Monday, 19 May 2008


Its been a bit quiet chez moi sexually. Not quite tumbleweed. But getting there. Unusually its due to me not my wife (I think the first time). My wife and I have had problems for years, I like a lot of sex and lots of variation. I can be very very naughty, quite imaginative and I do my homework, open to ideas. She is much more vanilla, somewhat kinky but in a take it or leave it way. She happily admits she benefits from my passion but doesn't really spark back. So its quite a turnaround that during a phase when she is agreeing to be much more openminded my sex drive has gone through the floor!!

Oh it has happened before, for a day or two at most just before I catch a cold. That's how it started but its now a couple of months and its only just starting to come back. What the hell? Busy at work, lots of things turning over there, my right hand man is leaving, I am being headhunted by another firm, getting involved in a different business venture, and decorating the house. Oh and got two young kids. So yes you might think its normal but still this is me!! I always want more.

Well anyway strangly three things happened. Firstly its quite peaceful without the constant nag of a sexdrive and a wild imagination. I rather enjoyed the little break. Secondly my wife is making more of an effort which is nice. Thirdly I have realised that I want a new lover, preferably sub in my life, someone who mirrors my passion for fun, friendship and sexuality.

Still back to business, I have woken up the last few mornings with very naughty thoughts in my head, and my wife is not gonna know what her :)

Spring is in the air...

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