Friday, 20 December 2013

What was running through her mind??

So here is sandy on all fours up against the head of the bed. Back arched. Legs spread. Pussy wet. What could possibly have been on her mind??

Well let's be honest it wasn't my locked up manhood penetrating her. No she was imagining being tied up like that, blindfold, and left there exposed for one of my friends to wander in, take advantage of her, and stretch her around his thick cock. And she was begging for a thick dildo inside her to complete the fantasy.

Needless to say I obliged :) needless to say she loved leaving me high and dry while 'another man' took her roughly.

Monday, 16 December 2013

Dildo gag

Although for the last couple of years we haven't played much with d/s, and where we have it's mostly been with me being the dominant, we have swapped now and then. We have also bought a few new toys, one of them being a dildo gag. The short end is shaped liked a short cock, the long end like a, you guessed it, long cock. When I bought this toy, pretty cheaply, I suspected that it would be too extreme for sandy. So although I've always wanted to try one I figured it would be a one time thing, mainly for my sake. I was wrong!

Sandy as I recall thought the idea was hot. I'm not entirely sure now. I do know that she enjoyed it hugely, and we have used it two or three times in the last year. That's good going in our house for a toy.

So most recently we used it last week. Sandy had me locked for a week at that point, and on Sunday night, the one week anniversary, we were fooling around in bed. She was in a wicked dominant mood and had refused to unlock me thus far telling me that she could tease me just fine without taking the cock tube off. Needless to say that as I got hard and it started to hurt she got all the more into it, teasing me more, making me ache. As I started to flinch she would push her nails into the engorged purple head of my cock, making me moan and make guttural noises deep in my throat. I would flinch but not escape as she held on to my balls and followed me, her nails digging in deeper. Causing me pain, intense pain on my cock was making her giddy with delight. And as she did this the disparity made itself felt to me, my own fingers caressed her soft wet womanhood gently, bringing pure pleasure to her.

After she tired of teasing me and decided she wanted to lay back and be properly pleasured. She needed to be filled. Filled deep. She pulled my locked cock against the wet slit and rubbed it there, cooing that I couldn't do the job, with faux pity saying how good her wet pussy would feel If I were inside. But I wasn't going to be allowed. Then she told me to get her dildo gag. Thus far I hadn't been allowed to taste her pussy,and seems I wasn't going to be. I was desperate to taste her.

Snatches of what came next....

I crawled naked across the bed and got the gag, her spanking my ass as I bent over to reach it.

Pushing the long end of the gag into my throat, making me suck it.

Her laying back, legs splayed lewdly and shamelessly, pushing the short end of the gag into her wet cunt, fucking herself with it in front of me.

Pushing the now sodden, creamy end of the gag into my mouth and buckling it on tight. It tasted heavenly, and felt wet and sloppy with her arousal.

Making me kneel at the foot of the bed and push the tip into her pussy as she masturbated in front of me.

I pushed a bit deeper, she moaned. She grabbed my hair and pulled me deeper, squealing as if in pain but not letting go.

As she got closer to orgasm I started to fuck harder and deeper, stopping now and then to let her fingers do their magic. Watching her lips engorging in deep red flushes, wet and spread around black veined rubber, 2 inches from my eyes. I could smell her but my mouth was gagged. No licking, no tasting, my voice taken so I could not beg, my cock taken so I could not impale. Now she pulled my head right in, my nose pressed rudely against her clit she rubbed and ground herself on my face. Her finger and my nose alternately used to pleasure her, to rub her sodden clit. Now my senses were washed in her scent and my ego utterly demoted, my face and nose used as a sex toy with no regard to my pleasure. That way she came, grinding herself on my nose and my mouth full of cock.

I was not unlocked that night, nor have I been since. She had no use for my cock and enjoyed taking her pleasure with no need to return the favour. She came twice more before we went to sleep, sated and calm in her case, aroused, aching and still locked up in mine.

Sunday, 8 December 2013

What can I say?

It's a week today. The longest I have ever been locked up (though far from the longest chaste). Some thoughts...

I enjoy it. It couldn't be a lifestyle but for periods it's very sexy. Knowing Sandy likes me locked, knowing I depend on her. Knowing she gets to cum more than I do... It's very hot.

It's tough not wanking. I miss my own cock. That's kinda the point of course. I could touch Sandy all day to make up for it. She being the only outlet for my sexuality.

It's hot going to the gym and knowing I have to be careful. Flirting with the cute (very) yoga teacher knowing that she would be amused, surprised or even horrified if she only knew. Or maybe aroused but let's stay realistic not in fantasy land here :) Did I mention how bendy she was?

