Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Panties, my pants are gone!

There have been some changes chez nous. This is the first and shortest of three blog posts covering it. Sandy has become more dominant, or rather more in tune and happy with being the dominant.

For example about a month ago I came home to find all my underwear missing. She has hidden it all. For the time being I am only allowed to wear her panties if I want underwear, or go commando. Her used panties. Each time I go to the toilet my body warmth sets her scent off and I smell her wafting to me and teasing my senses. The tightness of them reminds me of her all day. She doesnt find me attractive in them, nor do I, but she does love to humiliate me so she makes me keep them on and only take them off when she is there to see, sometimes making me do a spin to show her all sides. She loves that I get embarrassed. The other night she even made me sleep all night next to her in a tight lacy black thong.

I have no idea when I will have male underwear again, but she shows no sign of tiring of this yet. I have no idea even where they are hidden, so even out for a beer with the boys there is no sneaking a pair.


heelsnstocking said...

wow she is caring for you well x I love the idea

Anonymous said...

Well, as a panty slut, I think that is heavenly! Probably good for you that you don't like it as much, eh? :)
I think you need some more silky/nylon (vice others) to keep you harder and excited... that would be better training for you!!
Thank you!

Elle said...

Sounds hot!

Wouldn't work for us though. I just finished reading this blog post, turned to BT and said "What if I made you wear my panties?" and he responded with "Ewwww! Total turn off! It would ruin my vision of you in them!"

Just goes to show, not everyone's the same ;)