Monday, 28 June 2010

My own subbie

I forgot to mention, but as of a few weeks ago I have permission from my wife to look for a sub. An outlet for the other side of me, the Dom.

I almost certainly won't start looking soon as life is extremely busy, but sometime it will be the right time. It will be exciting, and I'm pleased that Sandy is fine with it as long as certain (few) limits are respected. Nothing that would impinge on a d/s relationship.


Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Friday, 18 June 2010

Finally, playtime the morning after

We woke up the next morning. We rarely play after a club night, sandy is usually far to tired, and often so am I. Next morning however is a different matter. She had a long lie in, sleeping till about 11am. A morning coffee made by her loving sub, after a little lazy cuddle. Then we started to play. I lying between her legs giving her a little oral, more to be playful rather than turn her on as oral is really not her thing. It seems however that a night of submission and dominance, and a week without an orgasm had her very much revved up! In fact she very shortly had her head rolled back and her eyes shut enjoying the sensations. I love to give oral so I wasn't about to stop this show. After a while of this, and having nearer peaks of pleasure not far from the edge of orgasm, wetter, much wetter than she usually gets, she suddenly came out with 'i want to fuck your arse. Then... 'i want you to put something on my arse, then I want to fuck your arse!'

I grunted and carried on teasing and pleasing her for a moment but she was on fire, quickly she demanded. Within a few minutes I had a black plug pushed deep in her bottom, and after a moments tease I was knelt at her feet pulling her pink leather strap on up long legs. A sexy thing to be doing believe me, I felt hot, submissive, scared and thrilled, barely able to contain myself. Nor was she! She was pushing me to hurry, I bent over the end of the bed and she moved behind, barely warming me up, a moment with her finger is all, and only that because I asked. She was needing to fire into me and wasn't willing to wait a minute longer than she had to. This strap on is big, for me at least, I have only taken it fully once, I was nervous but she thrust in with no hesitation until the head popped through. Surprisingly not too much pain, at least till she started thrusting. Then, ow, more ow, I asked her to stop a moment and she did, sort of, thrusting forwards and back in small movements that were almost what I had asked for but not quite. She wanted this, I was going to take it and she didn't want to slow down. You have no idea how hot it was to be made to take her cock like that, the bare minimum of time allowed for me to adjust, her raw lust driving her into me. I was very very turned on, although not hard. I don't get hard from ass fucking unless I also have my cock played with.

As she thrusts harder and deeper I took the opportunity on one of the breaks to consciously relax my muscles. This was the break I needed and the last of the pain left
Being replaced by insane deep deep pleasure. By now she was fucking me hard, really hard, deep and fast like a man desperate to cum. I had taken the whole cock by now to the hilt, the soft skin of her thighs slapping into my butt. She reached around playing with my cock, pushed me down on the bed to tease me, rubbing her breasts on my back the hard points of her nipples drawing lines of fire on me. I played with myself but under strict instructions not to cum, and i reached behind me and between her legs to touch her. I found her soaking wet, inner thighs soaked with her wetness and thick around the strap of the thong harness as it pulled up between her lips rubbing her clit. Maybe that's why she was fucking me so hard...

After quite a while of this I rolled over and she fucked me some more, face to face, her sat up and pounding into me as I touched myself, but her need to orgasm was soon to much. She lay back telling me to get another dildo and fuck her with it and make her cum. With her arse full of a plug, her pussy having a dildo pushed in and out and my mouth on her pussy, she came as I licked her while sucking her clit into my mouth, putting it under pressure as I flicked it with my tongue. She tasted so warm and musky, she arched, groaned, her orgasm lasted a long time but she never pulled away from my mouth until the very end when she lay back relaxed, sated, the odd tremor passing through her.

After she relaxed it was my turn. She pushed me onto my back and straddled my chest, her beautiful rounded buttocks in front of me, then above me and sinking, dropping her pussy and arse on my mouth. I mouthed her pussy, my nose in the cleft of her cheeks, smelling her and tasting her, unable to breath without her permission. She told me to wank, to touch myself as she
watched, which I did. As I ran out of breath I came, her scent filling my senses as I shot cum up to my shoulder, that strong was my orgasm!

To say I felt relaxed after that is an understatement.Well where to begin?!!

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Love rekindled

Yes yes i know that you are waiting for my naughty morning after post. It's coming i promise.

A few thoughts.

Sandy and I have butted heads for years. I know relationships have ups and downs but for most of our time together until the last three years ours had very few proper ups. That is to say decent periods of us being happy or feeling in love, and not arguing too much. We loved each other or we would not still be together but we weren't in love. I remember friends talking about going through in love phases of their relationships and feeling sad that we never had them.

That's change. The last three years I have been in love. And the recent hiccups notwithstanding ( see other blog posts) Sandy claims to feel the same way. For example our flirty text messages and conversations are like those of a couple in love. I feel like we are properly in love. This coincides pretty closely with sandy assuming the domme role and I the sub. It had started before that change, but hugely accelerated after. Even now when we argue going back to the d/s dynamic helps us be happy again.

My question is this, are we in love because of it. Is this the way we always should have been but didn't realise or weren't ready for it yet? Am I more happy and in love because I am more fulfilled serving the woman I love? And feeling loved in return?

And if so is this undermining the concept of love, making it part of sex and the dominance dynamic, or is it a fundamental human reaction to fitting into the slot that works well in your little 'tribe' of two.


