Thursday, 30 September 2010

Is the third man a cuck?

A couple of comments on my last post got me thinking.

Is the third man a cuck? What is his position, what can he expect, what do we owe him?

Seems a silly question given that by inviting him in the married couple are putting their marriage at risk, but the third wheel has feelings too. Anonymous suggested that if he were to fall in love the couple should and probably would walk away. He is left behind, and is therefore in some way a cuckold. I'm not sure that I can stretch the definition of the word that far but I know what he means. It's easy to forget his feelings, we are used to believing that men want sex, that they can separate emotions from sex easily. That therefore the new guy should be happy to get some pussy and his feelings don't count. I'm not sure that's fair, I know that there will be men who get drawn in further than they expected and get hurt.

Sadly that's a risk that is hard to avoid, but sandy and I are certainly aware and looking out for his feelings, I know sandy is fantastic and very easy to fall for, in our case the risk of his being hurt is greater than that of us.

But he still isn't a cuck.

I'm not sure that many women would want
power over both men in those circumstances though. It feels to me too close to a hurtful situation to make it fun or intoxicating.

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Why does she cuckold her man?

Ive read Dev's thoughts on cuckolding which inspired me to write a short post about what we are getting out of it. I should say at the start that I am as irritated by the close link between chastity, cuckolding, and im a useless worm style fantasy. Especially when that fantasy is made out to be real. The end result is that a person, usually a woman coming online to research this thing they have been asked to play with, finds a lot of scary, extreme and emotionally upsetting claptrap. In that I agree with her, Tom, Maymay, Sarah, Thumper and many others who reject the association between kink, submission and weakness. I admit also that cuckolding is an extreme fantasy, one of the most extreme, simply because society for thousands of years has taught us that almost the worst thing we can do in a relationship is to play away, because a woman wants to love and respect her man and not do anything to threaten that, and because it seems very risky and it can be!

That said this post is going to address why we do it, in the context of a healthy happy loving marriage.

I wish I could start by writing a long post on my thoughts, one that would address everything perfectly, clarify my and Sandys thoughts and emotions perfectly, make clear how we feel. Sadly ive been beaten to the punch by queen KC who wrote a post that so perfectly summarises it that im just going to link to it and not try to reinvent the wheel badly. Please read this before you carry on. I emailed this to Sandy. My wife is put off by extreme fantasy or badly written silliness. She is very open minded but as any long time reader of my blog knows she struggled to embrace her and my kinky side for many years. Yet her response to the article was 'Sounds just like us!'. KC summarises it perfectly. Sandy loves me, fancies me, respects and admires me. She finds me gentle and loving, smart and dependable, and sexy as hell even after 15 years together. One reason she hasnt even considered played with anyone else before is because for her I set a very high bar. Why bother to play with someone who is so much less attractive. But having found someone who does appeal (physically and friendship wise, NOT emotionally) she has very much enjoyed playing away so far.

She likes to humiliate me, I enjoy it too. This wouldnt work if it was true that I was useless, it works because it is a game. Sure im embarrassed but I know im not really 'dicklet', in fact I know she loves my cock a lot. I find it hard to strip off and show myself to her while wearing her panties because I know and she knows I look ridiculous. Yet she loves the fact that I do it as it shows the power she has over me, she cant believe I do what she says but gets off on it. Humiliation is one way to amplify that feeling. Plus its just FUN!

For now she enjoys playing away. All this fun we have at home makes her horny. She isnt going and spending that energy elsewhere, this isnt a zero sum game. Playing and flirting with him makes her more horny, the amount of sex we have has gone up since she started doing this. The intimacy between us has gone up even more, we are sharing a naughty secret. We laugh about it, fantasise and talk about it. Its one more thing to share and therefore brings us together. When I look at her I see a woman I love and lust after through my eyes and his, she becomes even more attractive to me. When she comes home to me she is reminded every time of how lucky she is, how much she truly appreciates and wants me, she has said so. The taking for granted that develops over the years is shed when she gets back having tasted something different and sees that what she has is better! Oh and did i mention, its also just plain FUN! Lets not underestimate that, analysis aside its fun for her playing around doing new things with new people, and its fun for me hearing about it.

