Thursday, 28 April 2011

She is so deliciously subby!

I've met a lovely girl funnily enough through her blog. She is cute, very sassy, and so deliciously subby it's hard to resist pushing and teasing her more and more :) being a fellow blogger I know she could read this so I won't go in to too many details but suffice to say I am fizzing with ideas to tease and torment her. Lol!

I emailed her after reading that she wanted to try shibari. I adore rope bondage but it takes a lot of time and practice, I've not yet found anyone to practice and play with regularly. I actually didn't expect a reply especially considering that to my knowledge she had no idea who I was. It turns out she reads my blog.

The email back was, she hoped, reserved. I found it refreshingly open and very enthusiastic, lol. To cut a long story short we emailed, texted, chatted, got on very well. She doesn't live very close but it's close enough. She is very submissive with a cheeky bratty side that makes me smile and gives me good excuses to be mean. Poor abused subby, I've got her churning up inside with lust and frustration at times. While I am sure we will play with rope plenty when we meet, I'm glad that it's progressed beyond that. She is now my sub, and becoming a friend. Hope we get on in person, pretty sure we will. Whats fantastic is that she really gets being a sub, the whole I want it and don't want it dynamic that so appeals to my dark side.

I don't know if i will put many details on here yet, we will see.

Sandy is fantastic about it. She is more than happy that I've found her and supportive of this. I can't ask for more.

So meet Mrs Discontented. Hopefully slightly less so now :)

Monday, 11 April 2011

Quick sub story

He knelt in the hotel room waiting for her to arrive. They had been flirting for a while going back and fore with text message, getting to know one another, sharing dirty little fantasies… but this was the first time they met.

His heart pounded.
She had found his submissive streak and it had appealed to her. She knew that she had to experience it, take it in hand and let herself loose. She had got excited many times imagining what she would do if she were there. She knew what she wanted and tonight she had demanded nothing less than his complete submission. So he waited, totally naked except for a collar and leash, and blindfold, his body nude, legs spread. At her demand he had shaved his cock and balls completely, his submission highlighted by his hairless state. She had insisted on that! From one wrist hung a cuff waiting for her to attach it to the other wrist. The hotel room door was closed but unlocked.

His heart pounded.

She had dressed for the occasion. She had considered a number of outfits, classic dress, leather domme, simple lingerie or even something like a nurses uniform but in the end had settled on a business suit. For the simple reason that she felt powerful wearing it, and her smart dress highlighted his naked, plaything status. So she had dressed, smart black panties, stockings, black bra and a crisp white shirt. A knee length skirt and jacket completed her look. She fully expected to make him work to even get a peek up her skirt. As for an orgasm? This night was about her pleasure and she was in the mood to tease. She had already decided that he would make her cum, but she intended to send him away hard, aching, dripping with need for her still, her taste lingering on his mouth and face…

She finished her drink, walked up to the room 10 minutes late, she expected him to wait, then pushed open the door…

A little play

We had a little play at the weekend. Sandy, poor girl, ended up having 5 orgasms given to herself. I was required to kneel on the floor and watch, masturbate, put on a show for her and be real close to the edge and not cum. I wasnt allowed to touch her pussy at all, not even once, though she allowed me to suck her fingers clean.

Seeing me dripping horny and realising she had yet another orgasm in her she would give this delighted wicked laugh, then bury her fingers in her snatch again, having her pleasure once more.

Im still unsatisfied and very very horny!