By the way last night we made love. Sandy was feeling vanilla during the day, it's been months since this last happened. She wondered if it would last, as it happens it did (though I wasn't sure for a while). We cuddle, kissed, played. A had her teased and close to the edge and each time i paused she would melt into my arms, kissing me like a new girlfriend in the throes of early love. I pushed inside her, we made love hugging tightly and came together.

It was wonderful! I love vanilla :)

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Changes, part 2

As I said in a recent post Sandy has been embracing her inner domme. Since a few months back when I asked her to consider if its what she wanted as a lifestyle and if so take it seriously, and she agreed, she has become much much more comfortable with it. Although Ironically due to time and energy we did less dommy stuff for the first month or two after that point, however internally she had been processing and coming to recognise that it really was what she wanted. She likes this lifestyle, she likes feeling cared for and looked after. She loves being in charge! Really likes it when I react quickly to do what she wants, both sexually and more importantly day to day. last but not least she has become much more comfortable with her inner kink, a process that was happening anyway but accelerated in the last few months. She can be very mean when playing, no vanilla in our sex lives anymore!

Anyway this weekend we went to a fetish club. We have been to two in the last two weeks. The first was a club we go to regularly, and other than a long public asswhipping and meeting some cool people there is nothing special to report. This weekend we tried something new, we went to a femdomme club. Only dominant women allowed not dominant men, and most of the subs were men (though not all). It was a friendly sociable place where the focus was very much on the dominant woman. Subs were not allowed on the furniture, nor to partake of the sweets or cakes that were around (unless offered by a woman). So reasonably high protocol. Sandy and I were not sure about it, we dont like the whole up your own backside Big D little s rubbish, nor were we sure about our still nascent d/s relationship. Sandy was mostly cool, I was more uncomfortable as I am still holding on to a little of the whole men arent subby vibe. As it turned out the protocol was very much there, important, fun, and key to the evening, but it wasnt pushed in such a way as to become 'Gorean style' silliness. We had a great time, I spent the entire time either standing around chatting or sitting at Sandys feet rubbing them while she chatted. Did I mention that subs were not allowed to initiate a conversation unless they ask permission and were granted? Even that worked well for us as I can overwhelm a conversation while Sandy tends to pull back (even when I try to stay back and let her lead), its something that makes me a bit sad that i am somehow diminishing her engagement with people. So this way most of the domme women focussed more on her, were very interested in her, and made it easier for me to stay back a little. I chatted also, but it was primarily a domme evening where friendly dominant women socialised in large part with each other while being served by us.

You know what? I really liked the vibe, I liked serving, seeing the women (especially mine) enjoying themselves. I like this aspect of the d/s lifestyle much more than I ever expected.

More importantly Sandy liked it. No she loved it! She really liked meeting normal women who she enjoyed chatting to women who are also dominant. Women who in most cases have kids, husbands, jobs, and are extremely kinky and dominant. We meet so few people on the fetish scene who have a normal outside life or functional relationships. She liked the people, and she also liked being served. She enjoyed me being sat at her feet or getting her drinks, she enjoyed the serving and caring ethos of the evening. She came home full of enjoyment and very relaxed and into her dominant persona. In fact so into it that at 4am when we got home she got online to find her new friends online profiles and stay in touch. She is never that proactive and fast moving when it comes to kinky things, or at least wasnt ever before. Since then she talks differently about dominance in a way that makes me see she really wants it in her life, wants more of it in fact, and likes both the serving and the kinky naughty aspects of it.

We met one lady who is very into trampling (not to mention very beautiful). Not a fetish i have ever had but always keen to try new things. I asked her and Sandy nicely if they minded and she spent 20-30 minutes trampling me and teaching Sandy how to do it right (as in painful, fun but safe). Between them they left my stomach and chest all bruised and marked, which of course I hated every minute of :) I think having tried it that its not something I liked a lot, not something I would ask for often, but fun once in a while. Apart from that we didnt play, just socialised and watched others playing.

As Petal said to me, she had an 'aha' moment.

I need to write about the next morning which was pretty intense and fun play, but no time now


Created a monster

This morning we were having a bit of a fool around having not had sex for a week. We are going to have sex tonight but this was a bit of a teaser.

Then suddenly a last minute decision, she kept the teasing up until I came, despite my warnings. She let go at the last minute to spoil it and grabbed my free hand as it moved down to help. Apparently she decided to do that so she could enjoy her orgasm tonight more and not have worry about mine. How deliciously dominantly selfish is that.

Apparently she did feel a bit bad about it, but not for long. I did get a nice long post cum hug though.

So my one orgasm a week, at least that's what she generally tends to, was a spoiled quicky so she could enjoy hers more.

Oh dear!

Saturday, 12 June 2010

How bloody frustrating

A draw! Spent the last 20 minutes attacking but no goals. Not a good kind of tease.

Good game to watch though!

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Panties, my pants are gone!

There have been some changes chez nous. This is the first and shortest of three blog posts covering it. Sandy has become more dominant, or rather more in tune and happy with being the dominant.

For example about a month ago I came home to find all my underwear missing. She has hidden it all. For the time being I am only allowed to wear her panties if I want underwear, or go commando. Her used panties. Each time I go to the toilet my body warmth sets her scent off and I smell her wafting to me and teasing my senses. The tightness of them reminds me of her all day. She doesnt find me attractive in them, nor do I, but she does love to humiliate me so she makes me keep them on and only take them off when she is there to see, sometimes making me do a spin to show her all sides. She loves that I get embarrassed. The other night she even made me sleep all night next to her in a tight lacy black thong.

I have no idea when I will have male underwear again, but she shows no sign of tiring of this yet. I have no idea even where they are hidden, so even out for a beer with the boys there is no sneaking a pair.