Not sure I can add much to this, what do you think?


Tuesday, 28 September 2010

A review of Dystopian Longings

Mistress Milliscent has recently published a book titled Dystopian Longings. I bought a copy to have a little late night read. I finished it the same night (damn the early morning after). Yes i rather enjoyed it!

Ok I admit I rather enjoyed it a lot. I may possibly have had my hand below the covers though you cant prove a thing! Thank god the iPhone can be used one handed. Naturally I didn't cum, neither my wife nor the dominant characters in the book would have approved :) It is for the most part extreme femdomme. How far could you take it, what would that look like, feel like. I found myself turned on sometimes and uncomfortable other times, it had me questioning how far I personally would want to go and where the line is drawn between consensual and non. Some was simply hot, but always edgy. Why am I enjoying this, would I really want to experience this? It makes you think.

I came to my own conclusions about how some of the themes relate to me. Have a read. You may get off on it, and it may even make you think. Be warned it's very kinky! You can get a copy here if you like.

We also got chatting and I ended up asking a few questions which I've shared below. Incidentally I've really enjoyed chatting, she is a very interesting and very friendly lady.

By the way, in case you are wondering, the emails from Dru are my favourite part of the book. She seems to relish her dominant position and her mean streak yet be loving with it. I hope Sandy never gets that dominant though! Scary.

Did you enjoy writing the book?

I had a marvelous time writing the book. It happened over the course of last winter and spring, for whatever reason I was very drawn to writing and I put down a great deal of material in a short period of time. Imagination overdrive is perhaps the only way I can explain it.

Additionally though, since the stories were not destined for the blog I was able to take plenty of time editing and perfecting them. That is a luxury denied me when blogging, in that format I must go straight from first draft to publishing due to time constraints.

Which is your favourite story, whats the appeal?

My favorite story in the collection is "Death On My Own Terms."

I certainly have no objection to porn for porn's sake, indeed I love great porn. I don't however look at my own writing in that way. I try to use my erotica to communicate truths fundamental to us as people. While my writing is extremely erotic, porn if you will, I think that behind it there is more.

Without a doubt that 'more' exists within "Death On My Own Terms." There is a huge debate right now within the United States over whether or not physician assisted suicide is moral, and if it should be legal. This issue is even larger in my home state of Washington as the voters have recently decided that yes, it is legal and yes, it is moral.

I agree with that view. I watched a family member die, very slowly, as doctors did everything they could to keep him alive for as long as possible despite the fact that he was in extreme pain and had no hope of recovery. It was a horrible death, and one he certainly did not want. There needed to be another way, but at that time, for him, no other way was allowed under our laws.

Our creator grants us the absolute right to use our bodies as we see fit without interference from the state provided that we do no harm to anyone else. This most certainly extends to the right to end our lives when we are ill, in pain, and have no chance of recovery. I believe that "Death On My Own Terms" communicates that fundamental truth well.

I also greatly enjoy the stories written as email messages from dominant wife to submissive husband. They are 'written' by Dru, and I adore her 'voice,' the happy way in which she communicates extreme desires to her husband.

If you had to live one of those lives, which would it be?

Due to the way I have structured my life, I get to live female domination in a way that very few people are ever able. Every single day is a femdom day at my house. As a result, I guess that I see a good deal of myself in each of the dominant characters in my stories.

If I had to choose though, I guess that I would most identify with Dru, the dominant character in the stories written as email messages. Like her, I love to laugh and smile while doing the most horrible things to those who choose to suffer under my heels.

Which famous person would you most want to have in your palm and what
would you do with them?

I was asked this question once before, many years ago. The specific person has changed, but my answer has not.

