Thursday, 12 August 2010

The sleep conundrum

I don't sleep deeply at the best of times, and when life passes in a bit of a haze. I haven't slept deeply regularly since having kids, it seems to have permanently changed my sleep pattern. Of course as any denied man knows being horny also wakes you up in the night, or earlier than usual, feeling needy. I can't always get back to sleep.

I know thumper has this problem. I get the impression however that he, like many, can function well with that lesser sleep. Lucky men. I can't.

So I find myself torn, I like the feeling of being denied, horny, and, both sandy and I like the submission that gets amplified when we have that dynamic. I find once I cum and have a deeper sleep that I crave more sleep and therefore less denial. I question the sense of this aspect of the lifestyle. Its a real conundrum and I rather hope somebody out there has solved the problem, though I rather suspect nobody has.


subtlyhers said...

Afraid I just got myself in trouble over this one. I had a 16 hour drive looming the next day, couldn't fall asleep, was out of town and couldn't reach my wife, so I took matters into my own hands so to speak.

That is a big no-no at my house. My wife is understanding of my dilemma, but I am going to be punished just the same. Not sure what form that will take yet, but I know it will not be enjoyable.

It is a conundrum though, at times the lack of sleep really effects me.

MyKey said...

I feel for you. I don't like having to choose between what for me is one of the biggest signs of my submission, and sleep. Sandy is understanding and would probably stop if she had to, she likes me well rested. But she doesn't want to have to!

Interested to hear about your punishment.