Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Tickle frenzy

I have not mentioned this on my blog before, but the first real dominant act sandy ever got into was tickling. Although we played tease and denial games before she treated them more like a game than a power exchange. She had been tickled mercilessly as a child and when she had the chance to do it to someone else she enjoyed the revenge and the sadistic pleasure of it. I must confess I love it too, giving and receiving.

Last night when we got to bed I was feeling loving, my beautiful wife was lying on her front nude, her body lithe and uncovered. Without asking I got the massage oil and gave her a long massage from neck to the base of her spine. This of course ended up turning me on, but also relaxed her. One thing led to another and she, feeling playful, began to tickle me. I was in a very ticklish mood, her touch driving me frantic almost as soon as she started. This if course brought out her sadistic dominant side.

Half an hour of solid tickling ensued, almost non stop. If you have ever endured a minute of truly full on, dig right into those spots, no mercy no let up tickling, well imagine a full half hour! The first half I was untied, but being stronger I could defend myself somewhat. But I was worried about hurting her, you have little control when frantic, so I asked her to tie my hands behind my back.

She was not sure at first, said she liked me being free to wriggle like a mad thing. Once I was tied she realised her mistake. Now I couldn't protect myself at all she truly got stuck in, digging her fingers in nooks and folds, sitting on me, her body weight pinning me for
minutes at a time as her fingers danced their sadistic dance. I was frantic, trying to escape with all my might but unable, screaming out my laughter with no ability to restrain the noise. Writhing like a bag of angry snakes, but hard as steel. The more I
screamed the more I wriggled, the more desperate I became, the more she loved it and dug in deeper. She found some ultra sensitive spots that she kept going back to, my balls and perineum for example, and when they became desensitized she would tickle another spot to get me off balance before returning to the refreshed sweet spots! The only let up was maybe three times to allow us to get or breath back. Even then I was subject to little tickles.

Its turning me on just writing this.

For a very short while she was sat on my face, her wet folds on my mouth as I screamed my torture into her wet pussy. It was wet and very very tasty.. She didn't feel turned on but her body told a different story. I was of course
super desperate after that.

Finally it was over. Without untying me or saying a word she lay back, started playing with herself. A few minutes I begged to do it for her but to no avail, she looked satisfied refusing. I jumped her but she ordered me off to kneel at
the foot of the bed, kneel not sit, in between her spread legs, watching her play, finger deep between her wet lips. I wasn't allowed to touch any part of her except the odd kiss of her foot. In this position she had two strong slow, body clenching orgasms. I was a bag of submissive man flesh by then!

Once she recovered she untied me and I was allowed a nice naked cuddle before she rolled over to go to sleep. My cum was never in question. I did have to kneel back down and massage her feet while she drifted off though.

I think she enjoyed herself, don't you?

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Elle said...

Sounds intense!

Sorry, hadn't gotten around to reading this yet. So little hours in a day... ;)