Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Birthday torment

This weekend my wife gave me birthday submission. We had planned a date for Sunday morning, we had the house to ourselves and were feeling frisky. I hadnt cum for a week and a half, my wife had of course as you know...

We started with a little kissing and cuddling but pretty soon she had me go downstairs and get our ropes, ordering me to crawl back up and wait for her on my knees in the bedroom. This I did and was then made to kiss and worship her feet for a while. After another short cuddle I started to tie myself up, ankles to thighs, wrists to ankles. The last binding put in place by my lovely wife who then proceeded to roll me over on my front, gag me at my request, and begin to spank my arse with intent! I was in sub heaven until the gag started cutting into my mouth. She swapped it for a pair of her dirty panties, just worn, I could taste and smell her, she is close to her period so she tastes especially good, she tied them in with a rope and continued to spank and tickle me with abandon. In my hogtie i could not even wriggle away, her soft arse was sat on me, her hot pussy on my back, and the paddle working my butt as her fingers tickled my feet.

After a few minutes of this she sat back on me, picked up her book, and read for about five minutes. Then rolled me onto my back, blindfolded me, and read for another fifteen minutes or so while idly rubbing my chest or teasing my cock to a dribbling throbbing mess.

By the time she put her book down I was very relaxed, very horny. She warmed herself up by spanking me some more, something that turns her lot these days, then made me lie between her legs without the blindfold and watch as she brought herself to the edge of orgasm a few times. I was desperate to touch her a bit could not do a thing, as much as I wriggled I couldnt get closer! I just about managed to rest my cheek on her inner thigh as she shook and rubbed inches from my eyes. Luckily she wanted more and had me on my knees, still hands bound to thighs, cock rearing up as she backed onto me, my length sliding into her heat until her cool soft arse was pressed against my body. That last sensation almost had me cumming instantly. Needless to day I held off (just) as she brought herself to the brink again wanting to cum like that. She couldn't, could not quite get there in that position however much she tried, and I was really finding it hard not to let go and explode inside her. In the end I lay back and she straddled me at an angle, like scissors, sank down till her lips tickled my balls, ground herself against me and touched herself until she and I exploded in one of the longest orgasms she has ever had, let alone from penetrative sex.

When she got off the way she moved made me wonder is she was going to sit on my face and make me eat my cum but she didnt. When I asked her about it later she said that she hadnt thought of it, but added that she should have sat there and read some more while my cum drained into my mouth. She then burst into a long fit of giggles which only intensified as she saw the look of shock on my face when I realized she wasnt joking.

All in all a great fun birthday date :) We both had a lot of fun exploring new territory and generally being bad!

Strangely I felt a bit let down afterwards. I have a cold and I think it exacerbated the post cum hormone crash. That crash is worse the longer I dont cum, although it doesnt happen every time. Its a pain as it takes away the pleasant afterglow. Still you get the highs I suppose sometimes you need to explore the lows :)

Friday, 24 October 2008

I like to wear panties

I do, although I am shy to admit it. Here's why...

In the vanilla world lots of men do it, but in the kinky world it seems to be the preserve of the TV crowd. Its hard to put this clearly, I am open to most kinks and non judgemental about others choice of fun, but for me some kinks have connotations that aren't me at all! The TV world seems sad to me, so many of those I have known are unhappy, torn, hurting. Some seem to revel in this, an attitude most visible in the online chastity cuckold fantasy world. I call this the i'm a useless worthless worm syndrome. As an aside I believe that Altairboys chastity belt website, once the primary resource for the chastity crowd, has long been ruined as a knowledge resource by the pervasivness of such material. Any newbie visiting it (perhaps having been introduced by their partner) would think that chaste men have serious self esteem problems. I find people's acceptance of such low self esteem unhealthy and I admit to being very uncomfortable with it. I know I am generalising, I am sure that many TVs are happy and well balanced, but none that I have known.

On top of this there is the fact that very few men look good in feminine underwear! Agreed that this is subjective, but although some men have beautiful features and look lovely my guess is that most men and women would not consider it aesthetically pleasing. Pleasurable and fun to look at for many reasons perhaps, but not aesthetically.

But I like to wear them. And I know why...

1 They make me feel close to my wife, something so intimate of hers being with me all day.
2 They feel sexy.
3 Their prettyness reminds me of the loveliness of the female form

I never forget how truly silly I look:) A hairy muscular man in lacy nothings:) Suffice to say I don't do it for the looks... I am lucky that my wife is amused by this, even touched by it, she knows I do it in large part to remind me of her. She doesnt want to see it, nor do I want her to, but she knows I have it on and quite likes it. There is one exception. She knows I am vain and dont like how I look in her underwear. She seems to have taken a shine to making me don them for a spanking, and doesnt seem to mind seeing them in that context at all! And yes I admit it turns me on to be made to do that, a touch of humilitation can be fun!

The whole question of TVs is one I do sometimes ponder. I honestly dont believe this is a judgemental thing, at least not judging the kink itself. I feel sad for those TVs I have known in real life, and worried for some of those online whose fantasies I have read.


Thursday, 23 October 2008

Half (or mostly) nekkid thursday

One of me for a change, wearing my neosteel. Feels soooo good to wear, constant turn on but with no chance for an illicit play. Hope you like it.

For those of you that are interested in reading as well as looking there is a post just before this one with our latest update.

Happy HNT


The last few nights - need ideas too!

Well its been a fun few days! Excuse the prose as its an unedited braindump, I havent much time these days for writing...

