Saturday, 30 August 2008

On humiliation

Elle was talking about humiliating her boy which got me thinking how much I like humiliation. I only realised that in the last year or two. Something so sexy and submissive about being made to do something that embarrases you. My better half sometimes makes me wear her panties when she spanks me, which is very embarassing but sexy. Thing is I often wear them anyway, because their feel reminds me of her during the day. But I am well aware how silly a hairy muscular man with a cock looks in panties, so I don't show them off, its a private thing to remind me of my wife. Once she clicked to that and realised how much I don't want to be seen she started suggesting that she make me wear them for a spanking. Damned treacherous cock twitched at the thought and she had me! Its not that she likes how they look, she thinks it looks silly too. She seems to like embarassing me, something I hadn't expected.

My ex domme (online and text not rl) also enjoyed it. She once ordered me to shave my hair off, cock balls pubis and up to where the hairline ended. I was smooth from the waist down and it felt really sensitive, sexy, though it looked strange. But being made to do that knowing I had a modelling session coming up amused her, and the feeling of being used made me so very hot. A couple of days later she made me rub oil over my nude smooth torso and cock, make myself hard and send her photos from my phone, at work (I was working late). Again the humiliation turned me on.

Weird huh, but good naughty fun :)


goooooood girl said...

Very fine......

Elle said...

I think there is a fine line between sexy humiliation and ridiculing, though. For instance, if I ordered Boy Toy to wear girl undies and I then laughed at him, I don't think it would work, for him. Probably because he would feel ridicule, not embarrassed, and especially if I laughed at him, and didn't find any evil, dommy pleasure out of making him do it. I understand that it works, for you, but everyone's different. It sounds too like your wife enjoys taking advantage of this, so of course, it makes it hot!

Boy Toy is very.. mental. You said it perfectly, I think, when you said there is something so sexy and submissive about being made to do something that embarrasses you. Yes, that's the core of it. Stay tuned, I will post about my playing with him yesterday, and it's along the same lines... :D

MyKey said...

Oh absolutely elle. Couldn't agree more. Ridicule is different, a very negative act. Not for us. For the record she doesn't laugh at the way I look, just enjoys my discomfort in an 'I'm in charge so deal with it' sort of way. Similarly my old domme used to love the pics I sent her and I knew that. I may have been embarrased but also proud of the fact she liked how I looked.

Looking forward to your next post now!