Saturday, 30 August 2008

On humiliation

Elle was talking about humiliating her boy which got me thinking how much I like humiliation. I only realised that in the last year or two. Something so sexy and submissive about being made to do something that embarrases you. My better half sometimes makes me wear her panties when she spanks me, which is very embarassing but sexy. Thing is I often wear them anyway, because their feel reminds me of her during the day. But I am well aware how silly a hairy muscular man with a cock looks in panties, so I don't show them off, its a private thing to remind me of my wife. Once she clicked to that and realised how much I don't want to be seen she started suggesting that she make me wear them for a spanking. Damned treacherous cock twitched at the thought and she had me! Its not that she likes how they look, she thinks it looks silly too. She seems to like embarassing me, something I hadn't expected.

My ex domme (online and text not rl) also enjoyed it. She once ordered me to shave my hair off, cock balls pubis and up to where the hairline ended. I was smooth from the waist down and it felt really sensitive, sexy, though it looked strange. But being made to do that knowing I had a modelling session coming up amused her, and the feeling of being used made me so very hot. A couple of days later she made me rub oil over my nude smooth torso and cock, make myself hard and send her photos from my phone, at work (I was working late). Again the humiliation turned me on.

Weird huh, but good naughty fun :)

Last nights action

There was none, not really. But in a funny way there was. I was very horny but my wife wasn't, so we tried but she didn't fire up. Fair enough. What was odd though, she feels bad when that happens, especially given the sexual problems we have had in the past. I suggested that since I was being denied that her will was paramount and she should just say and do what she wants, and be positive about it. If that was a back rub, and quick cum, a foot massage or a kiss and cuddle before sleep its fine by me. She knows I need sexual contact and I want to trust that it will happen soon enough, when it suits her.

She asked for just a kiss and cuddle so we did, half an hour or so of kissing, making out and laughing, then sleep. Lovely, very intimate (which I crave). Funny thing is that we have tried this before but she wasn't able to get her head around her needs being important to me and believe it enough to say what she wants clearly. Last night she did and it worked

This morning we woke up gently and carried on making out ending up with a nice little tease for me. Hopefully tonight we will have sex, and I might even get to cum! Tomorrow is our last day in greece, and if I don't get to cum again then in an entire 15 day holiday I will have had only one orgasm, against her very many! I secretly hope she won't let me, its so deliciously mean :)

But don't tell her that!


Friday, 29 August 2008

August 29, a morning tease

Last night I asked my wife for a tease. I was feeling the need for a bit of pampering. She was extremely tired and declined, but we suggested this morning if she awoke in time.

And this morning I woke to her soft hand rubbing and cupping my butt cheeks as I lay half asleep on my front. Then some teasing as her hand slipped in between and she grazed her nail against my ring, and teased my balls. This went on for the longest time until I had to turn around and grab her. No such luck, she pushed me back down and continued, but this time with one hand under me on my cock. Ahhh, sensations were wonderful.

Rolled over and she carried on, now getting me close to cumming and keeping me there. My hands were all over the parts of her I could reach, but that wasn't much as she was keeping me pinned. Suddenly she rose up, straddled me and lowered her now wet pussy to my mouth, blocking my nose and mouth totally. As she sat there I pushed my tongue deep into her, she tasted very sweet and tangy, really really sweet! Don't know what shed been eating but she tasted gooooood! She undulated on me gently as she teased me to the brink again and again. I had to keep pushing her away with my hand when I was too close, every now and then she would lift up and let me take a shuddering breath or two. Heaven!

Finally her need for a morning pee became too much and she had to get off. She kissed me and teased me a little more then got up. What a lovely way to start the day. I hope I can return the favour tonight. Still very horny! I need to cum!

I know you dirty lot, bet you though she was going to pee in me in that position! We've done that twice. I love it but I don't think I am ready for strong morning pee, and she isn't yet comfortable with me swallowing, makes her icked out. So get your minds out of the sewer!

Sunday, 24 August 2008

Switching fun and face sitting

A few days ago while having sex I commented that I was craving being teased. I asked my wife if she would mind picking a date before which I would not be allowed to cum. Needless to say I didn't get to cum that morning when she did.

She thought about it and later that day said that I wasn't to cum until we had had sex three times. Not three orgasms for her, which can be in one sitting, but three separate sessions. Yum:) we are having sex about 2-3 times a week so that means I will just get another orgasm this holiday, if I don't do something that warrants a punishment.

Last night we had sex. I started off giving her a nice foot massage, rubbing her back, kissing her. Generally pampering her. We cuddled and chatted and then she decided that it was time and she wanted to cum. I started to play magin with her beautiful body.

