Sunday, 9 January 2011

a short update

Sorry everyone for the time since my last update. Everything is ok with Sandy and me, but there have been a few changes.

1 - Sandy and I went through a short patch of arguing nastily just before christmas. Bit of a relapse of our old patterns. It has passed now but play was quiet between us for a little while, partly because of that and partly because of course its a busy time for those of us with kids!

2 - I read thumpers update on turbulence which mirrored what Sandy and I were feeling. Perhaps we felt it a bit more deeply. I was feeling less subby, maybe tiredness, maybe the argument, but mainly because we have lived this lifestyle for a long time now and I think it was getting a bit tiring, like we needed a break and to reset ourselves. Sandy felt it too, hard to say which of us needed the break more but once we argued we stopped playing for a short while, then found that actually we were enjoying the break from d/s. I suspected this was coming for a couple of months before christmas but wasnt sure of myself.

3 - Sandy cuckolding me (specifically having vanilla sex with her boyfriend) got her back into penetrative sex and more traditional sex. Kind of got her enjoying it again. She realised she missed it and rather liked me taking a bit more control during sex occasionally.

So cut a long story we have done d/s a long time and need a break. Thats what we are doing. I am masturbating practically daily, we have mostly vanilla sex and i have fucked her quite a few times in the last month. Its been really rather cool and we have both enjoyed it. Sandy did say that my stint as her sub has made me a more gentle and easygoing husband. I dont know how long it will last, a month, a year? There is no sign yet of either of us tiring of it. I am fairly sure we will go back to d/s sometime but I have no idea at all when.

As for Sandy's boyfriend and cuckolding...? She is still kind of seeing him but once a week was proving too much, she didnt have enough time and energy to do that, see enough of her family, see her friends and do her hobbies. They havent seen each other for about three weeks. It may be that she calls it off soon, or perhaps it just settles down to friends with benefits. Only time will tell. She enjoyed it and apart from the pressure to see more of him its been good fun.

In the meantime updates to this blog may be very much less frequent, as there isnt so much to blog about :) Now and then Im sure I will pop up!


a sho4t update