The President of the United States. Female domination is power exchange. The greater power a submissive possesses, the greater the exchange of power, and hence the excitement is. There would be no pleasure in dominating someone who possessed no personal gifts or personal power, pleasure comes from dominating someone who possesses wonderful qualities, gifts, successes, and chooses to become submissive.

As for what I would do with him, alas that is an unanswerable question. A great female dominated encounter or relationship comes about when both partners' interests are understood and those areas where they mesh are used to push the encounter or relationship forward. I don't think that excitement can be built within a dominatrix unless she understands her submissive and his desires, exploiting those for their mutual pleasure.

If you could sneak one real life individual in to live out one of your stories (think through the looking glass), would you do it, who, which etc?

Someone else has said that my stories take female domination to its logical and extreme conclusion. I think that is correct. If a relationship is pursued on a strictly female dominated basis, given enough
time, it could certainly end up in a place similar to what is described within the stories contained in Dystopian Longings.

Like Alice, through the looking glass, I would choose the story entitled "The Slave." It is, I think, the logical conclusion.

I don't know of a specific individual that I would pull into it, but I know his traits. He would adore me. He would adore the suffering he was forced to live through for me. He would respond to everything I did to him, I would witness his suffering with all of my senses. Lastly, he would obey, absolutely, everything, every time.

Does the senator look like you :)

In my minds eye she does not. She has longer hair. Perhaps our asses look the same though. The Senator has a world-class ass, and I've been told that my own is right there with the best of them.

The Senator and I do share an intense interest in politics, and a hatred for the hypocrisy displayed by members of the Religious Right.

Is there a sequel, can you tease us with it?

Book two will be out soon. Like Dystopian Longings it is a collection of flash fiction. I think that readers who enjoyed my first book will enjoy the second as well in that it is a continuation of the themes introduced before. Activities change from story to story, book to book, and ultimately the activities are that we as readers are after when engaged in late night, one handed reading.

Monday, 27 September 2010

and after the call

So there she lies having finished the call, turns to me (i'm almost asleep) with a slightly naughty expression and says that he has bought condoms. It took a moment to register that she was saying the next time they meet she is going to fuck him. Oh my god, i woke up quick. Jury isnt out anymore, she has decided, they have obviously discussed it, and she wants it. She really wants it, i started to side my finger along her slit from behind and she pressed her backside out to spread herself and meet my fingers. Her lips parted and I swear a wave of her wetness washed over me. She must have got very horny thinking of what was going to happen. She pressed herself harder against my fingers as it became apparent that she needed to cum.

Five minutes later she was lying on her front, her naked ass pouting off the bed and my two fingers from one hand pressing into her, rubbing her g-spot. Another finger in her ass, teasing her deeply. Her own hand rubbing her clit furiously two two orgasms. Watching her beautiful ass raised off the bed, squirming and grinding into me, knowing what she was thinking about had me extremely turned on, barely able to resist fucking her myself (I knew I wouldnt be allowed).

Of course I wasnt allowed to cum afterwards, I asked and she just laughed then ordered me not to ask again. She is really loving the disparity of having more orgasms, more sex, even sex with another man, and still allowing me a meagre one cum a week.


Sunday, 26 September 2010

Sub drop

I had a strange case of sub drop. We went to a femdom club this weekend which we had been really looking forwards to, and it was fun. For a while I felt very submissive. But in the last half an hour before we left to come home I lost all submissive feelings, I hadn't regained them them next morning although we did play and they came back for a while.

Why did it happen out of the blue? Strange.

Still not entirely back but coming.



Lying in bed next to my nude wife as she chats to her boyfriend on the phone.


Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Update on last night

A quick update... I am sat here writing having finished tidying up the house. She had me kiss her feet before I started on my chores and now she is chatting on the phone to her new friend. I did have to remind her I was her sub though, she wanted to chat to him but also wanted to look after me, I reminded her that she was the boss and while i appreciate the thought she should do what pleases her the most. It seems that included me kissing her feet (which is cool!)

