Saturday, 6 September 2014

Flock of blonds

Flock of blonds

At a recent dinner party Sandy and I were invited to we found ourselves after dinner with a small group of kinky friends and a need to have fun. I suggested we crack out some ropes, I've been finding myself with itchy rope fingers a lot in the last few months. This suggestion was well received and not long after I and another girl were tying her friend to a chair, thoroughly immobilized her, and proceeded to torture her in various ways for the better part of an hour. I had one leg roped with each toe separated and the rope tied back to her knee, so I could alternately tickle her feet and pull the ropes painfully back between her toes making her feet arch and the sensitive inner spaces burn on the weave of the hemp. With a hand over her mouth to quiet her as her friend whipped her thighs and tortured her nipples. We were having a good laugh, although our poor victim who was on the receiving end of one of the world's nastiest tiny whips was rather vocal about her own 'enjoyment' hehe.

We finished her of with a long session of bastinado and inner thigh spanking, then easing off and bringing her down gently with hugs and soft caresses. She was making the most delicious sounds going from pain to complete endorphin induced calm with our hands gently stroking her skin and her face hugged against her friend's chest.

She recovered fairly quickly, after about 10 minutes I saw a quick look pass between her and her friend, and suddenly they jumped on my legs with the now uncoiled rope and started to wrap my ankles. I happen to know her friend has been itching to have me in her power and wrapped in her rope so I wasn't too surprised. I gave them a minute to get a few coils on then started to try and escape. No surprise there but one of their male friends dived in to help hold me down which gave me someone to fight against with whom I could use my full strength. Well that was fun, by the time I was in a full TK the ropes were on extra tight. I had serious rope marks and bruises the next few days.

At this point I was topless and Sandy had joined in with a big grin on her face. Her domme mojo is coming back these days and she knows me well.

There I was with three very pretty girls completely helpless, and I had no choice but to take whatever they dished out. For probably 2 hours I was whipped and spanked. I recall one girl sitting on my face and mostly controlling my breathing with her body as the other two, one was Sandy, tickled me mercilessly, my cries lost in the softness pressed on my mouth. Sandy loves to torture my nipples, I have no recollection of how she did it but for two days after they were sensitive and bruised, something she took full advantage of. I also remember her trampling me, her sexy heels grinding into my body as her friend helped her balance, the point of her heel being dragged over my nipple and ground into it. Then her shoe pushed into my mouth making me suck the tip and running the sole over my tongue, forcing my mouth open. She slipped off her shoes and pushed her foot deep into my mouth, forcing them in with no great care and lots of enjoyment. She started doing that a couple of years ago and really gets off on forcing all her toes and part of her foot into my mouth, then grinding it over my face. She has really sexy feet, and lying bound and unable to resist with her foot filling my mouth and two other girls doing good knows what to me, well it was delicious. I still can't believe she made me lick her shoes and even part of the sole, she must have been feeling very wicked as she would normally worry about dirt and be put off by it.

What man wouldn't enjoy being the plaything of three gorgeous girls, all with matching blond hair and wicked expressions.

I remember coming down lying with my head on my friend's lap as she caressed my face and breathed sensually into mine, the heat rising from between her legs against the back of my neck. Sandy smiling at me and holding my hand, my whole being deeply relaxed.

Friday, 5 September 2014


'I need you', he groaned.

She smiled, the attention warming her. 'What do you need sweetheart?', she asked.

'You!' he continued quickly, 'Your lips. I need to kiss you.'

He looked hungry, hard to control, and she felt her own need responding. 'Sorry sweetie, only my feet, for now'. The words tasted good.

She melted into her seat as he slowly knelt, head bent, his lips warm against her toes.