Thursday, 29 May 2008

Excellent news, horny and dripping with need

Excellent news. My friend who had an op and lost her sex drive has it back, and then some! Nothing like a touch of testosterone to put the animal into a girl! Am happy for her!
So to celebrate I've been teasing her. Yesterday and the day before I have been sending pics of myself to her, sexy texts and emails. Basically she has been playing with herself, a lot, but I haven't let her cum. Yesterday I have no idea how long she spent on the edge but she was there a lot! Poor thing had a swollen aching clit demanding her attention all day. I never heard her beg so much for an orgasm, I actually thought that we were in safeword territory for a while (God it made me hot pushing her so hard, the power!). And it was such a goddam rush to say no!
In the end I got so turned on I had a lovely orgasm and sent a picture of it to her for good measure! Poor thing, wonder if the need has faded yet?

She is allowed to cum today, although the devil in me is so tempted to send her a last minute instruction not to :) I think it will be a good one, her boyfriend won't know what's hit him!

Monday, 19 May 2008

Public humiliation

In a central London tube station I recently found the following cage. It even has locks on. Its about the size of a person or two, contains nothing, protects nothing, and is apparently not being used. I cant imagine what its purpose is because to me it looks like a cage for a naughty naked sub to be placed in while thousands of commuters walk passed and look. The ultimate public humiliation.
Any volunteers?

I have no idea

People often wonder why we are the way we are. The submissive businessman is said to be that way to balance his control at work with his need to switch off. Some say that submissives were abused as children and this is their way of coping. Dominant women are reacting to society's patriarchy. I think that you will find all these examples out there somewhere, but most of the people I know who are sub, dom, swingers or just a bit naughty share very little in common. Overall the sexual trait seems to be unconnected to any other aspect of their personalities.
Forget classifications, either you like having fun that way or not. Do we classify other pleasures? Do we ask why someone loves food, or another loves racing cars, or skiing?

I would say that the nearest thing to a common trait is the drive to enjoy life fully, but even that isnt across the board.

He's left

My right hand man has left. He's been one of my closest friends for years, we have lived together, slept together, drunk together and now worked together for the last 5 years. I have relied on him heavily for advice and been able to walk away from the office knowing its been in good hands. Tonight we had his leaving drinks, and as ever we had a laugh, took the piss out of each other, eyed up women in the bar. A normal night out. Until the end as I was leaving, and I found myself choking up. I really will miss him! Hope he enjoys his new job as much as this one, and I look forward to taking the mickey next time we get together.


Its been a bit quiet chez moi sexually. Not quite tumbleweed. But getting there. Unusually its due to me not my wife (I think the first time). My wife and I have had problems for years, I like a lot of sex and lots of variation. I can be very very naughty, quite imaginative and I do my homework, open to ideas. She is much more vanilla, somewhat kinky but in a take it or leave it way. She happily admits she benefits from my passion but doesn't really spark back. So its quite a turnaround that during a phase when she is agreeing to be much more openminded my sex drive has gone through the floor!!

Oh it has happened before, for a day or two at most just before I catch a cold. That's how it started but its now a couple of months and its only just starting to come back. What the hell? Busy at work, lots of things turning over there, my right hand man is leaving, I am being headhunted by another firm, getting involved in a different business venture, and decorating the house. Oh and got two young kids. So yes you might think its normal but still this is me!! I always want more.

Well anyway strangly three things happened. Firstly its quite peaceful without the constant nag of a sexdrive and a wild imagination. I rather enjoyed the little break. Secondly my wife is making more of an effort which is nice. Thirdly I have realised that I want a new lover, preferably sub in my life, someone who mirrors my passion for fun, friendship and sexuality.

Still back to business, I have woken up the last few mornings with very naughty thoughts in my head, and my wife is not gonna know what her :)

Spring is in the air...