So last night she turned up there in the cute clothes we had picked out. They didnt stay on for long! They played for a good two hours before she got home. Most of it I was cool but the last half an hour I was almost a bit worried. No need to be, she was home soon after 11 acting very nonchalant. I thought nothing had happened and she had done what she intended and chatted, until she noticed my horniness and admitted she was too, because they had been playing. My cock sprang up at that!

Ive still not technically been cuckolded (only because they didnt have a condom, she wanted to!) but they certainly had fun. He couldnt make her cum though so I had a very horny wife on my hands who needed my touch. Boy did she need it bad, she had two monster orgasms! As I touched her and looked at her delectable body spread in front of me it really hit me that another man had just seen the same sight. That really brings it home! After her own orgasms she still wouldnt let me cum, was in fact very strict about it and threatened to lock me back up for the whole night if I even asked. She fell asleep with me massaging her feet.

In case you are wondering our emotions are being affected in a very positive way. We are feeling even more in love than we have been recently, her face melts every time she sees me. In a funny way playing with him reminds her quite how much she appreciates me, and it has the same effect on me. Take heed kids, extra-marital sex is the key to happy marriages ;) Its also making her more in touch with her inner domme, and i'm bubbling over with submissive feelings. Not surprising when she loved thinking of me locked up at home while he had his fingers inside her, and I was so desperate to touch myself but in my mistresses steel embrace.


Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Another visit, another cuck fantasy and possibility

She went out to visit him tonight. Again no intention of playing but who knows. We did play a submissive game beforehand. I dressed her in pretty nylons, knee length skirt and a gorgeous top that shows a lot of cleavage. She made me do this almost naked, just wearing tight boxers as she admired my ass. I was told to stay kneeling while she finished getting dressed and massaged her feet for a short while. She then ordered me to kiss her feet. It seems this was getting her in the mood.

After I was allowed to stand she asked, 'so how are you going to stop yourself touching yourself while I am out?'. I offered to wear my neosteel chastity belt, which brought a big smile to her face. She smiled even more when she saw the look on my face as I realised that she was serious. She said she liked to have the control over me. After putting it on she clicked the lock and made me kneel and kiss her feet again. She admitted that she was very tingly down below!

So She is out, i'm home with a list of tasks to complete and orders to massage her feet when she gets back, wondering if anything is happening. Even if nothing does this is a fun game!

These were taken before she left.

Some text messages

Today Sandy and I had a string of text messages. She is going away on a girly weekend soon and I suggested she lock me before she leave. Her response, and onwards are below

MayB leave a safe key in case u need it (mayB with Him?!)

haha! That would require an emergency! U R only allowed to do that if youve played with him.

Red rag 2 bull!

Really? I thought u werent sure?

Im not but if u say that u r asking 4 trouble!

Im saying it!

So u want 2 have 2 go and get key from him? and u want me 2 play with him?

I want u to play with him, god yes! But I dont want to have to get key would be embarrassing so it would have to be an emergency to make me do it.

do u think id be that mean 2 put u in that position?

Not for the main key but yes for the emergency one. Am I right?

Not sure but if I had conversation w him and he understood then mayB x

Lol! Not for a while then...

By that time apparently she was soaking wet (she doesnt get very wet easily or often). Apparently when she went to the ladies she was dripping! I think she likes this game :)

Monday, 20 September 2010

Shaven subby

Yesterday I found that my wife prefers me fully shaved down below. Not just cock and balls, but fully totally bare. Its a slight preference but one nonetheless. I have therefore been asked, well told, to keep myself bare, she thinks I should depilate once every two weeks.

This is a big change for her, she used to prefer me hairy.

Its also pushed my submissive buttons big time, being totally bare is for me a very submissive look and to be told to keep myself that way is.... Very hot indeed!

i am as thumper would say a very happy bunny.


