Sunday, 1 December 2013

Locked now

My last orgasm, which I wasn't sure id get, involved me cumming on Sandys tits. While she was cummimg on my fingers with a Steel ass hook in her ass. She was fantasising about being bent over by another man, in his hotel room. Skirt pulled up, hands tied, ass hook pulling her onto tiptoes, and his cock pushing into her cunt for the first time. The fantasy ended with her saying she would promise him anything, even the key to my cock cage, if he wanted it.

I have a few rather sexy pics of the hook in her :)

I'm sated and relaxed for now. Let's see how long that lasts !!


Harry Haversackers said...

Nice to see you back again. I've always enjoyed your posts, and had wondered if you would return to posting.

MyKey said...

Wow I didn't expect someone to still be reading :)
Hey Harry. Apologies for the absence. Lots changed, more work, less sex and kink. Kinda lost the will to write much. I had wondered about shutting it down but as much as anything else I knew one day I'd be posting if only as a diary.

Glad you enjoy my posts, I appreciate it!