Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Domination, that's what we need ...

I keep meaning to write an update on my time with my delicious sub. I haven't found enough time to do it justice but a few quick words are in order.

She gives a mean blow job. I certainly enjoyed lying back and relaxing as she worshipped my cock, slow and lazy. I could really get used to that,and to the delicious happy noises she made doing it.

Rope harness. I've done quite a few but never before combined one with a spanking. What a great way to control a person. She wasn't tied, all limbs free. But I could grab a handful of rope to stop poor mrs d escaping while I spanked her ass longer and harder than I've ever done before. And each time she tried to crawl away a convenient rope handle dragged her back, pulling on her breasts as an added benefit. Rope is controlling I'm such a delicious sexy looking and dynamic way. Of course my sexy little pet squirming and begging didn't add to my pleasure at all!

I can't remember highlights but I did tease the poor lass mercilessly. We had a lovely lunch (scuzzy burgers in a proper English cafe of all places!), lovely mostly for her company :) then back for more chatting and more play.



doll said...

ahh yes...I have experienced rope handles. They certainly give a dom a tremendous amount of control. It's a good thing not too many men have the patience or knowledge to apply them.

MyKey said...

Lol, is that a good thing. Surely any good sub would be happy their Dom has yet more control!

Actually I'm surprised rope isn't more popular.