Sunday, 11 October 2009

Architect of your own downfall

ptathuk posted a wonderful captioned image (do check it out!).

It got me thinking how much life between my wife and I has changed. When we met she was very penetration centric. We fucked like rabbits. In fact she used to call foreplay a waste of time, tell me to hurry up and stop messing around and put it in her. Now we probably fuck a handful of times a year, if that. What changed?

I introduced her to tease and denial. I taught her to fantasise. I got so good at giving her orgasms with my hands while whispering naughty thoughts into her ear that she came to prefer that. During her first pregnancy we stopped fucking much as it was uncomfortable for her, by the end of that 9 months she was a lot naughtier, and we just never got back into it. Certainly the pregnancy and post pregnancy is part of why our style of sex changed, but I have no doubt that had I NOT introduced her to kink we would still be fucking...

Architect of my own demise!

Do I regret it though? The answer isnt obvious, what do you think?