Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Fun times

Just spent the last hour and a half at my wifes feet. Tied, gagged blindfold, naked. I was tickled mercilessly, whipped a little, teased a little, as she watched tv. When she tickled me most successfully and my body was wracked with laughter rolling trying to escape she just giggled.

Then she kissed my gag, teased me to the edge, took off the blindfold and her top and exposed her breasts keeping them carefully out of reach. As I begged her to stop (thinking i had not got permission) she leant over me letting her breasts hug me, kissed my lips past the gag and gave me the strongest orgasm!

After so long writhing from being tickled and such a wonderful loving orgasm I am shattered, broken and very limp.

And happy!

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Anonymous said...

mmmm...delightful! :)