At first she was fantasising about being naked in the pool with me, while I push her up against the side. Breasts crushed into the wall, nipples rasping on the tiles, as I take her from behind. Being watched from the bushes. Before long that metamorphosed into having her legs spread and held apart while someone teased and tormented her clit. At one point in the fantasy I was holding her down while some guy (who had been buggering her) was whipping her to force her to kiss and lick his girlfriends ass. Bit more teasing and I had her actually begging to be allowed to push her tongue in. A bit more play and I had her on all fours, my two finger deep in her ass pushing hard in and out as my other hand grabbed her hair and twisted her head round to kiss me. She frigged herself like that, begging me to let her cum, until eventually I did.

She fell back to the bed, got her breath back and then pulled my hand down for another orgasm. Then a third. This last didn't come easily so she finished it off herself.

At this point she became dominant. She had teased me during her pleasure only insofar as it enhanced her fun. Now she just relaxed, feeling no obligation to pleasure me further. She also half joked that since her fingers were on her clit for her first and last cum, that maybe this only counts for one third of a session. Bitch! At least I hope its a joke but she won't confirm.

A few days before we had talked about trying face sitting. I had shaved earlier so was nice and smooth. So she had me lay back as she sat on my face, being very careful to adjust herself so I couldn't breath at all. Then she started to read her book. Every now and then she pulled up while I took a deep shuddering breath, then lowered her lovely wet softness onto me. My world was the taste, smell and feel of her, as she read and idly ran her fingernails over my cock. Sometimes when I was shaking for a breath she would stay sitting for another 'long' few seconds before giving me air. She seems to like being mean. This went on for about five or ten minutes. Since the bed has no backrest she wasn't too comfortable and decided to stop. At my suggestion she instead lay on me, both of us face up and her head resting on my legs with her buttocks pressed on my neck and pussy against my chin. She was comfortable and read like that for at least half an hour, I was her bed, only able to see her thighs and the delightful 'vee' between them, feeling her skin against the whole of me and her soft blond hair on my legs. I even dozed a little like this. Very sexy way to end the night.

Monday, 18 August 2008


Greece is beautiful, as is my wife in a tiny brazilian bikini.

Last night she gave me one of her best blowjobs, kept me on edge for most of it.

I am officially very happy.


Saturday, 9 August 2008

Bad porn

Was having a chat with NaughtyWife about bad porn and it reminded me of a pet hate. Really bad unnatural porn, you know FF silicone tits, huge pouty fish lips, and women with angry faces that are meant to be an extreme facsimile of a very turned on woman.

You know the kind, angry noises that should sound like lust, angry faces that should look like a person close to cumming, excessive make up that goes beyond slutty and looks more like Jacqueline Stallone, non-stop horndog noises that are so overdone (nobody moans like that)... Why of why?

Mostly they look like very angry women who arent turned on at all.

Why do people make it, and others buy it, its rubbish. I would rather be slapped with a wet fish! It makes the red faced german moustache man and bad music stuff from the 70s look really good! At least the women looked and acted natural.


Friday, 8 August 2008

Iphone shocker!

I am trying out an iphone instead of a blackberry. So far I love the design and the way it feels, love the size of the screen (especially for looking at big pictures of my semi-nude wife). Excellent for playing music on the move and the phone is easy to use. But...

So far I havent succeeded in getting company emails. Thats kind of a problem. Not quite the blackberry killer yet.

I also cant help wonder how long it will be before that screen is scratched to buggery!

Maybe I should post a picture of my cuter half taken with the phone, if you all beg nicely...

Monday, 4 August 2008

Being found out part 2

Elle made a comment about being found out by family. That happened to us and I still cringe, and laugh at the events.
Yes events, plural!

First time. We were moving from a house a flat and they kindly offered to help. Our first child was a few months old and so I thought excellent, I can box up our toys, mark the box 'toys' and nobody will be the wiser. I can unpack once we get into the new home... My parents in laws however, knowing we were short on boxes decided to unpack a few and send the empty ones back to us. My wife turned up with the car, unknowingly and proudly handed me a few empty boxes, one of them marked toys! One look was all it took, I didnt know wether to piss myself laughing or be horrified. Back at the house the bags of toys had been neatly put away into a cupboard. Ow!

Second time. We were going out to a fetish club. It was winter. My wife was all dressed up and wearing a long coat over her outfit. I had my clothes in a bag ready to change later. Her parents were babysitting. As we left her mother, while looking intently at us, said that she had watched a documentary about middle class couples who go to sex clubs, and 'joked' that my wife was probably just wearing a pair of stockings under her coat. We shuffled out the door very quickly and I looked at her horrified as she laughed her head off. Her outfit? One pair of black holdups, nothing else. We still dont know if it was an off the cuff comment or she suspected.