Saturday, 28 February 2009


Tonight we watched ER. I am back from my business trip and we have not had a chance to play, buy tonight we came to bed early and had a nice cuddle. The first day I was back sandy was very vanilla, very much I have my friend back and very lovey. A day of two later and her domme is back on the surface. So as we snuggled she demanded a foot massage, and since I was enjoying the body contact I took too long getting to it. End result she used a riding crop, a real one not a toned down fetish one, hard, about twenty strikes to my arse. I had to seriously beg her to stop, of course I got an extra couple even after that! A proper punishment.

Then she watched ER while I massaged her feet. She watched the while thing, and still insisted on a few more minutes after it had finished. 50 minute foot massage and not a bit of guilt. I am feeling awfully submissive now, especially as she admitted that she doesn't think she could give up the control anymore. I don't think there is any going back even if I wanted it...

She read thumper's story Montreal, which she liked. She especially enjoyed the nasty and humiliating aspects of it. When I asked her if she thought she would like a collar for me she plainly said yes. Wow, never thought that was in her.

Unsurprisingly with our relationship becoming so Domme/sub, my own dominant side isn't getting any real airtime, and she has no intention of swapping roles again. The monster is growing! Sandy has graciously agreed to let me look for a sub outside of our relationship, albeit for now just cyber with a view to maybe more in the future. I pity the poor girl, she won't know what hit her!

Fun! Not sure how soon I will get around to it though.

Thursday, 26 February 2009

Where every girl should keep her iPod

I'm cracking up!

In future I will refer to my wife as sandy, a nickname based on how she looks when she has been in the sun for a while, I call her sand monkey as her face gets so covered in freckles she looks like a dirty little monkey that's been scrabbling in the sand.

Yesterday (saturday now) we had guests, but all day sandy and I were flirting, kissing, hugging, I kept falling for her gorgeousness, holding her tight. She kept grabbing me, my arse, my waist. At one point she whispered in my ear, right next to her mother, that she was tempted to send me away without cumming. I'm going away on business for a few days, and was really hoping and thinking she would let me cum before I went. Its got to the point that I am so horny for a proper orgasm that I really want to cum, orgasm denial has for the first time ever gone so far I actually want her to stop and give me a decent cum! She has other ideas it seems, and again I am stunned by how my ex- vanilla, slightly sub wife has changed deeply and completely. She is really really getting off on being so mean, relishing my frustration. Her eyes are sparkling with love and mischief that used to be reserved only for food and skiing. In fact she now knows I have gone past the point of wanting, really wanting to cum, and it seems to have made her enjoy it all the more. Anyway we flirted all day but bed time was very late and we slept.

This morning we woke before the kids, unusual, and had time to play. She read a post by long distance sub about being exhibited, and that resulted in my pleasuring her to the fantasy of her masturbating in front of a crowd, legs spread lewd and wide. She came harder than she had for ages.

My turn and she had me on edge in seconds. She made it clear I wasn't to cum until she told me I could, if I did I would be sent away locked up. As she teased she also admitted that she hoped the kids would wake up and interrupt us, now that she had had her cum. Bitch! Eventually she climbed on top, rested her still wet pussy on my balls and teased me ever so slowly to the edge, just by scratching at my Frenum, and said I could let go. I came like a rocket, ooh wait I didn't. I would have only she let go of my cock leaving the only stimulation her hot puss grinding on my balls. Aaaaaaahhh.

And apparently she claims she is being nice, just because I am not locked.

I am so close to throwing her to the bed and raping her, but of course she would never allow that :) and the sub in me just keeps growing. I feel like the body snatchers have stolen my sandy and replaced her with an evil twin, only she clearly loves me more now than ever, and that's a lot! How could she not have even suspected she had this in her, she used to insist she had not got a dominant bone in her body. She commented a few days ago about the heartache we would have avoided had we known this sooner.

So she tells me that when I return I am back in lock down until the weekend. I hope I get to cum then!

We that was a much longer post than i expected...

Sunday, 15 February 2009

More of the same - how dull :)

Last night was valentines night. We went out for a lovely meal. She had a surprise card from me, and an en even more surprise bottle of perfume. She was happy to be surprised, im not normally a valentines kind of guy, but I felt like treating her extra special this year.

