Monday, 27 July 2009

Thoughts on sexual orientation

I was walkabouts at lunch when I remembered a comment made by a lovely blogger that she and I 'click' and it got me thinking. How much sexual attraction is based on compatibility and mind, and how much on looks. We may click sexually but what if I was 5'2 balding and somewhat rotund? Or if she was actually a very attractive pre-op transgender?

Its a semi-serious question. I need to do a post on it, its gonna burn a hole in my mind if I dont!

I remember some years back in a forum magazine (Britains best loved intro into the fetish lifestyle, an excellent pocket sized magazine that taught me what a perve I really was and gave me lots of ideas too. But I digress...). So I remember a woman who wrote in stating that her sexual orietentation was sub. In her mind her self identification as a sub was far stronger than her identification as homosexual or heterosexual. Although nominally a lesbian she stated very clearly that she was a sub, she would be attracted to the right dominant, gender did not matter in the least.

I have often, very often, pondered the same. Especially when going through periods where neither my top or bottom needs were being met and my fantasy life was in overdrive, I often wondered if I had the capacity to fulfill that need with a man instead of a woman. Not any man of course, but the right kind of like minded personality. For that matter I sometimes wondered if I would explode if I didnt have a proper outlet, mrs palm and her five lovely daughters just didnt work for me anymore. I came to the conclusion that yes, in that much need I would flex my gender preference, but that for me, even though I have played and enjoyed with men once or twice, it wouldnt meet the need fully. It would be a last resort. Still I understood her mindset.

Somehow it became a bit of a turn on for me, imagining her flexing any which way because she was soooo submissive.

What do you lot think? Where do you stand on this question?


back to forum magazine and thats also where I first learnt about chastity. A woman who kept her husband in a leather cock cage for a week and then let him cum usually once a week. She relished his desperation and enjoyed the strength of her control. She commented about how she could tell if she had made him wait an extra week because of the strength of his orgasm. She sometimes made him have a spoilt orgasm before locking him away, and mentioned how he hated it when she did that. This is almost 20 years ago long before it became commonplace.

I guess the story got into my subconcious!


bdenied said...

someone once asked me a similar question but it was about being cuckold...I said, I could never be in a relationship unless the woman cuckolds I must say I identify as a cuckold above all else

Elle said...

"This is almost 20 years ago long before it became commonplace."

I wouldn't exactly call it commonplace... Unless things are different where you live? :P

I'd never even imagined such games until I met Boy Toy and he led me to explore.