Friday, 30 January 2009


As we walked into the room the mood changed.

"Strip" she demanded. I knew not to argue, embarrassed beyond belief I stripped completely naked, no clothes, not even any pubic hair to protect me, I stood in front of them horny and humiliated, a toy. Mistress and her boyfriend stayed fully clothed looking at me. I could see raw lust in her eyes, her look making me tremble, making me weak. He looked vaguely amused. I couldn't resist it, I was so deep in my submission that I did what I had to do, it just felt right. I dropped to my knees crawling over to them.

"Kiss my feet. Thank me for allowing you this privilege." Kneeling, face to the ground I kissed her feet, sexy in black strappy heels. Kissing her instep, the arch of her foot, her toes, all the exposed skin. I showered every part of her feet in my gratitude. My cock ached. Mistress leant down and fondled my cock for a few minutes, saying nothing, A few hard swats to my ass followed. I was bracing myself for more when she turned to her boyfriend and started to make out. I was forgotten for a few minutes as they kissed and caressed each other, bodies entwined, their love apparent.

Suddenly she turns, pushes me to a chair by the bed and pins me there as her boyfriend ties my arms to the arms of the chair. I know it is to stop me touching myself. She pulls my head back by my hair, scratching and pinching my nipples, caressing my hard once more. She and he carry on making out, sinking to the bed inches from me, slowly stripping. I see her body, the body I crave so much slowly uncovered, another man touching and stroking what I long to possess. Her long legs and stockings uncovered, panties slipped off, his body pressed against hers. I burn with desire for what he has in his grasp. She reaches out and teases me occasionally until their passion overtakes them completely. Though they started slow their passion builds quickly. He is inside her she grinds her bare pussy against him. They haven’t met for a while and it shows. He fucks her rough, hard and fast; I hear her breath coming out in gasps as he thrusts hard into her, pushing her along the bed. Her guttural moans rising until they both cry out in ecstasy, cumming almost at the same time. He collapses into her arms and they lie together, calming and catching their breath. I can feel sparks in the air between them.

A few minutes later he gets up walks over to me, I know what he wants, what she wants, I lean forward and clean his cock with my mouth, tasting them both. I know my place. I gently play with my tongue along his sensitive cock until he is clean and happy. Mistress is untying my hands as I do it, stroking me back to rock hardness. Then under orders I crawl over to the bed and lie on my back. I know what is coming, she squats over me, her sexy feet on either side of my head, her stocking clad thighs on either side of me, her bare red swollen pussy in front of me. I can smell her cum and his, overpowering. She is so so wet a drop beads at her lip, falling, landing on my tongue. I know it’s just a foretaste as she lowers her pussy hard onto my mouth. I know I have no choice. My tongue reaches up deep inside her, my mouth covered, barely able to breath, overwhelmed with lust, hers and mine. I lick out every drop, my tongue curling inside her, swirling around her, teasing her clit. She is my world now as my mouth is filled with cum, my rivals cum not my own. He wins, I am still unsatisfied. Finally she is clean, and she grinds herself against my mouth until she has another orgasm, using me without thought, her breath on my cock and tongue teasing me as she cums.

Finally she rolls off me, gives me a long hug for a few minutes, teasing my hard with her pussy before telling me... "You can go now, we are staying the night here. Next time you will be licking his cum from my ass so be prepared. Now put on my panties, they are to stay on all night. You will not wash your face tonight. You will not cum until you hear from me again. I love you xxx".

I leave, aching with unfulfilled need, smelling her on me, wishing I was him inside her. But I love that I am me, her loved and tormented friend.

Thursday, 29 January 2009


Its been a while since I came and it was starting to get hard to sleep, to concentrate. My lovely wife, my fledgling domme decided that the only way I am to cum is by myself, at work. She knows thats no fun for me, boring, dull... Food as fuel. She denies me the pleasure of her body for that special moment. Being so mean really pleased her. His while she has had a number of nice orgasms by my hand recently!

So I did and it was dull, but I can sleep better, and I love her. Fucked up hey?

I know because I suggested it that some time soon she intends to lock me up for a week or two. No orgasms unless spoilt, no let out unless she wants to. She wont warn me when and may not let me cum before I go in, so I am nervy, excited and took the orgasm while I could! Heheh...

Also my online domme is back and wants to play. She wants me bare down there tonight, hot! Sexy! Demanding and humiliating! Lovely. She is fantasising about having me serve her, lick her after her man has cum inside her. Hot again!

I wont let this affect my love, my wife, my sweetheart domme. Her dominance is young and growing and makes us both happy, and if the games affect us then with regret they will stop. If not though, it will be fun!

Sweet dreams all x

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Sunday, 25 January 2009


Havent cum in almost two weeks, so feeling somewhat needy:)

Had a little play this morning which resulted in part with my wife ordering me to put on her panties. As I have mentioned this before I find this very very embarassing, I know how silly I look in them. She doesnt like the way I look either, but does love the power trip, knowing how I hate to be seen like that!

Today she not only made me put them on but also took a picture. After we showered she told me that I have to post it until at least one comment appears, i.e. until it is proven that at least one person has seen me like that. Ouch! After that I can pull it.

I hate to do this, I really do. I like people to see me being attractive not silly, and thats how I feel. But I do love the control she is exhibiting, and control is best savoured when pushing at the edges Yes?

So here goes *deep breath*

- later edit - Yay I had my comment. Thank you sea breaze! Picture is gone thank god. However She did say that any of my regular readers who want to see it I should email it to them. So hopefully none of you will ask for it (trust me it aint cute).


Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Much more dominant

She is becoming much more dominant. Not sure where this is coming from but im not about to complain. Yesterday she said something about my having opened her eyes to the advantages, and these days she wants it for her own benefit not just mine. Its fun, and it suits her to have her way, she is enjoying being bossy whe she wants to and getting away with it. Fun but scary.

Last night she used the new whip for about 15-20 hard smacks each side, then I spent about 20 minutes on my knees massaging her feet until she fell asleep (always helps her get to sleep).

Tonight she came to bed demanding a quicky orgasm, made it clear I wasnt going to get one. She ended up having three that were so strong she was left with a dreamy smile on her face afterwards. She had made sure to edge me, and after her third just told me she was going to sleep. When I asked for an orgasm her response was a blunt 'dont ask again or it will be next week'.

She and I used to think there wasnt a dominant bone in her body, yet these days she seems to be increasingly enjoying and pushing it, and very rarely submissive! Huh?


Thursday, 1 January 2009

Happy 2009!

In keeping with the new year theme the only thing I will say about this picture, besides what was said about it before, is what a turnaround it is. We started the year with me being almost permanently dominant, for most of our relationship it has been so. The occasional foray into Femdom play only. We ended it with her being more comfortable taking the Domme role most of the times we play. Wonder what 2009 will bring!

By the way excuse the poor blindfold paintshop job, a little more anonymisation was needed :)

Sorry Osbasso, I promised this picture before I saw your suggestion, but in keeping I would suggest that my fav HNT from 2008 is my first one, it captures her cheeky sexiness perfectly for me. My fav non HNT (before I joined in) would be this bad girl, particularly the one on the right. Just sheer bad sexy tastiness!!

Happy New Year!