Saturday, 18 September 2010

Piercing progress

Enough of this perverse cuckold talk, I'm not a kinky fuck like you just tell me how the piercing is going. Oh OK, better give you all an update.

Its healing well. Last bit of spotting was about nine days after the piercing. I'm doing my usual 20 mile a day cycle commute, have been for three days, with no problems. I do wrap it while I cycle to protect it, but the rest of the day it hangs loose. It got little infected a few days ago, I think. Pretty minor but I believe I had not been salt bathing it enough, some days only once. Its hard to fit in when you have work and kids and don't wasn't them seeing what you are up to. So the last three days its been three long, 10+ minute soaks three times a day. The minor red swelling and slight soreness seems to be fading. All good.

I am desperate to try out the chastity tube but its way too soon to even slip the sleeve on, I'm just to sensitive and will probably set back the healing process. But damn I don't want to wait!

I have done my first standing up pee while standing almost over a toilet. It succeeded but I had to literally stand over the bowl, not possible over a urinal. The problem was the flow following the ring. I am still convinced it will be doable once I can manipulate the ring to where I want it, again this waits me being fully healed.

Finally sandy has decided she does not especially like how it looks as it is too big and would prefer a banana bar. I also prefer a bar though I like this ring too. She is still getting used to it though, she is always one for taking her time getting used to things. She used to dislike me shaved and now much prefers it, same with herself. So i am pretty sure she will end up liking it. She is certainly looking forward to being able to play with it lock me up with it.


Thumper said...

I find the the rings are harder to pee with since the stream follows the curve and ends up all over the damned place. You can make it a little better if you roll the ball up against the hole and hold it there with some gentle pressure. Also, the curved barbells are a lot better if you use the same strategy. Hold the ball on the back end of the bar against the hole. Plus, the stream tends to leave the end of the bar easier than it does with the ring. Also also, I find twisting the shaft a bit so the piercing is off to the side can also make peeing a more reliable operation. Finally, I've found larger gauged jewelry is easier to pee with that smaller gauge. No idea why that is. You're probably at an 8 or 10 gauge now. I'm up to 4 (and holding).

All that said, DO NOT use that piercing for chastity purposes for at least 6 weeks. It will be more frustrating (and in the bad way as opposed to the good) if you push it and end up all red and swollen again. Trust me on this.

MyKey said...

I wondered if pulling it to one side would help. Thanks thumper for the advice. I will try some of those tricks out. For now I'm still too tender to want to mess with the ring much so will keep sitting, but it's healing fast so wont be long. I'm 8 gauge and will stop at 6 I think.

Don't worry, tempting though it may be I'm not going to do a thing until it heals, chastity wise. This is my cock were talking about, I like it too much to risk it's health due to impatience. I do confess it's very tempting!