Friday, 24 July 2009

Liberty adorned

The final tear shed
Liberty fails me
Wreathed, enveloped
Love's bittersweet embrace


Anonymous said...

Man, I've really gotta come up with a less obtrusive lock system.

I hate the way those pins stick out on the 6k. I glued my ring sections together and flipped the guide pins around 3k style.

And the stupid padlocks are too bulky and clacky. I want something better, but I haven't been able to find a small self-contained unit that will fit.

MyKey said...

It doesnt bother me much to be honest. I cut down the pins on my old cb2000 (not that I could wear it for any length of time).

Agree about padlocks though, a nice flush built in locking mechanism would be great!

subservient-husband said...

when you say "clacky" do you mean it makes noise when walking around? I was thinking about the 6k, but can't be drawing attention to it when I move around.

MyKey said...

exactly, they click as they knock the device.

Wear tight pants of put a rubber band round the lock to hold it against the cock tube :)