Concerns about an open marriage

I'm rather mixed up about where to go in my relationship, not in a bad way but it
is on my mind. I have encouraged sandy to play with others if she wants to, and she has begun to, at least a little. I am very much her sub, she controls me, my heart my sexuality and my time if she wants it. She enjoys having her way when it suits her, and loves being sexually dominant. So her playing away feels to me like a cuckold dynamic, which is fine.

But I am a switch and my dominant side is growing the more submissive I am at home, as a result she has allowed me to find a sub. This in itself is OK too, but does not sit well with the cuckold dynamic in my head. It feels like a more classic open marriage.

I know this sounds like worrying about labels but its not, I'm confused about what emotional and sexual dynamic might come about. I don't want to lose the warm love of her dominance which has made us both a much happier couple. She certainty doesn't either.

This is probably worrying needlessly, a friend who knows more about these things than I has suggested that we should just go with the flow. So that's what I will do, though if it become a choice between losing my feelings of submission to sandy by playing away myself, or stopping my own outside play I will choose the latter. This dynamic has done us as a couple too much good to lose it.

Incidentally for those who are wondering, there is no chance of letting my Dom side out on Sandy, she has made that very clear. Lol!


Sunday, 19 September 2010

Let me cum!!!

One orgasm this weekend. Just one! She has gone back to her strict one orgasm a week limit. I missed last week due to the piercing being too new, and was very very horny this week. So much so that even the night I came I woke up due to being horny.

But she won't budge and has banned me from asking for one.

This is hard sometimes!

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Sandy's thoughts

Sandy's thoughts on the recent changes have surprised me. She asked me how I would feel if she played while I was traveling with work. She liked the idea of it (as long as she wasn't worried about her emotions). She asked if I would mind if it was done at home, and if I would want to meet him. Questions that surprise me because they show how much more comfortable she has become with the idea of an open marriage.

I asked her about that and she agreed that she was much happier about opening up and less worried and more keen to just enjoy life. She still isn't sure she will go for it but it seems increasingly likely. Part of her doesn't want to, part does, and part wants to draw it out and savour the lead up to it.

She has reiterated that she is happy for me to find a sub of my own, though I am not allowed to fuck her for now.

Its a huge change over the space of only three or four months. Her decision three years ago to chill and embrace life more completely still has the capacity to surprise me.


Piercing progress

Enough of this perverse cuckold talk, I'm not a kinky fuck like you just tell me how the piercing is going. Oh OK, better give you all an update.

Its healing well. Last bit of spotting was about nine days after the piercing. I'm doing my usual 20 mile a day cycle commute, have been for three days, with no problems. I do wrap it while I cycle to protect it, but the rest of the day it hangs loose. It got little infected a few days ago, I think. Pretty minor but I believe I had not been salt bathing it enough, some days only once. Its hard to fit in when you have work and kids and don't wasn't them seeing what you are up to. So the last three days its been three long, 10+ minute soaks three times a day. The minor red swelling and slight soreness seems to be fading. All good.

I am desperate to try out the chastity tube but its way too soon to even slip the sleeve on, I'm just to sensitive and will probably set back the healing process. But damn I don't want to wait!

I have done my first standing up pee while standing almost over a toilet. It succeeded but I had to literally stand over the bowl, not possible over a urinal. The problem was the flow following the ring. I am still convinced it will be doable once I can manipulate the ring to where I want it, again this waits me being fully healed.

Finally sandy has decided she does not especially like how it looks as it is too big and would prefer a banana bar. I also prefer a bar though I like this ring too. She is still getting used to it though, she is always one for taking her time getting used to things. She used to dislike me shaved and now much prefers it, same with herself. So i am pretty sure she will end up liking it. She is certainly looking forward to being able to play with it lock me up with it.

