Friday, 24 October 2008

I like to wear panties

I do, although I am shy to admit it. Here's why...

In the vanilla world lots of men do it, but in the kinky world it seems to be the preserve of the TV crowd. Its hard to put this clearly, I am open to most kinks and non judgemental about others choice of fun, but for me some kinks have connotations that aren't me at all! The TV world seems sad to me, so many of those I have known are unhappy, torn, hurting. Some seem to revel in this, an attitude most visible in the online chastity cuckold fantasy world. I call this the i'm a useless worthless worm syndrome. As an aside I believe that Altairboys chastity belt website, once the primary resource for the chastity crowd, has long been ruined as a knowledge resource by the pervasivness of such material. Any newbie visiting it (perhaps having been introduced by their partner) would think that chaste men have serious self esteem problems. I find people's acceptance of such low self esteem unhealthy and I admit to being very uncomfortable with it. I know I am generalising, I am sure that many TVs are happy and well balanced, but none that I have known.

On top of this there is the fact that very few men look good in feminine underwear! Agreed that this is subjective, but although some men have beautiful features and look lovely my guess is that most men and women would not consider it aesthetically pleasing. Pleasurable and fun to look at for many reasons perhaps, but not aesthetically.

But I like to wear them. And I know why...

1 They make me feel close to my wife, something so intimate of hers being with me all day.
2 They feel sexy.
3 Their prettyness reminds me of the loveliness of the female form

I never forget how truly silly I look:) A hairy muscular man in lacy nothings:) Suffice to say I don't do it for the looks... I am lucky that my wife is amused by this, even touched by it, she knows I do it in large part to remind me of her. She doesnt want to see it, nor do I want her to, but she knows I have it on and quite likes it. There is one exception. She knows I am vain and dont like how I look in her underwear. She seems to have taken a shine to making me don them for a spanking, and doesnt seem to mind seeing them in that context at all! And yes I admit it turns me on to be made to do that, a touch of humilitation can be fun!

The whole question of TVs is one I do sometimes ponder. I honestly dont believe this is a judgemental thing, at least not judging the kink itself. I feel sad for those TVs I have known in real life, and worried for some of those online whose fantasies I have read.



Vixen said...

Well said post. It was a very interesting perspective to read. And I enjoy your honesty. :)

MyKey said...

Glad you liked it:)

Cuckold and Mistress said...

As your purpose is wearing panties to feel more connected to the wonderful woman in your life, we would like to offer a suggestion that you both might enjoy.

Matching panties.

We think it could be great fun if yours and hers matched, and if on occasion the two of you made an effort to wear a matched set. We think that doing so could only increase the connection you feel.

MyKey said...

hi c and m

A lovely idea. It has a certain appeal, I admit. Sweet and sexy!

It's not something I shout about with her though, so may not work.

Maybe I will do it on the qt one day then tell her later:)

bdenied said...

You know that with mens fashion underwear there is not much difference between panties and briefs. I posted a pic in my mens briefs and was accused of wearing panties...oh well

Elle said...

Interesting, and kinda sweet. I made Boy Toy try some panties of mine, the other day. They were the boy shorts kind and if they hadn't been a bit too small, it wouldn't have looked much out of place. He found them comfy, too, but he took them off right away, he really doesn't have that kink.