Sunday, 24 August 2008

Switching fun and face sitting

A few days ago while having sex I commented that I was craving being teased. I asked my wife if she would mind picking a date before which I would not be allowed to cum. Needless to say I didn't get to cum that morning when she did.

She thought about it and later that day said that I wasn't to cum until we had had sex three times. Not three orgasms for her, which can be in one sitting, but three separate sessions. Yum:) we are having sex about 2-3 times a week so that means I will just get another orgasm this holiday, if I don't do something that warrants a punishment.

Last night we had sex. I started off giving her a nice foot massage, rubbing her back, kissing her. Generally pampering her. We cuddled and chatted and then she decided that it was time and she wanted to cum. I started to play magin with her beautiful body.

At first she was fantasising about being naked in the pool with me, while I push her up against the side. Breasts crushed into the wall, nipples rasping on the tiles, as I take her from behind. Being watched from the bushes. Before long that metamorphosed into having her legs spread and held apart while someone teased and tormented her clit. At one point in the fantasy I was holding her down while some guy (who had been buggering her) was whipping her to force her to kiss and lick his girlfriends ass. Bit more teasing and I had her actually begging to be allowed to push her tongue in. A bit more play and I had her on all fours, my two finger deep in her ass pushing hard in and out as my other hand grabbed her hair and twisted her head round to kiss me. She frigged herself like that, begging me to let her cum, until eventually I did.

She fell back to the bed, got her breath back and then pulled my hand down for another orgasm. Then a third. This last didn't come easily so she finished it off herself.

At this point she became dominant. She had teased me during her pleasure only insofar as it enhanced her fun. Now she just relaxed, feeling no obligation to pleasure me further. She also half joked that since her fingers were on her clit for her first and last cum, that maybe this only counts for one third of a session. Bitch! At least I hope its a joke but she won't confirm.

A few days before we had talked about trying face sitting. I had shaved earlier so was nice and smooth. So she had me lay back as she sat on my face, being very careful to adjust herself so I couldn't breath at all. Then she started to read her book. Every now and then she pulled up while I took a deep shuddering breath, then lowered her lovely wet softness onto me. My world was the taste, smell and feel of her, as she read and idly ran her fingernails over my cock. Sometimes when I was shaking for a breath she would stay sitting for another 'long' few seconds before giving me air. She seems to like being mean. This went on for about five or ten minutes. Since the bed has no backrest she wasn't too comfortable and decided to stop. At my suggestion she instead lay on me, both of us face up and her head resting on my legs with her buttocks pressed on my neck and pussy against my chin. She was comfortable and read like that for at least half an hour, I was her bed, only able to see her thighs and the delightful 'vee' between them, feeling her skin against the whole of me and her soft blond hair on my legs. I even dozed a little like this. Very sexy way to end the night.


bdenied said...

Great description. I love face sitting or being face sat....I just love it when a pair of legs wraps around me and all I can hear is the sucky slurpy noise of my tounge and her cunt.

MyKey said...

Hi bdenied

Yes I know what you mean.heavenly place to be, sensation overload. Sometimes I think I could cum just from the facesitting alone!