Monday, 29 December 2008

The Christmas spanking

I bet all of you are wondering how the christmas countdown went? Heheh, cos so many of you are hanging on my every word!!

Well my God that belt think hurt!

She dressed up in a new waspie (christmas present), white shirt, and nothing on her bottom half. a sexier sight I could not imagine. I knelt down with my hands bound to my thighs kissing her lovely feet, her soft thighs and her bare pussy. After a few minutes of this she ordered me over the end of the bed where she proceeded to whip my ass with the belt, not starting slowly, straight in there. By number 10 I was wriggling around like a landed fish, by about 15 she figured out the flicking the belt back hand allows her to put a lot more power into the stroke, which she proceeded to do. By 25 my ass was on fire, my cock was aching hard and my smile was struggling to contain itself to my face. That was cheek one. The end of the belt kept flicking cheek two so it started off its turn already slightly sore. Luckily she stopped between cheeks to fondle my cock and balls from behind for a while, something I wasnt about to complain about! Cheek two was similar only slightly harder as she was getting the hang of the thing. She did back off a little for the middle strokes but wound up to some full blows for the last 8 or so. It was a burning pleasurable hell and I loved every minute of it, in fact a couple of minutes after she stopped I persuaded her to give me two more to each cheek, just for luck. Heheh. After that we went to bed, she was still a little poorly so decided she did not want to have sex, which of course meant no orgasm for me :)

For those of you that are wondering, she really enjoys spanking me. Even though she was still a bit poorly and didnt want sex she thoroughly enjoyed the spanking, loved seeing my 'cute ass' (her words) prone and squirming around. Enjoyed being mean and enjoyed my enjoyment of it. So much so that today, the 28th, after only three days without spanking me, she confessed to missing it and is planning another soon.

One final thing, the next HNT will show the aftermath.

Happy Christmas all!


Thursday, 18 December 2008

Words for the wordless

A single tear,
Words for the wordless,
Love giving voice where mind cannot purpose.
Soft curve that slices
Warmth that freezes,
Velvet skin that binds and squeezes
the heart, In darkness beating aching.
Light shattered, scattered, splendor undimmed
Reflected the tear the feeling within.

Happy HNT....

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

29 and counting

The day before yesterday I hit a count of 29. It was the 14th, and my wife was going to be out of the 15th till very late. I suggested that I could have 14 that night and 15 then next morning. But she got an evil glint in her eye that led me to believe that she would rather administer them all in one go. Hmmm... I asked her about it and she admitted that she was frustrated with the smaller numbers and really was looking forward to the higher dates, just as I suspected.

So 29 stroked each side, and I was squirming around like mad, but within a confined space. I had been warned that excessive squirming would restart the count! She was coming down with a bug so her arm wasnt at full power, and it still hurt. I should count myself lucky but I am honestly curious to see how far I can go, and at this level its still very very pleasurable. But also bloody painful. Its like you are thinking yes yes, no, no owowowowow, no, yes oh god yes more, owowowowowo stop, no dont stop ... Needless to stay she has fun watching me react.

I suspect that the next few days my bottom will have a respite.

Tonight my wife is sick, literally, she looks awful. My kids are sick, literally. Ive never seen them so unwell, and all at the same time. I dont feel too hot myself but not a patch on them. I can work, and come home and look after them, they struggled to get to the sofa to watch TV. Wish I could take the day off tomorrow to help out but there is too much important stuff happening. Bah! Poor little mites keep coughing till they make themselves sick then crying about it, my wife too. It would be cute if it werent so unpleasant for them.

Sunday, 14 December 2008

What use a cunning linguist?

You see that is what I am, a very cunning linguist indeed, but god has not yet thrown the nations of Babel into disarray! My skills are wasted! Come on big man help met out here...

What am I babbling [sic] about you ask?

Well I love to give oral, I could spend hours between a girls legs, the act is pleasure enough, I don't need the favor returned... Analingus too. I have even gone down on a man and enjoyed it.

Honestly whats not to love. Face enveloped in soft warmth, touch, taste, sight, smell, senses overwhelmed in every way. Hearing the sounds of your lover moaning, feeling them writhing, intimately aware of every peak and crest of pleasure. Pulling lips with lips, licking slowly, teasing slowly, stabbing musk in darkened folds. Hair pulled and head mashed as her body arches in guttural desperate release.


My wife doesnt like it at all! Not in the slightest. It just does nothing for her. We have tried often enough in all sorts of ways. Perhaps 2-3 times a year it hits the spot but even then only for a short while. She likes fingers, cocks, toys and even whips, but not tongues down there.

