Thursday, 16 July 2009

Meta blogging

blogging about blogging

I thought long and hard about wether to post this. Somehow it seems a little too head up own arse to write a blog post about blogging, but then after at least 5 seconds of navel contemplation I thought, go for it, live a little.

The question is this, why do some posts get comments and not others. I have noticed this on many blogs including my own. Sometimes a truly dull post gets someone's attention. Other times what you think is interesting gets no comments. I have seen on occasion some pretty stunning posts with no comments at all (not my own).

This thought was triggered this time by my post about tickling. Its not something I see much written about at all. As such I thought it would get a comment or two, probably of the love it or hate it variety.

Some of Roo-Roo's posts, such as this had no comments! In fact I often see posts of his that I think should have had a full blown conversation on the back of them, but natch, or almost.

Then it all turns on its head and a long thread starts up discussing the relative merits of pink or black leather in the bdsm scene. Actually on second thought that could be quite interesting :)

So there we have it, no sex in this post, sorry people.

On a different note my family are away for almost two weeks. Anyone wanna go clubbing?


Anonymous said...

Well, ok here is a comment...

I think it may have to do with the day, what people out here are buzzing about and if you 'tap' into a subject which strikes a chord with peeps.

Provocative thought will usually bring thoughtful comments. I have my favorite blogs...usually the peeps who are imaginative or thoughtful in their writing / responses. The more I visit them, them more they visit me.

MyKey said...

Yes, I can see that. Still I am often surprised by some of the interesting topics that go undiscussed (I dont mean on my blog).

Elle said...

Yeah, sometimes I don't get any comments and it makes me saaaaddd lol :P

Seriously though, some of my posts get comments while others don't, and I haven't figured the pattern. Oh well.

Hey, I'd definitely go clubbing with you. Not sure if you could keep up with me though ;)

Anonymous said...

I think about this a lot. Not for ego gratification - -when I want that I post an HNT -- but just from the sociological aspects.

But I have to admit that I'm prone to doing the thing that you mentioned: keying in on some trivial point and making a joke about it, upon which other people follow suit. Next thing you know, the rest of the comments are ridiculous, and the actual post languishes.

In my personal mythology, people don't leave comments on my blog because they're too stunned by mai awsum incites.

MyKey said...

Hey Elle

Dont be saad, drop me an email and I will promise to fill your omments section with crazy mental burblings to make you feel loved, if a little bored.

I may be older than you but I *so* could keep up, cheeky girl ;)

Ahh Mr V.A. Belt
Hmm sociological aspect.... Yes thats exactly it. What makes you tick, why this and not that etc. That kind of thing has my curiosity piqued every time.

I for one do find your awsumness unnerving, scary even.

True about HNTs isnt it!

Elle said...

Ah but that's the thing, MyKey, I've been keeping up with Boy Toy, who's even older! Trust me, I've got lots of practice lol... Maybe it's not a good thing, though ;)

So, when are you crossing that little ocean again?

hersforever said...

I've given up on figuring out when I'll get comments and when I won't... my wife tends to surprised when a particularly good post doesn't get anything said about it but all I can figure is a lot of my readers are a lot like me -- when they have something to say, they say it, and if all they can do is nod in agreement with what I've said then why bother posting a comment?

I've tried to stop looking at my blog as a measure of my kink's popularity and focus more on it as a way for me to keep track of my thoughts and feelings in this lifestyle... and if other people have something to say, great, the comments are open (well, sort of open, still moderating although I haven't declined a comment yet)

MyKey said...

Flirt x
I'd be across that ocean now if I thought you could handle me!

MyKey said...

Hi Hersforever

No I agree its no measure of popularity. In this I find blog readers a culprit, certainly mobile ones. I find it very easy to catch up with blogs on the iphone (even on the underground), but so much harder to comment on them that by the time I get to a pc i have forgotten i wanted to.