Monday, 28 February 2011


Well im amazed and touched that some of you are still here and interested in an update...

A few weeks ago on thumpers blog I wrote

'A year or two of strict orgasm control did bring sandy and I together. It created strains also, but on balance was good for us. Now the flr dynamic is behind us and I come when i like. It’s a strange feeling and I feel a keen sense of loss. However I have no interest in going back to being orgasm controlled and the longer time passes the less I want to actually go back. I wonder if it’s a phase or if I’ve had the submissive ‘burned out’. I only see it as a game I would play occasionally.

Yet, i worry about the lack of the cement that was added to our marriage by her owning my sexuality.'

This remains true, although I dont feel the loss anymore. I believe that the sub really was burned out of me, my vanilla and dominant sides are much more to the fore these days. I fantasise about being submissive, but its only an occasional bedroom thing. It was harder being a sub, constantly being gnawed at being horny and not in as much control of my day, whereas now I can cum and relax, I generally feel more relaxed. The loss of the dynamic has not affected us, which is good. Sandy tells me I am a much more caring husband for having done this for three years, so obviously a fair chunk of it has stuck... No bad thing and probably why the change has not been bad for us.

Also, and lets not underestimate this, its mid winter, we are both very busy at work and tired, colds and flu have taken their toll. Come summer and higher sex drive things will hot up I am sure. I am also fairly sure we will go back to being sub and Mistress again someday, not soon, and I suspect for shorter periods, but we will. Its not like we have stopped being kinky, but we are both rather enjoying this unusual thing called vanilla together.

Sandy has broken up with her boyfriend. Partly she found that she connects better with me without him around, she is a one man woman emotionally. Sex with others is an occasionaly thing for her we think. But also because he was getting much harder work, more demanding. She has a relationship, family, kids, demands. She doesnt need more demands. Had he stayed an occasional fun friend and fuck she may well still be seeing him, she liked his company and enjoyed the sex a lot. After all his pressure (he wanted a lot more of her) she is glad to be out of it, though she has no regrets. For me it was fun, we explored a fantasy which we both enjoyed, she has rediscovered her breasts as a source of sexual pleasure (which has of course brought me benefits). So on balance fun while it lasted, and some small benefits to the relationship.

One final thing, I decided to get lasered after all, my cock, balls and arse are now permanently hair free and very smooth, as is Sandy's delicious pussy, which has just a landing strip to show me the way. Cuntilicious she calls it, and it is! Maybe I will show you a picture...