Friday, 31 July 2009

The needy Domme. (story)

This story was inspired by and for petal, (secret life of a yummy mummy) who turns out to be even more naughty than I realised. If you haven't already go read her blog!


We had been teasing each other all week. Well, she had been teasing me, she had kept me locked all week, but locked doesn’t mean forgotten. Most nights she had teased me, swanning around the house in skimpy underwear, going out to dinner without underwear. Passionate kisses and full body hugs, squirming against me as she breathed in my ear. Running her fingernails over my balls until I grew hard and the ache in my groin intensified, hurt.

Does this seem like it’s all about me? Hardly. It was quite obvious what having me locked was doing to her, she hadn’t been this wanton, this seductive and lustful since the first few months when we met. It seems that sex, intimacy, fun was on her mind almost every time she saw me, and as my lust grew, as her teasing intensified, the desperation etched on my face brought more and more excitement out of her.

Ok for her! During that week three times she got so excited that she had me pleasure her, unable or unwilling to wait until my unlocking at the weekend. Twice she simply pushed my head down after a long tease, words were not required, and she came quickly and hard. She didn’t seem to care that her extreme wetness, her taste had left me burning, had she known she probably would not have cared. The third time however was different. She lay back and enjoyed as I used all my knowledge of her body, of her mind, to tease her, drive her to higher peaks of pleasure, draw out of her every drop of lust and insanity I knew how. When finally she had had enough and wanted to cum she said nothing, simply pushed me onto my back, settled herself on to my face, and ground, drove her lips against mine, squeezed my head in her thighs, even scooting forward occasionally so no part of her was left out. As my face got wetter and occasionally her thighs parted I heard snatches of what she was saying.

“This weekend you…”
“Something special, oh GOOoooood”
“You have no idea how far I am going to go, I’m going to c…”
“…ucked so hard, Oh god yeeeessss”
“No choice, no way to stop me, I’m cumming dont you dare stop licking!”

As if I could, with her weight bearing down on me. As if I wanted to!

Is it any surprise that by the next weekend I was a bit of a wreck. Couldn’t think of anything apart from my release. I don’t think she was much better, she may have cum but her mind and body were almost as unsatisfied as mine, nothing I had done had doused her fire. I was to find out why later. On Saturday evening after a long day of loving, teasing, kissing, flirting, it was playtime. She tied me to the foot of the bed, kneeling with hands behind my back, tied so that I had to stay on my knees. It started innocently enough, she dressed up slowly, tan stay-ups, a sheer white thong sliding up her soft legs until it cupped her womanhood. No bra, but she slipped over her head her loveliest cotton summer dress. Slightly see through, especially when the sun caught it. You could faintly see the outline of her panties and easily see her hardened nipples. She teased as she dressed, never letting me touch her. I didn’t really care why she was dressing, assuming she wanted to go out for food before we settled in for the night. I was unlocked finally, teased for a while, but then locked back up again ‘just for dinner my love’.

That’s when it all changed. She blindfolded me, why? She pulled her panties to one side and pressed her pussy against my mouth, Oh Lord she must have just recently shaved, she was totally smooth. When had she done that? My mouth pressed harder wanting to feel her smooth mons on my face, tongue flicked out accompanied by a deep sigh from her. She was very wet, really wet, much more than I expected. What was going on? But before I could make her cum she pulled away. Then my world exploded.

“Darling we haven’t fucked for two weeks, I really need a hard cock in me. You know that right?”
I nodded.
“Your mouth and hands have been wonderful all week, my love, but I need more. I need to be fucked. Don’t you think I deserve a good long hard fuck?”
I nodded again, moaning. Christ yes, I would drill her till she screamed.
“Honey I love you. But you aren’t going to be able to satisfy me tonight are you, you have cum for over a week. You haven’t fucked me for two. You won’t be able to hold back babe, and I do so need a long fuck. You do love me and want me satisfied don’t you, I know you do. And anyway I like seeing you desperate for me, I like it more than I ever thought I would. It’s made me so hot all week, so you see it’s your fault I need this.”

I was shaking my head, not sure what she meant. No I probably wouldn’t be able to hold back long, not after the last week. “I will do anything babe, whatever you want” I said. Thinking dirty thoughts I imagined that she was going to make me fuck her with a strap-on, something we had discussed. I could get into that.

“Thanks honey. I love you so much. Charlie (a friend of hers who she found attractive), will be here in a few minutes. I’ll be back by 11. I promise to tell you all about it when I get home babe, you know what he is going to do don’t you. To your own lovely wife. Poor baby, why do you think I have been so horny all week. You thought you were going to fuck me tonight, but this pussy isn’t yours tonight, I’ve been saving it for him. Yes babe, I planned it that way and now you can’t stop me.”
We had discussed playing with him before, even agreed we would one day. But I thought it would be a threesome! My cock ached.
“Honey You know you want this, your cock is hard, its dripping. I want it, see how wet I am. It’s going to happen tonight, think of me, what I am up to, spreading my legs for him or kneeling and sucking him deep. He is dominant you know, he will probably make me do so many naughty things. Poor baby bound and kneeling, so horny, while I get dressed up and go out with another guy. Its going to turn me on so much thinking of you tormented here while Charlie gets what you so desire. If you are a good boy then I will make it worth your while, trust me I have so many ideas!”

The blindfold was pulled off, she turned and flounced out of the bedroom door. The last thing I saw was her swaying hip and her cute backside, the white thong clearly visible under the cotton. Only when she left the house did I suddenly click, she hadn’t even untied me! All I could think about was what she was about to do. Was I ready for this? Could I cope? My mind was in agony but my body was ringing with desire. It knew what it wanted, like she knew it would. It was crying out for this, my aching cock was enjoying my torment.

A beep next to me, a text message.

“Honey this is serious, you need to be ok with it. I wont be at Charlie’s for half an hour, if this is too much call and I will stop immediately. Just say the word. If I don’t hear from you then his cock will be filling your cute wife tonight. Remember you are the one I love always. Petal xx”

She had left the phone within reach of my bound hands. My heart eased somewhat, but now what?

Now what indeed. My emotions were in turmoil, but my body ached with desire for this to happen. I knew that she had engineered this desire, I knew that was playing unfair. But I also knew she didn’t want to hurt me, at least not deeply. As my ardour cooled slightly I thought about her. I loved her, I trusted her, I knew my place in her heart. Whats more, each time I dwelled on the thought of her with her friend a jolt of adrenalin flowed through me, my heart palpitating, blood pumping, butterflies in my stomach and buzzing in my groin. There was only one question now, do I try and call her to tell her its ok, or would it turn her on more for me to say nothing and let her imagine my erotic dilemma? ‘Madman’, I thought to myself. ‘Your wife, the woman you love is about to fuck someone else, and instead of trying to stop it with all your might you are wondering how to tell her yes in a way that makes her enjoy it more!’

As she got closer to Charlie’s home her own heart was beating hard. She wanted this badly, her panties were already damp with her arousal even before Charlie started teasing her inner thigh with his fingers. Her body ached, and she wondered if she could stop herself if the call came in. Leaning in to Charlie she whispered him to stop the car and play a little. If she was going to have to stop she wanted a little foreplay at least. He just laughed, his fingers now between her thighs pressed her panties deep between her lips. No stopping, he said, but you can suck me the rest of the journey.

Her pussy spasmed at the idea. ‘Here, in a car, in public?’ ‘Of course’, his smooth voice was calm but the order was obvious. She realized for the first time that she was truly about to be dominated. Everything she had done with her husband was games, this man would push her beyond her comfort zone. Briefly she wondered if this was a good idea but his fingers made it hard for her to think straight, he was rubbing the lace of her knickers against her inner lips, occasionally rasping against her clit.. Already she could feel herself needing to cum, without making a conscious decision she leant down to unzip him. The lines were drawn, this was not a game between equals any longer, he was in charge and she loved it that way. She pulled his cock out, not an easy task, it was large, already as large as her husband and he was still growing. Tight jeans didn’t help. She had suspected this but it made her heart skip to see it. She touched her tongue to the tip, tasting the tangy of his bare skin and wondered how deep she could get him.

The clock ticked, 28 minutes had passed, her mouth was full with half of Charlie’s manhood, her skirt was pulled up and her panties pulled in deep, swallowed up in her arousal. She knew that a passing car might see her, knew that Charlie wouldn’t let her cover herself up. She also knew that she couldn’t stop now. 28 minutes, if he wanted her to stop he should have said by now, surely. Charlie’s hand on her head roused her from her thoughts. Pulling her hair and lifting her head, gently but firmly, he pointed to the clock. You are mine he said, 30 minutes. No going back now, you are going to do as I say and your husband is about to become a cuckold, isn’t that right? In answer she leant over to him, breathed in his ear, my pussy hasn’t been fucked in two weeks, I’ve been saving it for you. If you like it’ll be yours even longer. Her tongue flicked out and teased his ear. She needed this badly, but still she wondered if her husband had actually agreed to this, though his chance had come and gone she worried some.

She walked up the path to his front door with her hand in his. This felt intimate and somehow calmed her nerves. As they stepped through the door he held her face in his hands and kissed her, passionately, longingly. ‘I’ve wanted that for a long time’ he said, ‘now I want you to strip. I want you naked except for stockings and shoes, do it slowly’. The door was still wide open, with wanton abandon she lifted the dress over her head, ‘let them see’ she thought, if they are lucky enough to be passing. Her breasts hung free (she imagined rather than heard his intake of breath) she teased herself with her finger over her panties momentarily before slipping them slowly down her legs, feeling their wetness again. Keeping her legs straight, her back arched she rose up, two can play at this teasing game. As she straightened she kept her hands at her sides, fighting the urge to cover herself, letting the slight shyness feed her inner desires. She was as naked as a woman can be, emotionally exposed, physically naked, even her pussy shaved and her deepest secrets exposed, no real or imagined place to hide. Just how she wanted it.

Really the next few minutes were a blur. He kicked the door shut, she was melded to him, his arms around her, grabbing her waist and butt. His lips against hers kissing her, nipping at her kips, teasing her with his tongue. She felt his cock through his jeans, she ground herself against it hoping for stimulation. Fleetingly she thought how good it felt to be naked while he was dressed, how submissive it made her feel. But really she wanted him, and quickly. Somehow they were in the main room, she was on her back, her legs spread wide, inviting. He was over her, jeans off, shirt off, standing proud and large enough to make her involuntarily lick her lips and spread her legs even more, letting out a slight moan. ‘Fuck me please, oh God I need you, fuck me now’ she begged. Fast and furious, his hand entwined in her hair, his cock spread her wide, relishing, needing her wetness. Splitting her and driving in deep as she clung on to him, her few thoughts were of how good he felt, how large, how he smelt. And of her husband horny and plugged, in torment waiting for her. Screaming she came hard, panting and hyperventilating, her body jerking hard, her back arching as he pulled her hair and her head back, kissing her neck as she came, marking her. His own climax was right behind hers, pulse after pulse inside her, renewing her own orgasm, starting a second wave of pleasure. He buried his face in her chest as he drove one last thrust deep into her then relaxed, easing himself down onto his arms, onto her.

There is afterglow after good sex, that druglike state where reality and dreams combine. For a moment they enjoyed the feeling, just for a moment, then it was shattered by the call of the phone. Startled he jumped, she jerked and his cock slipped out before they realized what the noise was. She caught his eye and suddenly the incongruity of it hit home. It doesn’t really matter who laughed first but once it started neither could stop, barely able to breath each moment of calm would be followed by a meeting of their eyes, an upturned lip, another bout of sheer giggles. She struggled over to her phone, calming herself enough to try and answer it. It was her husband.

..... She struggled over to her phone, calming herself enough to try and answer it. It was her husband.

“Honey are you…?” He began. Her heart skipped a beat, was he ok with this? Still she decided to play with him, after all he was at least 15 minutes too late. “Oh babe he is fantastic” she said. “His cock is so big, I almost came just looking at it..” She teased. His only response was a deep groan. She smiled, it was going to be just fine. “See you later lover”, she breathed, and hung up.

At almost 11, more than two hours after she left, he heard the front door open and close. She obviously hadn’t considered this before, but over the last half an hour an unexpected problem had arisen, he needed to pee. At first it wasn’t too bad but by now he was desperate. His full bladder pressed on his full prostate, his butt plug pressed from the other side. The combined effect was making him feel very full, and very uncomfortable, but also teasing his prostate and making his cock try and grow in its prison. His ass was clenching around the plug, his knees shuffling as he moved around at the limit of his bonds. Not far then, since his hands were still tied to the bed. That’s the position she found him in as she walked in slowly, cock swollen and red, head down and body squirming with his two big needs. He wanted to pee, he needed to cum! Petal immediately realized what was going on, she had considered it and had secretly hoped that it might happen. Now a feeling of power washed over her, a desire to be cruel.


He looked up. She looked stunning, her hair was disheveled, her dress clung to her curves, ‘still wearing her panties then’, he noted. Her face was glowing and a strange expression passed over her face. A mixture of love, amusement and something else, arrogance? It didn’t take long to find out. She walked over to him, kissing him hard on the mouth, her tongue violating him. I sucked him before I left you know, she whispered before kissing him again. Her hand pulled his head to her by his hair, he couldn’t resist, he kissed her back feeling a mixture of love, lust and humility and utter powerlessness. He was kissing her after she had sucked her boyfriend, had he cum? He really hoped not! “I need to pee” he begged, “please?”.