Whats a man to do? :)

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Ow, ow ow ow ow ow

Well I hadnt expected this... When I joked about an advent spanking she picked up and ran with it. This you already know. She also suggested that it should be counted as spanks per cheek, not overall. That was her demand, though I agreed to it. What I had'nt counted on when i agreed was that spanking me every night she would get a lot of practice, and so her strikes are getting much much harder.

We missed the 6th, so on the 7th she gave me 13. By the end it stung big time. Not sure how I will get through 25 but hey, looking forward to finding out.

Neverthless owowowowowoowowow..

Loving this by the way, in case you hadnt guessed.

Thursday, 4 December 2008

Kinky advent calender

So the countdown to Christmas has begun. My lover has decided (after I joked about it) that...

on the first day of christmas my true love gave to me, 1 spank to each cheek
on the second day of christmas my true love gave to me, 2 spanks to each cheek
on the third day of christmas my true love gave to me, 3 spanks to each cheek

You get the drift. Only its with a paddle not her hand, and she knows how to use it. Oh and we wont stop at 24 because for Christmas she has bought a lovely new tawse which she plans to use to administer the last 25 spanks to each cheek on the big day. We tried it before we bought it, it makes the paddle look like a toy!

So thats my advent calender, I know what is behind each window :) Shes really enjoying it, glittery eyed and excitable. She is obviously frustrated that 1, 2, 3 etc are not enough and is really looking forward to the high numbers.. Heheh, I love her passion on this.

This is the woman whose mercy I will be at each night. Lovely isnt she, I just wish I could show you her face. The lovely smile that is lighting up her face and shining light into my life. You will just have to imagine it.

Happy HNT

Monday, 1 December 2008

Marital torment, marital bliss

I have alluded occasionally to the problems my wife and I have had in the past. I thought I might put a bit of background to it.

I am a very passionate person, physically demonstrative even in public, high sex drive, I like deep intimacy with my partner. I would spend quite a lot of time with her, lots of hugs and kisses, talk a lot... Some of my wife's friends are somewhat envious of her as she gets so much attention without even asking for it, while some of them are a little starved. You get the drift.

My wife is very different. She is fairly passionate but not about relationships. She used to be more guarded with her heart, opens up with friends less, tends to sit back and watch rather than dive in to the thick of things. Her passion is most obvious over food and holidays. She was also very repressed. Openminded for sure, and very accepting, but for herself repressed. She tells of a coffee shop she walked past for years on her way to work. Every time she wanted to walk in and try the cakes, but never actually did. She has a lot of stories like that.

Over the last few years our differences had grown to be the source of a huge problem between us. I need intense intimacy, she gets it from just being around which makes me feel like I am invisible. I need lots of passionate, different, exciting sex, she is happy with what she gets and has a lower sex drive. As the early years passed these problems became huge, tore us apart and almost caused a divorce more than once. Only our deep and fundamental love (and a hell of a lot of hard work) got us through those years. Many times we were so angry we had forgotton love, forgotten friendship, and all we could see was resentment and anger. Beneath it was still love else we wouldnt have bothered, but it was easy to forget for long periods. Almost all caused by a difference in our emotional language and our sexual needs.

I have come to the conclusion that to someone like me, someone who needs regular physical, verbal, intimate emotional affirmation and celebration of love, a relationship with a cooler headed less demanding person is not going to be easy. We worked at it for years, and eventually when things got so bad we were staring into the abyss, suddenly the nearness and horror of where we were began to combine with the hard work and foundations we had been building, and we started to climb out of the mess we were in. There had been green shoots and successes before but never sustainable. However once it started in earnest the climb was swift. We are so in love these days, all over again. Its like a knot in my heart how much I love and care for her, and the memory of the problems acts as a warning to us both to keep up the effort.

What effort? To talk, to care about the other persons deep needs and desires. To remember to take the her need, though it may seem trivial or pointless to me, and make it my own need. To treat it as importantly as my own. And she does the same. If one of us wasnt pulling our weight this would be the road to resentment, believe me I know. But when we both do it its a shining path to a deeper happier love I could never have imagined. It wasnt easy for us to get here but this is sublime.

By the way my wife has been blossoming over the last few years. Her confidence in herself, her openness with friends and with me, her sensuality and sexual experimentation, her passion.... The passionate and exciting person I suspected was there is shining out and I am surprised at how bright she has turned out to be. She is full of surprises these days. Relationships are very hard work, people underestimate that, but the effort is so worth it!