Friday, 24 July 2009

A few thoughts on waxing...

Tom asked about the waxing, and others seem surprised so I thought I would write a few words on it. This salon specialises in proper body waxing, not just tidying the edges (London has it all!). Clients are about half men half women. I have been going there about two years, although this year I have only been once or twice, its been a busy year.

It started after my wife had a full wax. She said it hurt so in sympathy i suggested I do it too. That first time I had it all off, like now. Thats groin, stomach, cock, balls, anus, perineum! We both found that we like having my cock and balls smooth, sensitive and feels very very nice to touch. She will often fondle my balls as she drops of to sleep just because the skin feels so nice (and cos it teases :) Usually I have it all apart from the front which I trim, as Sandy prefers that bit with hair. Sometimes, however, its nice to have it all off.

When we fuck (very rare these days) and we are both completely bare, its mind blowing for me. As you bottom out the skin of your groin presses against the skin of her pussy, and the sensation is soul shattering. You have never felt that part of your body have proper skin to skin contact, but for it to happen during sex, and for the skin its against to be a shaven pussy (mental alert), it drives me insane. I just bottom out and grind my pelvis against hers to maximise the sensation.

As for the 'crack' as they say, well once you have experienced having no hair there you wont ever want to go back! Lets just say it feels a lot cleaner and easier to keep that way.

Yes it hurts, but most of us in the scene have experienced enough sensual pain to be less 'scared' of a bit of pain (no its not a turn on, get your minds out of the gutter). Secondly its for a good cause so it feels ok, and finally the endorphins kick in after which is nice. Its not unbearable pain, and if you go regularly (every 2 months) little enough hair has grown back that the pain is 5 times less.

Good god Tom, its way better than shaving especially if you have thick sharp hair like mine. I couldnt ever get so smooth and i get shaving rash if I try to even go for slightly smooth. This is utterly smooth and sensitive and stays that way for quite a while. Be careful of ingrown hairs though, some parts of me are prone to them and its not pleasant. Make sure you keep a watch for them if you are prone.

I usually do my armpits as well but thats purely for practical reasons. I am allergic to most antipersperant deodourants, having no hair makes it possible to stay smelling fresh and professional when you cant use those products.

Hope that answers a few questions.


bdenied said...

it must be nice to find a place that will wax men's genital areas without freaking out... I have tried to find places here but the girls who do it are so squeamish about waxing a guy.....I hate hair and have to shave almost daily...i want it gone for good

MyKey said...

Look for salons that cater to the gay scene, thats how these guys got started...

I HATE shaving! Laser, if only it was more affordable would be the way to go :)

Kimberly said...

I am with you I LOVE the feel of being smooth...and being with someone who is as well ;)

Vixen said...

We don't have great places around here either. But I would *love* to ask this of my husband. And I know he would love to comply.

He does shave completely, per my request, and for now I'm pretty happy with that. ;)