Thursday, 28 April 2011

She is so deliciously subby!

I've met a lovely girl funnily enough through her blog. She is cute, very sassy, and so deliciously subby it's hard to resist pushing and teasing her more and more :) being a fellow blogger I know she could read this so I won't go in to too many details but suffice to say I am fizzing with ideas to tease and torment her. Lol!

I emailed her after reading that she wanted to try shibari. I adore rope bondage but it takes a lot of time and practice, I've not yet found anyone to practice and play with regularly. I actually didn't expect a reply especially considering that to my knowledge she had no idea who I was. It turns out she reads my blog.

The email back was, she hoped, reserved. I found it refreshingly open and very enthusiastic, lol. To cut a long story short we emailed, texted, chatted, got on very well. She doesn't live very close but it's close enough. She is very submissive with a cheeky bratty side that makes me smile and gives me good excuses to be mean. Poor abused subby, I've got her churning up inside with lust and frustration at times. While I am sure we will play with rope plenty when we meet, I'm glad that it's progressed beyond that. She is now my sub, and becoming a friend. Hope we get on in person, pretty sure we will. Whats fantastic is that she really gets being a sub, the whole I want it and don't want it dynamic that so appeals to my dark side.

I don't know if i will put many details on here yet, we will see.

Sandy is fantastic about it. She is more than happy that I've found her and supportive of this. I can't ask for more.

So meet Mrs Discontented. Hopefully slightly less so now :)

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