Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Answers to a few questions from the last post.

Bdenied and S asked a few questions that I'd like to answer. Thanks for the interest!

Bdenied first as it's the easier question. I don't know, nor does sandy. There was a time the answer was unequivocally me. Now I think it's even, or maybe even. Skewed to sandy. Certainly she didn't need this break, whereas I really appreciated it. We started d/s again yesterday after one last, fantastic lovemaking. A long hard fuck. The smile on her face wen she started was fantastic. She was a bit shy about it but admitted she preferred it this way as it felt 'right'. That evening she merrily danced to the wardrobe to get her riding crop and tan my ass. I think this time at least I would say her. i would turn the question around, which of you or mrs bd likes it more?

S next.
How did we get started? Its the usual story this. I was kinky and have been since I was about twelve. Sandy was repressed, very, but liked sex and was openminded. Soon after we met I started to introduce kink, tying her up, shaving her etc. A few years later we started going to fetish clubs and we started playing with tease and denial, both ways. She was very repressed and took a long time to admit her desires, for a while I thought I had read her wrong. If you read earlier parts of the blog you will get more of this. Finally about 2.5 years ago we
Switched (see this link) and found that she is actually much happier as the Dom, even though she always claimed not. We've never really looked back, although we swap in bed once in a while.

Kinkiest thing we've done? Its either a mmf threesome, or something we did on holiday that I still need to write about. She peed into a glass the night before and refrigerated it. The next morning I was made to drink it all instead of my morning coffee. I've drank from her before but only a few gulps as she peed in my mouth. This felt a whole lot different, not pleasant and very much pushed my limits. Of course that's part of the fun having limits pushed, and she wants to do it again. Luckily it pushed her limits too so won't be too often. Something else you might like is this little date.

I liked sleeping in panties too!

What are our limits? I have very few. For example Scat, and anything involving damage to my real life. I would even consider a branding, something an old Domme wanted me to do. Sandy has more limits though far fewer then she used too. Her biggest is that she does not want to involve another man in our play, least not yet. She loves the cuckold fantasy though almost as much as me, its probably her favorite, always gets her very hot and wet.

In conclusion we always gravitate back to kink too. In sandy's words, vanilla is boring, this is much more fun.

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Vanilla is hard!

Sandy and i are having a vanilla break before my piercing happens. I asked for a week off. She agreed kindly, it's good to have a change of scene now and then. She fully admits she doesn't need it though.

But damn it's hard. We've almost forgotten how to have sex without being kinky, especially her. She keeps wanting to spank me or pinch my nipples. Not taking dirty is tricky. We both keep almost slipping up! Even how we interact during the day is a touch different, like we are playing at being vanilla! I can't imagine we would ever live this way permanently.

It's been lovely though. We've made love twice. I missed it so much the last couple of years that I've asked for a small extension of our week. We will make love again, but soon enough our need for d/s will reassert itself. Sandy could switch back already, I need a bit more. She has enjoyed lovemaking but doesn't need it to feel intimate like I do.

And I have masturbated every damn day. I feel well and truly drained. It's like a relaxing holiday.

Monday, 16 August 2010

The jam making secret nobody tells you

Is apparently to pick out the maggots as they float to the top.

Yes it's true!

Damsons before you ask. Yum!

Thursday, 12 August 2010

The sleep conundrum

I don't sleep deeply at the best of times, and when life passes in a bit of a haze. I haven't slept deeply regularly since having kids, it seems to have permanently changed my sleep pattern. Of course as any denied man knows being horny also wakes you up in the night, or earlier than usual, feeling needy. I can't always get back to sleep.

I know thumper has this problem. I get the impression however that he, like many, can function well with that lesser sleep. Lucky men. I can't.

So I find myself torn, I like the feeling of being denied, horny, and, both sandy and I like the submission that gets amplified when we have that dynamic. I find once I cum and have a deeper sleep that I crave more sleep and therefore less denial. I question the sense of this aspect of the lifestyle. Its a real conundrum and I rather hope somebody out there has solved the problem, though I rather suspect nobody has.

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Fun times

Just spent the last hour and a half at my wifes feet. Tied, gagged blindfold, naked. I was tickled mercilessly, whipped a little, teased a little, as she watched tv. When she tickled me most successfully and my body was wracked with laughter rolling trying to escape she just giggled.

Then she kissed my gag, teased me to the edge, took off the blindfold and her top and exposed her breasts keeping them carefully out of reach. As I begged her to stop (thinking i had not got permission) she leant over me letting her breasts hug me, kissed my lips past the gag and gave me the strongest orgasm!

After so long writhing from being tickled and such a wonderful loving orgasm I am shattered, broken and very limp.

And happy!

Photo as requested

I have not done the pa yet, but since people seem keen to see (and I am very flattered) I have a picture of my old piercing. The one on the side that has no name. I miss it :)

On another note I have half a post finished about sandy's last domination play. It's pretty extreme in places, my limits were pushed!


Thursday, 5 August 2010

Piercing gives me the fear

Well ok piercing doesn't. I've had many. One nipple, one frenum, one pa, and one on the side of my cock on the remains of my foreskin (that was especially cool and sexy looking). So really, piercing is nothing to fear for me.

But this one gives me the fear. This pa, the one i'm getting after I get back from vacation in the next week or so. Not long now! Because this pa is being as much for my wife as for me. This pa is being done in a period of our lives where we rarely fuck, so I won't need to remove it 1. This pa is the one that will be used to lock up my cock. By the wife who suddenly is really looking forward to locking me. The wife who is these showing ever increasing dominance and more surprisingly excitingly and scarily, enjoyment of her dominance and my torment.

Let's cut to the chase. I suggested the idea to her and I do look forward to it but I am also experiencing my limits being pushed by her more regularly these days, and I'm finding that it's hard. Finding also that she likes, no loves pushing my limits. Hurting me, tickling me, severely limiting my orgasms. Her typical endearment now is a twist of my nipples with her nails dug in, nails she keeps sharp partly for that purpose. She's even been doing it on the beach regularly. Being nice is no fun she says, and she means it. So i am scared to open this door, I like to touch myself, and for her to touch me. I may only get one orgasm a week but I get much more pleasure and more teasing, and when I feel the itch I can edge myself. That will end once I am locked and I know that her love of being mean to me as she puts it can easily lead to long and regular lock up times.

An example. I suggested to her that once broken in i could wear it for a month for us both to get used to the effect it has on us. I have since found out that she thinks if we do that, she will not let me out for my weekly cum, a milking will have to do. Why? Because she can. Cos it's fun, cos it's mean. So you see, though she may never push my chastity limits, she quite easily may and there is no way to know in advance. Exciting it is. Yet I no longer live in fantasy land, or even only half in real life land. I am fully cognisant of what it's like to have my limits pushed for long periods and I know it's hard at times, I have some idea how it feels to be careful what I wish for. I am aware that there is a very good chance that a month, or a year or more from now this thing will become her new tool of choice and I will wonder why I ever suggested it.

Of course I'm a sub with a masochistic streak. So of course I will do it, I couldn't not. But still...

Addendum 1
Of course most people don't need to remove piercings to fuck. Belle and Thumper seem to cope just fine for example. Some women even prefer it. Sandy doesn't, she's very sensitive down there and I've already removed three piercings because none of them suited her. Lads, don't worry from what I can tell this is very rare.