I wonder if Sandy will let me out for my office Christmas party. I hope so but I wouldn't push it. It's hard being drunk in a busy London bar when you can't piss standing up and a colleague has followed you in to the toilets wondering why you are hanging around the stalls. And I drink a lot on a proper night out, going for a pee isn't a one-off. It's likely we would end up at a lap dancing joint after, the girls often suggest it even when the guys don't. Yeah all kinds of frustrating hotness there, another story for another time.

Finally I find myself extra frustrated by having the kids around and that making a decent sex life all but impossible. Partly masturbation is an outlet, but partly the extra intimacy I tend to feel when locked has no outlet when we are busy running around after the kids all day and fall into bed shattered at night. First world problems I admit, but it's nonetheless tough for me to cope with.

Finally all this going to the gym is doing wonders for my muscle tone. Sandy certainly appreciates it! If anyone is still reading feel free to ask for a pic, lol!!


Thursday, 5 December 2013

Spent the evening in a pub with a friend

A very sexy dominant woman who knew of my locked up condition. She spent the night in the pub alternating between rubbing her ass against my cock, sucking my lip or kissing me, and flashing the tops of her stockings at me.

At several points it was all I could do not to drop down and devour her pussy right there in public! Frustrated much??!

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Real fire

Nothing to do with sex, or relationships.

Our boiler is dead, has been for a week now. While waiting for it to be fixed the only source of heat in out home has been a single wood burning stove. The house being open plan this stove heats the whole place, and does a remarkably good job of it.

It's a very pleasant thing to come home to after a day at work, a cosy warm fire to sit by! Now we just need a sheepskin rug and a sexually compliant woman to lay across it :)

Real fire

Nothing to do with sex, or relationships.

Our boiler is dead, has been for a week now. While waiting for it to be fixed the only source of heat in out home has been a single wood burning stove. The house being open plan this stove heats the whole place, and does a remarkably good job of it.

It's a very pleasant thing to come home to after a day at work, a cosy warm fire to sit by! Now we just need a sheepskin rug and a sexually compliant woman to lay across it :)

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Foot fucking.

This post by Harry reminded me of something I had meant to write about months ago.

I was fucking Sandy hard, her legs over my shoulder. I was in a pretty aggressive mood and she was loving it. Her feet close to my face inflamed me, so I turned to the side and kissed one of them. She pushed it against my mouth for more kissing then started to push it deep into my mouth. One toe, then toes then ball as well. Tasty sexy fucking feet. Soft and feminine and demanding. I was fucking her pussy while she fucked my mouth with her foot. In and out the both of us, her pussy stretched and wet, my mouth wide and fucked deep enough to make me pant and drool with desire. And the harder I fucked, the more turned on she was, the deeper and more aggressively she fucked my mouth back.

It was the filthiest and best fuck for a long time!

Soon I will try and write about the first time she foot fucked me.

Monday, 2 December 2013

Gym rat

I've been at the gym a lot recently. Back there after a few year hiatus with younger kids. What I've not done is go there locked before.

I was amused by the contortions I had to go through to get changed and shower while wearing the cock tube. Mildly embarrassed in a good way. What would people think lol.

Mind you a colleague has seen someone masturbating openly there in the sauna so at least I won't be doing that! Heheh.

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Locked now

My last orgasm, which I wasn't sure id get, involved me cumming on Sandys tits. While she was cummimg on my fingers with a Steel ass hook in her ass. She was fantasising about being bent over by another man, in his hotel room. Skirt pulled up, hands tied, ass hook pulling her onto tiptoes, and his cock pushing into her cunt for the first time. The fantasy ended with her saying she would promise him anything, even the key to my cock cage, if he wanted it.

I have a few rather sexy pics of the hook in her :)

I'm sated and relaxed for now. Let's see how long that lasts !!

Saturday, 30 November 2013

Christmas chastity.

Today is the last day of freedom. Tomorrow Sandy and I are going to try an almost month of chastity. Belted. We have never used the cock cage before for any length of time, it not being her preference, but thought it might be fun to count down to Xmas day while locked up.

Might not work out as we are busy and tired, but if we can keep the fun alive then tomorrow I will be locked. Sandy will decide when, or if I cum before Xmas day.


Saturday, 20 April 2013


I find myself between. I still crave to be dominated now and then, but I am increasing feeling the delicious urge to control. In bed with Sandy using her, abusing her and taking her when I want is the order of the day this last few months.

This is a hard phase for me. My identity is bound up with my sexuality and feeling neither dominant nor submissive for long plays out in an odd way. For example I still fantasise about a cuckold denied relationship but wouldn't want one. I am mostly dominant in bed now so when occasionally sandy switches my body has forgotten how to reach sub space. I often find if I'm masturbating and fantasising just as I come my fantasy switches from top to bottom, or vice versa.

Strange as I say. In flux. Moving into top mode but not quickly.

Monday, 18 March 2013

Cheeky caption

Ive never created a caption before, but these two pictures just shouted out a little mini story to me.