Friday, 17 September 2010

Thoughts on the new dynamic

Sandy and I are enjoying this cuckold play immensely. She is enjoying the flirt, and slowly getting used to the idea that to go through with it might be good, not too scary and not harmful to us. My lack of jealousy and amused enjoyment of it is helping her relax. We have talked enough for her to have a chance at analyzing what she wants and what it may lead to. What she wants is a long term fun friendship, with flirtation and perhaps some sex benefits. She likes the idea of having him inside her, but is still very shy about it.

Its become apparent to her that he isn't enough of her type to risk her falling for him. Since she got to know that about him she has become much more relaxed about it, she no longer feels that its a big risk to her family. Ironically I think he may need his emotions protected from her more than the other way around, he seems quite taken with her! He likes that she is intelligent and good to talk to as well as being fun and naughty, a rare combination in his life he says. She likes his fun nature and gets turned on by him.

Funnily enough she had said nothing about her dominance or my submission. He doesn't seem to know enough about s/m relationships that she thinks he may get the wrong idea about me. I think she is right, he would have a surprise when he met me! I don't come across the type that would allow myself to be told what to do or be limited to one cum a week. At one point when he guessed she might be a bit dominant he said to her, well take charge then. Her response was to say its not that easy she needs to get in his head first. Of course what she meant is good dominance is about the mind and she doesn't know him well enough yet, but he took it to mean that he likes her and said she is already in his head.

He is rather good in bed, better than the last guy she played with in our threesome some years ago, and that guy was experienced. She enjoyed what he was doing to her. I jokingly asked if he was better than me and she jokingly said she would never tell. She then admitted that she thinks he may be better at some things and less at others. Time will tell. She was worried if I would mind but I don't, she isn't everything to me, doesn't meet every of my needs perfectly, why should I think otherwise of myself. Quite the opposite I know that some things I do very well but I suspect she would enjoy different techniques too. I admit if he was better in most ways I would struggle with that, but call me arrogant if you will, I'm considered pretty good in bed so hopefully that won't happen :) I do know that if she fucks him he will get a hell of a lot more pussy than I do, but just typing that made me hard so it's all good. She loves it too, denying me while knowing she may one day be fucking him. In fact she also knew that I loved making her cum that night knowing I wasn't the first to touch her, I think she got off on it too.

She thinks its 50:50 if she will fuck him. That's good odds if you know her, not only is she reserved, but as she said to him,
I am very good looking and fun to be with, for her, she is not often attracted to another man now she has me. So he should be flattered that she is going for it with him. I realise that comes across like I am blowing my own trumpet but its what she says, crazy kid, personally I think I am the lucky one having her.


Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Cuckolding update

A quick update from last night...

As I suspected her resolve did not entirely hold out. She came home fairly early and gave me a big big hug, saying she was glad to be back. I think she missed me, good to know I'm still her first love :)

Apparently very soon after getting in the door he had her stripped naked, very much liking what he saw. He doesn't believe she is 40, thinks she looks much younger (she does, at least 10 years). They fooled around, oral and playing, she started slow but apparently got turned on when he started to get turned on. And he is thick which i think she is a little scared of!

In my mind the thought of her standing naked in front of him was a real turn on!

She didn't fuck him. She stuck to her guns on that, which I think is the right thing to do. Take it a bit slower as she was feeling a touch pressured. She says while it was fun it also felt strange. New and scary, thinking how he could easily overpower her. Etc. This is normal I'm sure, and she does take a little while to get used to new things at the best of times. She doesnt know if she wants to do it again but she is still processing it. 50-50 is my guess.

I must say I am a touch relieved. For a start there is the usual worry I might have of her falling for him, no chance of that she says now she knows him better. Then the speed is was happening felt to me a bit fast for her. Finally he doesn't seem to fully understand the dynamic of an open marriage. Says things like if he had her he wouldn't share, and similar comments that made him feel a tad possessive and too emotionally involved to me. He was surprised she had told me where she was going. Some of this is real but offset by knowing that he isn't enough her type to be a threat to our marriage. But this came out after she got home.