She wore a beautiful wraparound dress, leather knee boots, hold-ups and no panties. So i was happy :)

A delicious meal, the best part was her crispy duck salad, I couldnt stop picking at it! My own dish was pretty tasty but looking at my wife, I decided she was the most appetising thing at the table.

After going for a drive to see the surroundings we went home to bed. There she decided she wanted to be teased and edged as if she were with another man or two, being used. I was only too happy to oblige. Turnabout is fair play and I ended up on my back with her strap-on up my ass, with her bent over rubbing my cock between her breasts. I woudnt have imagined that to be possible, but hey it wss hot! Needless to say however that my orgssm was yet again spoilt. She had considered giving me a proper one but apparently when she was fucking me I had been too demanding, she had pretended to be the angry Domme (very sexy) and that was that... Personally I think its an excuse and she wasnt going to anyway.

After a long sensual afterglow she rolled over, told me to get my chastity belt and put it on. She wanted me to lock it (making me abuse myself). When I asked her how she felt she said 'powerful'. I couldnt believe that she would do that on Valentines day, but like I said she is getting more dominant.

So here I am locked and still horny, she is asleep and beautiful in my bed. Wow.


By the way about a month and a half ago I sent her the following email. I didnt think that she would act on it with such 'evil' timing.


Wanting a tease and not wanting it, so - here goes (deep breath)

sometime in the next month or two would you mind locking me up one night without warning. For a time of 1 or 2 weeks, its your choice. Its up to you how often if at all you let me out in that time. I would like lots of teasing so I dont feel forgotten. Mind you I would offer as much tea, foot massages, back rubs while you read, or any other tasks you would like to ask or demand of me :) Of course you are in charge (as always) so any tickling, spanking, face sitting or other meanness you enjoy is fine by me. We could even make love during that period, although it may be a little one way, hahah. Unless I am sore or there is some other really good reason dont let me talk you out of cutting the denial short. I might ask to swap belts every now and then for comfort. I hope you dont mind my tone, im trying not to sound demanding while getting my idea across.
One last thing, I would love it if you made me eat my cum when I do have an orgasm at the end, especially if its inside you!

If you are ok with this please put it in your diary so it doesnt get forgotten, and lock me up on that day come what may. I dont want to know when, happy to have a nasty surprise!

If you dont want to do it I really do understand, its your choice entirely.

Saturday, 14 February 2009

Random post

A quick update written on the train. These days work is a nightmare, busy and problematic. I hardly get time to write let alone edit what I have written.

I don't really know what to write today, but i need to. My wife's dominance is still growing, in a very playful way. She loves that I am her toy and will do as she asks immediately. I give her a foot message every other night as she falls asleep, it helps her sleep. The other night she asked for one when I had a cold. Asked not demanded, but asked anyway. It was my pleasure! She demands much more practical help too. She isnt excessive, but she does like her own way.

In the last month I haven't cum properly, merely twice at work and two spoiled orgasms at her hand. She is really enjoying being so mean while she cums lots, and there is no sign of an end. For my part i feel like her 'in love' toy, her knight, her submissive lover. I don't think we will ever swap roles again permanently, now that she has allowed herself to let go she has fallen in to this dominant role so easily that it amazes me we ever thought she was a sub. She now swaps roles for sex sometimes, and loves it, but less often.

Last night we played again. I wanted to start with a long cuddle but she, yes my old vanilla wife, was itching to get on! A short cuddle later I was tied with my arms to my chest, feet together, flipped onto my front where she proceeded to tease and whip me, mostly whip. She used all 'her' implements, paddles, tawse and riding crop. After a long warmup during which I was wriggling like a mad thing she asked if I had had enough... I hadn't, but she hadn't either and really wanted to let rip. Once I told her to feel free and that I was fine with that, she tanned my ass so completely a couple of times I had to beg her to stop; which she took her time doing:)

She taunted me with the body I couldn't touch.

And the look on her face was of such enjoyment it was sublime!

When she decided it was time for her to cum she sat on my chest, my hands on her waist and ass, allowed me to nuzzle her heart stopping butt, and gave me the mother of all spoiled orgasms. I was so out of control I kept trying to touch myself, finish it properly. With her sat on me she made damn sure I didnt. The mental frustration is incredible.

She lay back for her own pleasure, one strong and two weaker ones that left her very content, satisfied. She looked like the cat that got the cream, happy with her cum, and very happy that it was at my expense, that she was so mean to me.

'Its such Fun!' She said, and it was!