rope to stop poor mrs d escaping while I spanked her ass longer and harder than I've ever done before. And each time she tried to crawl away a convenient rope handle dragged her back, pulling on her breasts as an added benefit. Rope is controlling I'm such a delicious sexy looking and dynamic way. Of course my sexy little pet squirming and begging didn't add to my pleasure at all!

I can't remember highlights but I did tease the poor lass mercilessly. We had a lovely lunch (scuzzy burgers in a proper English cafe of all places!), lovely mostly for her company :) then back for more chatting and more play.