Sunday, 25 January 2009


Havent cum in almost two weeks, so feeling somewhat needy:)

Had a little play this morning which resulted in part with my wife ordering me to put on her panties. As I have mentioned this before I find this very very embarassing, I know how silly I look in them. She doesnt like the way I look either, but does love the power trip, knowing how I hate to be seen like that!

Today she not only made me put them on but also took a picture. After we showered she told me that I have to post it until at least one comment appears, i.e. until it is proven that at least one person has seen me like that. Ouch! After that I can pull it.

I hate to do this, I really do. I like people to see me being attractive not silly, and thats how I feel. But I do love the control she is exhibiting, and control is best savoured when pushing at the edges Yes?

So here goes *deep breath*

- later edit - Yay I had my comment. Thank you sea breaze! Picture is gone thank god. However She did say that any of my regular readers who want to see it I should email it to them. So hopefully none of you will ask for it (trust me it aint cute).



Sea Breeze said...

Consider yourself commented. You're made of sturdy stuff!!

Vixen said...

Thank goodness for bloglines.... ;) My husband likes the same humility. I'm with your wife. It's fun.

Elle said...

Arf I'm too late dammit :P