Old rules I lived by

Old rules I used to live by - left here as a diary of when I used to sub 24/7

Sandy and I have started to get more and more into a d/s lifestyle. A more or less 24/7 one.
She has started to put in place a few rules for me to follow. The consequence of not meeting any of them is 5 hard punishment whips with her riding crop. Failures are cumulative and to be given at the first available opportunity.

  • I only get to cum when she allows it. Currently the rule is maximum one per week and only at the weekend. Missing a weekend means missing my week.
  • I must open the bedroom curtains every morning before she gets back from her shower.
  • When asked to do a job do it promptly.
  • Jobs like putting the washing away will earn a punishment for every day overdue.
  • Keeping the kitchen tidy at the weekend. The weekend includes friday night.
  • Always to be locked in a chastity belt if she is out with her lover. It turns her on to think of me like that.
  • I am not allowed to remove my own collar. Only Sandy can.