Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Our third MFM threesome

Our friend S was coming round one night, but we had not planned to play. Partly because we had simply planned a drink, partly because my wife was still at the end of her period. So S came over and we chatted, drank a little and so on. My wife and S were sat on the sofa together, I sat on a nearby armchair. It was winter, the heating was on and it was nice and cosy. We were chatting and drinking while S gently caressed her thigh. We had kissed hello, but apart from that and a bit of flirting I wasn’t expecting anything. However S always makes her horny, surprisingly so.

An hour or so later I went out the back garden for a cigarette. As I sat at the back door smoking, slightly drunk and a good vibe going, my wife turned her back to S, leant back against him and let him start kissing the back of her neck. His arms were around her waist, and as I smoked he started to run his hands below her T-shirt, eventually lifting it up above her breasts. So I was sat out back finishing my cigarette and watching her crane her neck round to kiss him passionately as his hands teased her nipples. She was clearly already very turned on! I finished and came in, but being slightly drunk and in a voyeuristic mood I sat back in the other chair and left them to it, watching quietly. They were in a world of their own, not ignoring me but certainly happy to carry on playing a little. I was very very turned on, watching from a distance as my wife was seduced by another man, and noticing how good she looked! Of course that didn’t carry on for long, pretty soon she was topless and in her jeans, still arched at the waist, leaning back and breathing heavily as his hands started to creep down the front of her jeans. Now at this stage I thought she would soon stop things as I know she isn’t comfortable during her period (even at the end). I guess she was even more turned on than I expected, because his hands were inside her panties and teasing her clit, waistband unbuttoned, and she was too turned on to stop. I don’t know quite what happened, I think she was asked to take off her jeans and she did, wriggling them over her hips and slipping them off slowly. She was wearing a black thong, and her soft white arse and black thong were inflaming me! Again to my surprise she turned around, got on her knees and unzipped him, taking him deeply into her mouth, kissing, licking and sucking with apparent pleasure. Her back was arched and I really enjoyed the sight of her narrow waist, her pantied bottom sticking out, lips peeking around the thong. Her back was gently muscled and neck stretched out, I couldn’t see much of her face but could hear her breathing.

I was very hard, and slowly touching myself. I knelt behind her and gently eased her panties to one side, starting to tease her clit, wanting to maximise her pleasure. This worked! She was now pressing back against my fingers for more, even while sucking him off. He was enjoying himself immensely, hands teasing her breasts. She remembered her state and went upstairs, cleaned up and came back down. Again I thought that was it, but she went and sat on his lap facing him, kissing him. She was naked but for her thong, but S and I slipped that down very soon (she seemed happy about that). S skinned off his own trousers and I could see her slipping against his cock as she kissed him. I sat back again and was wanking as I watched S slip on a condom and slip inside her, very easily I might add.

And there she was sitting astride his cock, obviously very wet and very aroused, arching up and down thrusting against him other. His hands were round her waist pushing her down hard, and she looked out of it! He thrust into her for quite a while. I asked if he minded a photo (I knew she wouldn’t), and took a few. Some from a distance and a couple of him sliding in and out of her. Seeing another mans cock in my wife’s pussy, her lips stretched around him, is a very horny sight. He turned her around and she lay back as he fucked her, hard now. She was extremely turned on, a deep flush rising on her chest and face. His hands pressed on her flat stomach, her back arched, breasts thrust out and legs spread on either side of his tanned, muscular body. If I could have reached I wanted my mouth on her clit! Instead I took a few pictures and played with myself. Eventually he came and I joined in, caressing her and bringing her to a very very strong orgasm as she held his and my cock, teasing us. He had cum of course, but I was dripping. She shook and moaned, thrust against me and then settled down as her orgasm eased.

We played some more, but I forget the details. I did get to cum that night, but just a cheeky hand job after he left and I went to bed. She did threaten to lock me in my chastity belt instead but ended up being nice to me. I would have been happy either way, just seeing her in that sexy state, so beautiful, sexual, powerful and lovable. My love for her was so strong just then, and anything she did would have been fine by me.

Sunday, 10 June 2007


This was written for the 1st and (as yet) only Domme in my life. At this stage I had not met her in person.


She was just a page.
An idea.
And my heart raced, stomach clenched,
the sleeping passions stirred.
The image had form, substance.
Soft skin, inflaming,
Long limbs, wrapping,
Sexuality calling.
This siren call, embraced.