Monday night my wife and I had a night in.. That morning I left for work late, about 10am. She had left the house already, I was feeling horny, and for some reason decided that the thing to do was lock myself into my chastity belt for the day. I just thought it would feel nice. We hadnt made love in a few days, we were both looking forward to monday night as a 'night in' and she had said recently that she was craving a bit of vanilla lovemaking. So I had no thought about extended T&D, just a nice feeling for the day and unlocked at the end for some innocent rumpy pumpy (I love that old fashioned phrase).

I have a tight pair of hipster jeans that I was wearing when I got home, and apparently she noticed the extra bulge soon after, she said nothing. I hadnt realised that she didnt know, slunk into bed later that night expecting to surprise her. No surprise there, we started to kiss, and her hand went straight down and started to caress my expose balls (she knows I love that feeling when locked). God it felt good, my balls were tingling, my stomach churning with lust hormones, and my cock straining against its prison. Lovely feeling. Naturally I asked her for the key, I did not think there was the slightest chance of her refusing, but she laughed and said no. I laughed too, she was teasing me surely. Pushed a bit more, doublechecked and she said no, she really didnt intend to unlock me. What she actually said was 'when do I ever unlock you quickly when you lock that on?' I suggested that since we were both hoping for some vanilla lovin' we couldnt very well do that with me locked. You can see where this is going, of course that got me nowhere. Her mercurial moods meant that since she she said that she has changed her mind and is in the mood for something much more kinky now! Not the woman I used to know a few years ago!

To cut a long story short we were fooling around and I started to pleasure her (actually she lay back after a little fooling around and demanded that I give her an orgasm). As I was teasing her she started fantasising, talking dirty, partly for my benefit but mainly for her own. Her fantasy consisted of her dreaming about bending me over and fucking me from behind wearing a strapon, while her boyfriend fucks her in the ass, after he first locked me in a chastity belt.. She came pretty damn quickly and very hard, her whole body shuddering with release and ending up so sensitive I could barely hug her without her twitching! A few minutes later she had a second equally strong orgasm. Most of this time my balls were in her hands and I was surprisingly close to the edge, not enough to cum (never have with the CB on) but enough to be shaking with lust. True to her more dominant and fun nature she gave me a passionate kiss, rolled over, nestled her lovely bottom against my cock and said she was going to sleep. To say I loved her at that moment is such an understatement!

She had told me I would be unlocked the next morning before work. When she got up for her shower though, no key. I asked her about it and with an evil teasing grin she said that she wouldnt give it to me as she knew I would play with myself, i would only get unlocked once I was in the shower myself. She seems to like the power of denial :) So I missed out on a little morning self abuse as well :(

Set me up for a lovely day at work!


We played last night as well (thursday). Got to bed and she was very tired so she was just going to give me a little tease and we were going to sleep. She started to talk dirty (entirely for my benefit), talking about how she wanted to spank me and lead me around with a collar and lead. Just a few minutes then she stopped, and as she was starting to drop off I started saying how I was going to get her back sometime. Tie her up with her ankles to her thighs, knees tied wide apart. Her favourite electrostim dildo in her ass (its big and its on full power), her hands bound to her thighs. She has been gagged, blindfold, teased to the brink of orgasm and then I leave the room.

At this point it becomes obvious that she is no longer sleep and wants to come, so my hand moves to her softly swollen pussy and starts to caress...

I send up a friend to avail himself of her however he likes. He walks in and teases her some, then puts clamps on her nipples and flips her over so she is resting of her shoulders with her ass in the air and her nipples clamped and crushed under her chest. He lubes her ass and pushes in despite her squirming and gagged protests. She doesnt even know who he is! He fucks her to his completion, using her like a slutty toy and pushing her to the brink (but not over). Her nipples are on fire, her ass burns, and her clit is demanding an orgasm which wont come!

At this point she came for real. I had just asked her wether he made her cum after he pulled out or if not what she would like to happen next, and her answer (as she came) was that he walks out leaving her with sperm dripping out of her ass for the next man to use...

We have my birthday date planned for this weekend and it will be a kinky date. I have told her that I dont want to come until then, i wanted a good head of steam and delicious desparation built up for it. Bearing that in mind she happily rolled over, snuggled her soft beautiful ass against my achingly hard manhood and... Went to sleep, again. This morning she happened to mention in passing that since our date will be femdomme and me sub, that I should not count on a release. Yes I still love her, even more now!

More to come later in the weekend. Thats where the ideas come in. If anyone reads this in time please share a few ideas as to what we can get up to, new ideas are always appreciated. If you like you could even request a pic or two.


Friday, 10 October 2008

It's been a while...

Its been a while since I last posted. Some of you may have noticed the complete mess the financial markets have been in, heheh. Well its meant that I have been very busy for the last month. Its a scary time, unprecedented! Even those arrogant enough to think they know it all admit they have no idea what comes next, and some of the most capitalist people I know are sounding positively socialist. Sadly the worst affected will not be those who benefited from the party. Still we will all go on, learn a few lessons, be a bit less greedy (which is no bad thing) and the world will not end.

In the meantime please remember that sex is free and keeps you fit too :)

I have not had much inclination to play recently, we have mostly made love, the old fashioned way. Its what I needed to be honest, and its been wonderful. Just like when we met 15 years ago, except not seven times a day, ha. Sweet, heart warming, calming, my wife and lover has proved to be a real haven, a sign of how far she and I have come over the last few years!

Having said that we have a date this weekend and she has indicated a strong desire to spank me, yum. I agreed of course, as long as its long and hard enough to hurt real good and give me a nice endorphin rush after :)

Until then...