On to the fun stuff. She was turned on and loved being naughty with another man. She liked being naked and being touched. She liked playing with his cock. If she does it again she will be much more into it I predict. She came home and was very shy about telling me about it, but as I played with her still wet slit she lay her head back and told me more as her arousal grew. Removed from the situation and relaxed in a safe haven she could enjoy it more fully. I gave her a very very strong orgasm as she imagined walking naked into his flat, bending over his sofa and being fucked hard and stretched by him next time. As she fantasises I made her admit she wanted to do it next time, and she kept saying 'if you want me to' in that hot please give me your blessing sort of way. Of course I said yes and made her admit she wanted him inside her as she came. A long orgasm that wracked her body and made her writhe off the bed.

I won't hold her to it of course, even if I could. It's her choice. But it was a hot end to the night and helped her feel safe, loved and less unsure of herself. As for me of course I didn't get to cum. I'm only allowed one a week and only at the weekend. On this she is strict. Fooling with another man apparently does not soften her stance at all. :)

Overall I'd give it a 6. A decent start, not too bad but not perfect either. Fun though which is the most important, and no sign of anything that should worry us as a couple.

No pics I'm afraid. They are not the kind of quality I like to put on the blog. The photo that is not the subject of it! Suffice to say she looks good and you can see much better pics of her elsewhere on here.

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Is she cuckolding me tonight?

I haven't discussed this on the blog yet but my good wife Sandy has met a guy recently who has absolutely taken her fancy. He is cute apparently, dark skinned, and cheeky. They have been text flirting for a while but recently its stepped up a big notch or two! In fact at one point she asked me if I thought he was being more than friendly... I laughed, poor innocent Sandy, it was obvious a mile off he wanted into her panties (a black thong in case you were wondering, guttermind).

When I say stepped up a notch what I mean is she is getting very horny, and she has sent him pictures of herself. She knows he is hung (tasty and scary she said about it). You get the drift, sexting I believe the youngsters call it.

About an hour ago she went around to his gaff.

Now I know she has no intention of playing, she enjoys the flirt and the tease and has told him as much. He knows that she is free to play if she chooses but for the moment she chooses not to. I suspect however that her resolve may falter some, if not tonight then soon. We will see. In the meantime she and I have had a few fun nights playing and fantasising, and tonight we played that she was going with the intention of fucking another guy. Apparently if I was not still healing she got off on the idea of locking me up before she went. So I am as you can imagine very excited, somewhat nervous and a bit (more than a bit) entertained.

She sent me a message at work today and a picture of herself wearing only her work shirt (wide open) and her stockings, but no skirt or panties and her pussy shaved. Then she told me that she had just sent him that picture and she hoped I liked it too (and that I didn't mind). Can you imagine how quickly it got me horny?

I have no idea if anything will come of this, she will call the shots and she is (rightly) cautious. Its fun anyway.


Peeing with a PA

So I was asked about peeing with the PA. I confess it was of concern to me as well. First off read this article about the (few) medical problems with this piercing that was originally linked by Tom which I found of interest, in the British Medical Journal. It states that relatively few men (25%) have changes in urinary flow. Of these the common seem to be either a little dripping from the extra hole or the stream running wild because of the ring.

This is my opinion on the matter.

The first isnt a problem, just cover the hole with your finger.

The second is, I think, because the flow follows the curve of the ring and shoots right back at ya. I find mine only follows it a short way then breaks off and goes into the toilet. I think it better when you are pissing with some force as at the end of your visit when it slows it can roll around a bit further and drip down. However make sure the ball isn't near where the flow is or it breaks the whole stream up into an uncontrollable spray. Rotate it so the ball is right below your cock near the piercing hole.

I think I could use a urinal although I would stand that bit closer and with my legs apart just in case those drops got to me. More likely though I will once healed change the whole thing for a banana bar which I suspect will have less of a problem. I must caveat this, ive not tried it standing yet as i'm not healed enough so i am guessing based on how it flows when i am sat down.

Hope this helps!

Day 6-7 with the ring

I've spent the last 24 hours pretty much free of any kind of spotting, even when I pleasured sandy last night (no fucking mind you just hands) during the point i was hardest i had only a drop or two. Nothing during nighttime wood. Nothing today at work. I'm hanging loose and enjoying the feeling!

Sorry for those grossed out by discussions of blood or piercing but there is precious little out there on the pa-5000, and what I've read about the pa piercing itself suggests that most men don't bleed much but some do. Sadly none that did wrote about it so I was left wondering how much is normal. I was the drippier end of the scale so decided to add my experience to the table for others who are interested.

Anyway I can now get hard and hang free. Tomorrow I will try my 20 mile cycle commute again.

Incidentally I've been without an orgasm for over a week now and damn it's driving me crazy again.


Monday, 13 September 2010

Piercing progress

Day 6. It's taken 4 days for it to stop bleeding lots. That is I've needed to keep it wrapped for that time to stop it getting in my clothing. Days 5 and 6 it's ok but if the rings spins in it's place it can set it off again. Alcohol the other night seemed make it worse. Does it thin the blood?

Almost no pain though. A little discomfort.

Apparently after 3-4 weeks it should be healed enough to stretch a size up. That will fit the ring from the pa-5000.

I like it still.


Thursday, 9 September 2010

Interesting survey on photos in online profile

I came across this which was a very interesting analysis on the effect of photos in an online dating profile.

In other news, I aint bleeding anymore. It looks good. im very horny though and cant get erect without setting it off again, so gonna stay horny for a while longer :)

Oh and last but not least, made it to 10 years married! Yay for Sandy and I. It was touch and go for a while but the last 3 years have been wonderful and getting better. Im looking forward to the next 10!

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Battered sausage

Tonight we had fish and chips, and I also had a battered sausage.

Yes I've done it. I have a pa. My poor cock is a bit unhappy with me and is crying.


Thursday, 2 September 2010

pa-5000 first review

I decided to try it before I get pierced. If it's obviously uncomfortable I won't bother investing time and hope into it.

So far I'm very impressed. I've had it on two nights and two days consecutively. It's been extremely comfortable, barely know it's there. I can cycle with it with no change to the seat position or riding style. This is even in a racing position. At night I've not been woken by it at all, unlike trapped ball devices. When waking with a hard on, especially a night time ultra solid one, I find it slightly uncomfortable. This is due to it compressing a ring around my cock, my head swells out the end and skin out of the sides. It's not enough to wake me though.

I wonder if oedema might be a problem. This morning when it was at it's worst I took it off to see, but within 10 minutes the cock was back to normal, no residual swelling left. Long term remains to be seen but I'm hopeful. Worst case is I go up a size but since I'm a grower that would make it too loose when soft.

Security is hard to tell. The head is free so you can touch yourself, but close to orgasm when I swell up to the max it gets painful enough to put me off. I could cum in it by only when horny and it would not be very satisfying I think. This is without the piercing ring. The ring will draw my frenum closer to the cage, and this is my sweet spot. Without being able to touch that I think cumming will be harder still, though I suspect not impossible. Rubbing your shaft is useless as the device clamps on once you are erect. So it's very comfortable and impossible to escape from without breaking the device. You can cum but I think rarely and they won't be too pleasant. Certainly no fucking.

On the plus side enough cock is exposed for mistress to tease me and enjoy the feel of her cock without removing it. For her this is a 'Good Thing'!

I like it a lot so far. Won't know how the piercing affects it for months though, as it will need to heal and stretch to take the thick gauge rings.

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

The chastity belt picture

I'm trying it on to get used to it. Piercing will happen next week I think.

What do you think, does it look good?