Thursday, 23 July 2009

Advice required (not serious)

So Sandy is away for a week. She has taken the key to my cb6000 with her, in case she feels like ordering me into it, or I feel like putting it on. I have mixed feelings. Its hot being unable to cum or touch even though I have the time to do it. On the other hand I value my sleep, and the device doesnt aid sleep at all.

Note that I am not allowed to cum anyway, but the idea is that if I get too tempted then I lock up.

I do have my neosteel and its key. This is easier to sleep in but only good for 2-3 days before it cuts into my hips.

So I need advice...

1 - do nothing. Sleep well, be honourable and dont cum.
2 - put on the cb6000 and have a hot time, but sleep less well.
3 - leave the key at work and wear the neosteel all weekend, till monday morning.

I would appreciate knowing your preferences, kind of a little game between you and me. I promise to carry out the winning option (if indeed anyone votes), cos I am honourable like that :)


On a separate note I need to do two things. I need to post what happened before Sandy left. We played very hot the night before, lots of fun! I also need to post a pic of me as I have just been fully waxed, not a hair left down below. Feels pretty good to the touch, and rather kinky.



Petal said...

My vote is for option 2....[insert evil grin here]

You waxed your manly bits? well done you!

Anonymous said...

Put the 6k on, but don't click the lock. Get accustomed to wearing it while sleeping. Maybe in a week you'll be ready for a longer term.

Elle said...

I'd want you to go for the CB. Because I like the idea of locked up man parts. And since the other one cuts into your skin, the CB's the better choice.

Thumper said...

CB6K, definitely.

So where's that pic?

MyKey said...

Bad girl Petal!

Hey Tom. I have tried before a few times. Truth is that with young kids even a little lost sleep becomes a problem. One day...

Elle, thanks a lot!

Et tu Thumpe?

So far it looks like a unanimous verdict. I'll keep this 'poll' open till tonight or tomorrow morning, the go with the flow. Ouch!


Giles English said...

Wear the steel over the weekend. Use the opportunity to find ways to prevent it from cutting into your hips...

EE said...
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Vixen said...

Let me post this under my CORRECT name. ;)

I vote for #3.