Friday, 20 December 2013

What was running through her mind??

So here is sandy on all fours up against the head of the bed. Back arched. Legs spread. Pussy wet. What could possibly have been on her mind??

Well let's be honest it wasn't my locked up manhood penetrating her. No she was imagining being tied up like that, blindfold, and left there exposed for one of my friends to wander in, take advantage of her, and stretch her around his thick cock. And she was begging for a thick dildo inside her to complete the fantasy.

Needless to say I obliged :) needless to say she loved leaving me high and dry while 'another man' took her roughly.


LadynMonkey said...

Hi there! I just wanted to say how much I enjoy your blog! From reading a bit it seems our relationships have a bit in common which is probably why I identify with some of what's posted. Anyway, thanks for sharing these intimate details of your life, it's fun to read and even get some ideas!

P.S. I've added your blog to my links page on my blog

Anonymous said...

Striking a lively pose there - I would have dived straight in :)

MyKey said...

Hi Lady. Thanks. I will (when I remember how) do the same.

Hi Clive. Thanks for reading. Do you reckon you would have been what she wanted? ;)

Harry Haversackers said...

Is this just an excuse to post a photo of your wife's beautiful bum?? If so, good job!

MyKey said...

Ah you got me there!

A little bit of self humiliation too, since she was offering herself like that but not to me.

Anonymous said...

Love your blog