Sunday, 14 December 2008

What use a cunning linguist?

You see that is what I am, a very cunning linguist indeed, but god has not yet thrown the nations of Babel into disarray! My skills are wasted! Come on big man help met out here...

What am I babbling [sic] about you ask?

Well I love to give oral, I could spend hours between a girls legs, the act is pleasure enough, I don't need the favor returned... Analingus too. I have even gone down on a man and enjoyed it.

Honestly whats not to love. Face enveloped in soft warmth, touch, taste, sight, smell, senses overwhelmed in every way. Hearing the sounds of your lover moaning, feeling them writhing, intimately aware of every peak and crest of pleasure. Pulling lips with lips, licking slowly, teasing slowly, stabbing musk in darkened folds. Hair pulled and head mashed as her body arches in guttural desperate release.


My wife doesnt like it at all! Not in the slightest. It just does nothing for her. We have tried often enough in all sorts of ways. Perhaps 2-3 times a year it hits the spot but even then only for a short while. She likes fingers, cocks, toys and even whips, but not tongues down there.

Whats a man to do? :)


Vixen said...

Well that IS a quandary! I can't relate at. all. That is one of my most favoritest things EVER to have done. By the right person < Key point>

But someone with such enthusiasm and desire to please.... Huh. I have to say reading this post made me want to offer to help you out with your uh, 'problem'. ;)

MyKey said...

I havent met many women who would turn it down. One of lifes ironies that one of the few women I have known who loves to swallow is with a man who doesnt like blow jobs, and a I who loves to do down am with a woman who doesnt enjoy it, heheh.

<By the right person?!!!> I am the right person! :)

Ah Vixen the thought is appreciated! Sadly at this distance the only oral I can offer are my words.

Augusto said...

Wish I was near enough to provide you with a subject for your eager energies. I love receiving oral attention - and you did say you had enjoyed going down on a man.

What a shame that your talent is being ignored.

Best wishes in finding a solution.

MyKey said...

Thanks for the best wishes

bdenied said...

I could not handle that...I have to have a woman who loves her cunt eaten...I would rather eat pussy than fuck it given the choice between the two.....but you have so many other things going for you.....

MyKey said...

Yeah B, i would rather eat than fuck also. But as you say we have much else going for us! She knows that if I ever had a play outside of our primary relationship that I would spend a lot of time down there... Yum.

Elle said...

Hmmm ohhh but it's so sad for her! I'm sitting here trying to come up with ways she would end up liking it :P

Has she tried face-sitting? I'm a new fan...

MyKey said...

Hey Elle

I think we have tried almost everything, poor girl :)

She likes facesitting, but from the domme aspect. She seems to enjoy the power trip of cutting off my air. She also enjoys the pleasure I get from her feel, her presence, her taste. But as for pleasurable sensations for her ... Nope. Very little.


Giles English said...

Get a prosthetic for your chastity belt...

MyKey said...

Hi Giles

Haha - yes tried that!

Liked your book by the way, read it a while back.

Giles English said...

Really? Thanks very much. Writers in my genre don't get much feedback from their readers.

If you can cast your mind back, which bits did you like best? Which girl did you want the hero to end up with?

MyKey said...

Hi Giles

Its been a long while and I have lost the book, I was looking for it to remind myself!

Wasnt sure about the ending, the long lockup isnt my thing. Everything else drove me nuts with lust. Loved the descriptions of Cassandra, but my favourite scenes were watching the girl across the way masturbating, playing with her later int the book (if I havent misremembered) and all the oral and other pleasure he gave to the 'girlfriend' whose name I have forgotten. Presonally I think he should have ended up with her..

Giles English said...

Thanks! Glad you liked it.

Yes, I couldn't honestly decide which girl he should end up with; petite and psycho, plump prick tease, or statuesque ice maiden. The ending was as much to create a frission, than because being locked up that long would be fun.

I was proudest of him topping the Australian backpacker, since it was a glorious inversion. But my favorite scene... I liked the cosy sex with the flirt.

I sometimes think I should write another one, and get the girls competing for him. However, it would lack the ticking clock.

(Re the oral sex, btw: have you tried hooking your tongue into the roof of the threshold of your lady's vagina? Sometimes the clit is not the right target.)

MyKey said...

Thats the one, the plump prick tease. She seemed such a fun, mean but loving character. He could have had a lot of fun with her I think :)

I cant remember the backpacker scene! But the cosy sex, yes i agree.

Would love to read another, but not sure why they would be competing for him?

I havent tried that oral sex idea, I will but honestly dont hold out much hope, so many things we have tried already!

Giles English said...

The snag with Flirty Felicity is that she's only emotionally and sexually available to a man in long-term chastity; ordinary guys always seem to abandon her after sex. (She's based the type of girl you meet at college - they cause mayhem, but never quite come up with the goods.)

But if you were locked up anyway, I think she would be a good choice since she'd always be trying to find new ways to entice you and keep your interest in sex.

Why would they have to fight over him? Well mainly because you have to have conflict for a story. Neither Frosty Cassandra nor Felicity are really lesbians, but Moira - who is clearly mildly sociopathic - bridges the gap between them. Remove her from the picture and Cassandra and Felicity might have to compete for Mark. Or perhaps Mark gets tempted away... I'm not sure. We left him permanently locked up, so the stakes would have to be emotional.

MyKey said...

'The snag with Flirty Felicity is that she's only emotionally and sexually available to a man in long-term chastity'

No snag at all. I thought that she would end up with him since they obviously had sexual and emotional chemistry. She would kep him locked though and unlock him rarely, very rarely. She might even sleep around on him. But they seemed 'right' somehow.

Fighting over him - I can see what you mean. I think that as soon as he matures a little he would realise that his relationship with Cassandra was rather nihilistic. I cant realistically see her winning the battle in the long term. It would be beautiful to see her try though. Might even make her a little less frosty!

I think the poor guy should be cut a break and somehow the lockup isnt quite permanent. Perhaps for emotional health reasons the belt makers allow it to unlock a couple of times a year. Of course none of the women he was with at the time would allow him to get away with not putting it back on, heheh. Perhaps even unstatisfied! I say this mainly because I can see more fun story opportunities without him being in permanent lockup. Also to make the story slightly more realistic. A true long term lockup would probably cause loss of libido or even depression.

But you are the writer and put in a lot more effort than I, and so my comments are to be treated as suggestions only, not criticism!

Giles English said...

I think "nihilistic" is bang on for Casandra - she's very much the poster girl for "careful what you wish for".

What she has over Felicity, though, is that she would make Mark come from time to time. Can you imagine Felicity using a Feeldoe?

This conversation is interesting, I think I'm more interested in the experience and threat of chastity than the dialogue of teasing and denial, and the powerplay of keyholding.

I generally construct fantasies so that the hero is locked up by a 3rd party, and/or where the ladies are not interested in penises.

I think I said some of this here: