Thursday, 27 May 2010

Whats going on sub boy?

Its been an up and down few months. Sandy and I have had the odd serious argument, i wont go into details but they touch on the usual serious issue we used to have with sex. Specifically not enough of it. She said at one point that she fancied me but was bored of sex with me which did not go down well :)

Anyway its mostly sorted. It turns out that she didnt mean that statement the way it came out. She was bored of sex, but because of the pressure of having to perform x number of times a week. She was stil under the impression im a 7 days a week guy and thats what it would take to make me happy. While I 'could' do it that often these days I am happy with twice a week with the odd blowout, as long as there is enough quality there. Relaxed, kinky, loving etc, but not just a quicky. Sandy is a lot happier for it. She also said she would commit to 3 times week but I suggested that we not do that as it would simply extend the pressure. So she has agreed to be more open to being seduced, and I am reminding her and myself that I should seduce her if I in the mood, rather than being put off because of previous rejections. We will let sex be spontaneous for the most part, while making enough effort to value it.

On the sub dom side its very much still there. In fact I write this while locked in my chastity belt. She loves the power these days, and wont easily give it up. We went clubbing at the weekend during which she whipped me for so long and so hard I actually marked (very rare for me), although I was allowed an orgasm later that night. Last night however i pleasured her to two orgasms, and i was made to give myself a spoiled one. Not because she wanted me to cum, her first response had been to laugh and refuse me one. A moment later however she thought again and wondered if I could spoil my own orgasm, she thought that would be especially amusing. So thats what I did.

She kept her hand very close, as soon as I started to cum and let go of my aching cock she grabbed it and made sure I didnt touch myself any more. As I squirmed my legs together she forced her bare leg between mine to ensure they stay apart, denying me even that stimulation. I wasnt even allowed to touch her body as I masturbated as that would have made it too pleasurable. She very much enoyed the cruelty. After that she lay back and demanded her two cums. She well and truly enjoyed herself, while i was emptied enough to sleep deeply but without losing any really horny desparation. I am now still gagging for it.

This after a day at home where I did so much cleaning and tidying you could almost call it a spring clean. I offered her to tidy while she was at work and we played a game. She would not tell me what she wanted done, I had to guess. If I did it all I would be allowed to ask her to 'consider' giving me an orgasm. If I missed a task I would not get to cum and I would be punished. When she got back I had done so much to ensure I missed nothing that she could not find fault, but later that night she decided to punish me anyway (albeit only a light cropping). Apparently my mistake was not to have missed anything thereby denying her an excuse to punish me! How capricious is that! My cock certainly responded to it. In future I am expected to do my best however or the punishment would be worse.

I will also now relate a text message conversation with her at work today (something that happens rarely). At this point I had locked up (as per her request while leaving for work) and sent a picture to prove it.

She : You're silly
Me : Thats why you love me
She: Yeah, but also cos u have a fantastic arse x
I send a close up of the locked cock
She: Cant see if its locked properly
I send an even closer picture
She: Yeah - looks ok - thank u subby hubby x (shes taken to calling me that a bit lately)
Me: Thank you mistress wifey. You really like being a domme dont you!
She: Yeah I guess I do x
Me: Me too! its funny but i dont think ive fully accepted being a sub. Still think of it as a game sometimes. Then you say something that makes me realise its real and you wouldnt want to go back. Its scary but makes me feel goooey and loved x
She: thats cool :) Probably because its lighthearted most of the time but pulling rank every now and then is good for you x

It went on a while longer, but left me feeling loved, submissive, and slightly scared at my lack of control over my own sexuality.