Sunday, 26 April 2009

Where to begin?

Well I dont know where to begin!

In the last month I havent been able to post because I havent had much time to write. But I have had plenty of inspiration. Unfortunately this will have to be a short post, more of an aide memoir to help me remember the events if I dont get to write more about them in the coming days.

I havent cum in almost a month. Sandy is in a full blown playful but mean domme mood. I have been close many many times but not even a milking or spoilt orgasm. Not a drop of cum has passed from me. In the meantime she has been coming probably 8-9 times a week, usually 2-3 per session.

She spent on evening toward the start of the month going down on me, after I had asked her for a little oral attention. She spent probably 20 minutes lovingly licking me, sucking me, and nibbling, biting, nipping. I was close to the edge for most of it. I was in fact screaming for an orgasm. But suddenly she stopped, mischievously miled and lay back with a satisfied look on her face, an i'm about to cum and you arent look, but you are going to do it for me..

And I did, twice, and she then went to sleep leaving my mind as submissive as its ever been and my body screaming for attention.

Some other noteworthy points I need to write about.

New rule, Im not allowed to ask for orgasm or for her to trim.

My use of a strap-on on Sandy, a big one in her ass.

Our new play with watersports.

My public whipping, clamping, spiking and edging at a club (intense)!!!

A champagne enema, heavy sphincter spanking, and DP on Sandy until she came, hard.

As you can see a lot has happened. I hope to find time to write up more of it!