Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Answers to a few questions from the last post.

Bdenied and S asked a few questions that I'd like to answer. Thanks for the interest!

Bdenied first as it's the easier question. I don't know, nor does sandy. There was a time the answer was unequivocally me. Now I think it's even, or maybe even. Skewed to sandy. Certainly she didn't need this break, whereas I really appreciated it. We started d/s again yesterday after one last, fantastic lovemaking. A long hard fuck. The smile on her face wen she started was fantastic. She was a bit shy about it but admitted she preferred it this way as it felt 'right'. That evening she merrily danced to the wardrobe to get her riding crop and tan my ass. I think this time at least I would say her. i would turn the question around, which of you or mrs bd likes it more?

S next.
How did we get started? Its the usual story this. I was kinky and have been since I was about twelve. Sandy was repressed, very, but liked sex and was openminded. Soon after we met I started to introduce kink, tying her up, shaving her etc. A few years later we started going to fetish clubs and we started playing with tease and denial, both ways. She was very repressed and took a long time to admit her desires, for a while I thought I had read her wrong. If you read earlier parts of the blog you will get more of this. Finally about 2.5 years ago we
Switched (see this link) and found that she is actually much happier as the Dom, even though she always claimed not. We've never really looked back, although we swap in bed once in a while.

Kinkiest thing we've done? Its either a mmf threesome, or something we did on holiday that I still need to write about. She peed into a glass the night before and refrigerated it. The next morning I was made to drink it all instead of my morning coffee. I've drank from her before but only a few gulps as she peed in my mouth. This felt a whole lot different, not pleasant and very much pushed my limits. Of course that's part of the fun having limits pushed, and she wants to do it again. Luckily it pushed her limits too so won't be too often. Something else you might like is this little date.

I liked sleeping in panties too!

What are our limits? I have very few. For example Scat, and anything involving damage to my real life. I would even consider a branding, something an old Domme wanted me to do. Sandy has more limits though far fewer then she used too. Her biggest is that she does not want to involve another man in our play, least not yet. She loves the cuckold fantasy though almost as much as me, its probably her favorite, always gets her very hot and wet.

In conclusion we always gravitate back to kink too. In sandy's words, vanilla is boring, this is much more fun.


S said...

I am really loving reading about what you and your wife are doing. It's a huge turnon for me. I am at a point where you were, wife is repressed and I am ready to go full speed ahead. She used to be more experiemntal, but that phase ended unfortunately. I like to dominate and I like to submit, too. A little pain is nice, but mostly when we play, it is me being psychologically and sometimes physically in control, which is fun, but I want to explore so many more emotions and feelings. I'd love to see her with a guy, a girl, or a couple, even if I'm tied up and unable to do anything. Thank you for sharing this stuff about your life. It's fun to read and helps give me ideas too. Fabtasy always runs in front of reality, question is, how much effort do you put into keeping up with where iomagination leads you! You guys seem to work very hard at it!

S said...

Oh shit! just saw the strapon link! Always one of my biggest fantasies....

MyKey said...

Yes Sandy used to be more experimental before withdrawing. Lots of reasons for that.

We did used to work very hard at it. Had many difficult arguments. Eventually we realised that this is a need in me, not a nice to have. I also learned about her needs, especially emotional ones. As we started to work to meet those needs we both got a lot happier. We had to both do it at the same time though, else tensions were developing with one of us feeling like we had to make all the compromise.

As time has gone on however we have both found it easier and easier to look after the others needs. In fact kink and dominance has now become a need for sandy, albeit she needs it less than I, yet she missed it more than undid in our recent break.

Eternal vigilance though, tiredness and busyness do cause her to back off for long periods if she isn't careful. This then hurts me as I don't feel cared for. We are aware and look out for this now.

Hope this helps


S said...

My cuckold fantasies involve being on either side of this situation. One man is naked, tied to a chair, probably a butt plug inserted into him, but tied to where he cannot touch himself. His wife is in the room with another man who is slowly seducing her in front of her husband. She kneels to suck his cock, titty fucks him, and they do everything they can within inches of the husband. Sometimes she teases her husband, litte kisses or brushes against his cock, or piches and sucks on his nipples, making him say how much he loves what he is seeing so he can get the "reward" of being touched. I'd love to be the guy with the wife, and I'd love to be the guy in the chair.

Oh yeah, and for the first time in a long time I slept in her panties. A red silky pair that felt really tight and smooth. Felt really hot!

MyKey said...

You should write a story. That little fantasy was a lovely idea, why not flesh it out a bit!

Glad you liked it (the panties) bet you didnt get much sleep tho!

S said...

I didn't get much sleep at all, finally had to jerk off in them and hide them under a nightstand! Still not brave enough to wait all night until my wife comes in and finds me in them either, though it would be really hot to be "caught" in them. I believe I will make a story out of what you suggested. It is a hot fantasy.

S said...

I did finally write a story about what you suggested. How do I get it to you?

MyKey said...

Hi S. Thanks for following and for writing. I've added my contact email to the profile at the top right of the page.

Look forward to reading!