She didn’t answer but began to untie his hands from the bed. His hoped soared momentarily, she would let him pee then he was going to fuck her, make her his again. His body yearned for it, his soul cried out. Just for a moment, then she took a step back and pushed him onto his back with her heel on his chest. “No time for that” she snapped, you have a job to do. He lay helpless, he watched as she slipped off her panties, he knew what was coming and he was horrified. She wouldn’t would she? His cock ached even more, even though he rebelled at the thought. As she stood with one leg either side of his head he looked up at her lovely long legs and her very swollen pussy. He didn’t have long to think, as she squatted he saw how truly wet she was before her lips were planted expertly on his mouth. Her thighs squeezed his head, her skirt fell over, cutting out some air and trapping him in his own little pussy and sperm filled microcosm. “I wore my panties tight, quickly after he fucked me the last time. I wanted to save some for you” she laughed. “You better clean well, eat his cum from me, make me yours again baby” she demanded, “get rid of that nasty man from your sweet wife” she taunted, “Do you realize how turned on I am, how nasty it is making you eat my cum filled pussy, you know you don’t get to pee until you make me cum babe”. Her pussy ground against his mouth, large globs of cum filled him, tasting metallic. Occasionally she moved forward so his tongue would tease her ass. Their juices smeared his face as he licked her out, his tongue swirling inside her hot body, teasing and cleaning, the taste of cum giving way to the musk of her arousal which he loved so much. Her hands fondled his cock as he groaned deep into her pussy. A delicious humiliation washed over him as she teased his cock, knowing that another man had fucked her, knowing he had allowed her to do it, to tie him and plug him and fuck someone else. But at the same time a feeling of pride swelled within him, she was happy, she had had fun, and he had made that possible. His job now was to clean her and give her another orgasm, one she so richly deserved. Finally clean he concentrated on making her cum, wrapping his mouth around her clit and sucking gently, flicking it with his tongue. She clamped down hard, her back arched, her weight fully on him and she shook violently, the full nastiness of it all in her thoughts, her pussy blocking his air, she ground onto him harder and came harder, one last drop of cum squeezed from her onto him and she screamed her orgasms and fell limp on to his body. She ground gently onto him savoring the aftershocks, in no hurry to lift and give him air.

She rolled off him deliciously slowly, enjoying the feel of his hard body against hers and the sound of gasping breaths he took. Full of love for him she turned, snuggled up to him hugging him tight. Thanking him with her body and soul, but still taunting him with her words. ‘you are lucky he didn’t fuck me in the ass’ she said, ‘maybe I still would have made you clean me, maybe I will next time’….

She finally untied him and let him go for a pee. As the weight came off his body relaxed, a peaceful feeling, freed from the nagging of his bladder. Now just his balls left to deal with.

She lay him back, unlocked him and slowly mounted him, dropping her pussy onto his cock so slowly, so maddeningly slowly. Did she feel different? Her heat overwhelmed him and he reached up to grab her hips and drive himself in harder but she pushed him back down. ‘I’m sore’, she said, ‘he fucked me so hard and he was bigger than I’m used to babe’. The feeling of her husband being where her lover had been so recently warmed her up again, she knew had one last orgasm left in her. She settled back gently and began to touch herself. Her legs were spread lewdly, he watched her fingers blur between her legs, her hips pump gently, arousing herself on his cock, touching herself. As she got closer to her orgasm her innermost thoughts finally spilled out…

Did you enjoy yourself?
Do you want to do this again? I do, so much…
Babe I want to save myself for him, what if I gave him my pussy and didn’t let you fuck me for a while, would you like that? You could still lick me of course; in fact I would demand it (he nearly came at this!)
I don’t want you to cum inside me, not tonight. I love teasing you babe, it gets me so hot.
Lets fuck tomorrow, can you wait till then, please? (said in a sweet girlfriend voice, dripping with honey)
Her head thrown back she came, soft and gentle, still grinding so slowly he was unable to reach his own orgasm. His body screamed out in need but he knew he could wait one more night for her, if that’s what she wanted. It was only one more night.

He put his arms around her and held her tight, kissing her lovingly. ‘I love you baby’ she said, as certain as she had ever been. She rolled onto her side, snuggling her soft ass back against his sensitive cock. He wrapped his arms around her, the softness of her skin, her warmth, the buzz in his groin, the feelings warmed him and he smiled. Feeling loved and protected, Petal also fell into a deep sleep. Her last thought …. ‘I didn’t say who was fucking whom tomorrow, poor baby’.

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