Sunday, 8 December 2013

What can I say?

It's a week today. The longest I have ever been locked up (though far from the longest chaste). Some thoughts...

I enjoy it. It couldn't be a lifestyle but for periods it's very sexy. Knowing Sandy likes me locked, knowing I depend on her. Knowing she gets to cum more than I do... It's very hot.

It's tough not wanking. I miss my own cock. That's kinda the point of course. I could touch Sandy all day to make up for it. She being the only outlet for my sexuality.

It's hot going to the gym and knowing I have to be careful. Flirting with the cute (very) yoga teacher knowing that she would be amused, surprised or even horrified if she only knew. Or maybe aroused but let's stay realistic not in fantasy land here :) Did I mention how bendy she was?

I wonder if Sandy will let me out for my office Christmas party. I hope so but I wouldn't push it. It's hard being drunk in a busy London bar when you can't piss standing up and a colleague has followed you in to the toilets wondering why you are hanging around the stalls. And I drink a lot on a proper night out, going for a pee isn't a one-off. It's likely we would end up at a lap dancing joint after, the girls often suggest it even when the guys don't. Yeah all kinds of frustrating hotness there, another story for another time.

Finally I find myself extra frustrated by having the kids around and that making a decent sex life all but impossible. Partly masturbation is an outlet, but partly the extra intimacy I tend to feel when locked has no outlet when we are busy running around after the kids all day and fall into bed shattered at night. First world problems I admit, but it's nonetheless tough for me to cope with.

Finally all this going to the gym is doing wonders for my muscle tone. Sandy certainly appreciates it! If anyone is still reading feel free to ask for a pic, lol!!


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