Tuesday, 16 December 2008

29 and counting

The day before yesterday I hit a count of 29. It was the 14th, and my wife was going to be out of the 15th till very late. I suggested that I could have 14 that night and 15 then next morning. But she got an evil glint in her eye that led me to believe that she would rather administer them all in one go. Hmmm... I asked her about it and she admitted that she was frustrated with the smaller numbers and really was looking forward to the higher dates, just as I suspected.

So 29 stroked each side, and I was squirming around like mad, but within a confined space. I had been warned that excessive squirming would restart the count! She was coming down with a bug so her arm wasnt at full power, and it still hurt. I should count myself lucky but I am honestly curious to see how far I can go, and at this level its still very very pleasurable. But also bloody painful. Its like you are thinking yes yes, no, no owowowowow, no, yes oh god yes more, owowowowowo stop, no dont stop ... Needless to stay she has fun watching me react.

I suspect that the next few days my bottom will have a respite.

Tonight my wife is sick, literally, she looks awful. My kids are sick, literally. Ive never seen them so unwell, and all at the same time. I dont feel too hot myself but not a patch on them. I can work, and come home and look after them, they struggled to get to the sofa to watch TV. Wish I could take the day off tomorrow to help out but there is too much important stuff happening. Bah! Poor little mites keep coughing till they make themselves sick then crying about it, my wife too. It would be cute if it werent so unpleasant for them.

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Vixen said...

The paddling is an excellent idea.... *evil grin*

Your poor wife and kiddos. *hugs*