Thursday, 29 January 2009


Its been a while since I came and it was starting to get hard to sleep, to concentrate. My lovely wife, my fledgling domme decided that the only way I am to cum is by myself, at work. She knows thats no fun for me, boring, dull... Food as fuel. She denies me the pleasure of her body for that special moment. Being so mean really pleased her. His while she has had a number of nice orgasms by my hand recently!

So I did and it was dull, but I can sleep better, and I love her. Fucked up hey?

I know because I suggested it that some time soon she intends to lock me up for a week or two. No orgasms unless spoilt, no let out unless she wants to. She wont warn me when and may not let me cum before I go in, so I am nervy, excited and took the orgasm while I could! Heheh...

Also my online domme is back and wants to play. She wants me bare down there tonight, hot! Sexy! Demanding and humiliating! Lovely. She is fantasising about having me serve her, lick her after her man has cum inside her. Hot again!

I wont let this affect my love, my wife, my sweetheart domme. Her dominance is young and growing and makes us both happy, and if the games affect us then with regret they will stop. If not though, it will be fun!

Sweet dreams all x

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Vixen said...

I can def see how the online domme would add to the fun of what you have going on with your wife.

She is far tougher than I could be though. I enjoy my husband cumming *inside me* so much I'm not sure I could deny my own self that. LOL Although there are many times we have sex during the day and I don't let him, I make him wait until later that night or the next day.

I love reading the different rules though that dommes enjoy to set up for their playmates. ;)

MyKey said...

Lucky man! But she isn't denying herself anything. She doesn't like penetrative sex very often, though when we do it she loves it. Maybe once a month or even less. So it's easy for her to tease me, her favourite orgasms don't need my cock.

I know what you mean. Other people rules and ideas are fun, and inspiring.