Monday, 14 April 2008

My friend is ill...

She had cancer, as a result had a hysterectomy, and now her sex drive has gone... She is a fun and bubbly person but she is really struggling. Her sex drive is such a core part of who she is and how she thrives. Imagine loving food then losing the ability to taste.

She is scared she may not get it back.

I really really hope she does... xxx

Sunday, 13 April 2008

Constant Cravings

Its been a couple of weeks since I have had a girl at my mercy.. The monster in me is very very hungry. Earlier tonight I saw a simple but elegant picture of a beautifully roped girl, nearly naked. Nothing extreme just a pretty girl, panties ropes and a gag. I want my own. I want it now. I want her bound at my feet where I can tease, torment and pleasure her until I've had my fill.

I've always said that for me sex without friendship isn't worth having. That applies doubly with kink. This monster is as cerebral and emotional as it is physical.

Funnily enough I am listening to michael nyman at the moment and its edgyness strikes me as a good accompaniment... Smiles.

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Friday, 4 April 2008

Taking a dump

Today I took a dump. Yesterday I took a dump. A few days ago I spent so long taking a dump that the automatic light went off in the loos and I had to wipe by the light of my mobile. A juggling act it was, though one unsuited to the big top

At no point did I 'take' anything. On reflection I can think of a great many things I would rather 'take'. I don't feel I am unusual in this.

Give perhaps.

Discard for sure.


But not take...

So why? Why do we take a dump?

Musings on a toothbrush holder

Its 2007. For at least 2 decades we haven't had standard sized, narrow handled toothbrushes. They come long with narrow heads, short with fat handles, rubber easy grip, vibrating, rotating, mutating. Basically anything but a standard brush.

So why in gods name do toothbrush holders always come in that 'standard' size that doesn't fit anything made this side of 1985. Some brushes slip right through, other perch precariously by their base angled like a forgotten erection. Some don't fit at all.

Toothbrush holder design, where the 'older gentleman' designer goes to live out his later years. A world where the sun always shines, casting a warm sepia glow across rows of old school toothbrushes.

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