Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Cuckold Fantasy

This is a fantasy I wrote after hearing about a friend being cuckolded. It hasnt been edited or polished. I may do it sometime but not now. Hope its not too raw around the edges.


My wife and his had gone out on the town, leaving us at home. Dressed to kill, they were both wearing figure hugging dresses, thong panties and no bra, and were on the pull. We knew how this was going to end, they would get a bit drunk, bring some stud back home to fuck while we watched a wished we were in his place. Afterwards they might perhaps fuck us, or perhaps be so satisfied that they would sleep in each others arms for a while ignoring us completely. We had dressed them for this outing! To say we were horny was putting it mildly.

While they were out we played poker, trying to pass the time and keep our minds on the game. The hours passed slowly. We played, but who knows who won, we forgot all about it as soon as we heard the key in the lock. We had been told to get naked and hide in her closet while she (Karen) and my wife brought their stud in for the nights fun, so we ran quietly in, shedding our clothes and we heard the giggles of two girls having fun, and a deep voice asking if they were sure about this.

As they walked into the room we could not believe our eyes. They were both disheveled, we could only imagine what they had been up to on the dance floor to get into such a state. Karen and the stud kissed while my wife pulled her dress up and ground her crotch against his ass, her hands around both of their waists. She wasn’t wearing panties, she must have taken them off at the club! Both girls giggled and breathed deeply, clearly very aroused. He asked ‘what about your husbands’, they just laughed and said not to worry, they were having a poker night and wouldn’t be back for ages.

Within a few minutes he was fucking one girl like a machine, her moans echoing into the closet and penetrating deep into our hormone addled minds, while the other lay on her back playing with herself, her wetness apparent already. The smell was started to reach us, and my friend couldn’t help but start to touch himself, even though he was in front of me. I couldn’t, sadly, my wife had locked me in a chastity belt before she left to stop that very act. I touched my balls and watched, wishing I were out there. The stud came quickly, but as my wife blew him he got harder again instantly. She straddled his hips, riding him as she threw her head back, her hand furious between her legs and a flush beginning on her chest. Meanwhile Karen slowly rolled over, pulled herself up and straddled his head, her long legs and stockings framing his face as his tongue reached out to pleasure her, heedless of his own cum inside her. Lucky bastard, I had never experienced a woman at both ends but my own wife, and his, did this for a perfect stranger! Karen looked towards Mike in the closet, licking her lips and grinning naughtily (I heard Mike groan). At this point I was so horny I was frantic, I could see my friend was close to coming and in a strange way, being unable to cum myself I wanted his to be a good one. It was, and my cock twitched in empathy, wishing I could touch myself. There is only so much a man can take!

They played for a couple of hours and then sent him on his way. After a short cuddle (what a sight that was) they came to get us, snuggling up with us, my wife with me and Mike's with him. We whispered our love and appreciation for each other. I saw Mike and Susan begin to fuck, looked at my wife, raising my eyebrows in question. She laughed and shook her head no, saying that for a start she had almost had enough, and secondly she had told Susan about the belt and they had both decided that it would be more fun to keep me in it all night. In fact Susan had the key, and would decide when I would next be released! However she was going to let Mike fuck her as I watched, since they were our hosts and should be thanked! As she said this she pushed my head down…

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Anonymous said...

Am I confused or did Karen become susan in the story. I really enjoyed the story, but I was surprised only one man came back with the ladies. And the guy blew his load after a BJ. If I was planning on having sex with 2 women, I would skip the BJ. I am a big fan of the MFM threesome, as the FMF seems like a porn movie dream. 95% of men shoot their load and are ready for bed. How on earth are they going to rock the world of 2 women. Keep up te good work.